0C12JC87KAZ657 Yaktrax traction chains for walking on ice and snow (1 pair)

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  • durable, low profile traction cleats suit over shoes and boots to provide superior traction at some stage in prolonged use on icy, snowy surfaces
  • tig welded metal links make sure sturdiness within the maximum rugged conditions; square-shaped links have 90-diploma edges that bit into ice
  • low-profile ladder sample design gives more desirable heel-to-toe traction, with out a number of bulk, ensuring slip-loose walks
  • herbal rubber sling remains elastic and comfortable even in sub-zero temperatures; clean to position on and take off
  • available in s, m, l, and xl to healthy maximum shoes and boots, upload one shoe length for normal boots and two sizes for insulated boots; sold as a couple

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yaktrax traction chains for on foot on ice and snow (1 pair)

yaktrax traction chains for strolling on ice and snow provide durable, yet at ease, traction for extended use on icy, snowy surfaces. Tig-welded steel links ensure the durability of the chains, even inside the most rugged conditions. Each case-hardened, rectangular-formed metal link has 90-diploma edges that bit into ice, ensuring slip-loose walks. The low-profile ladder sample design provides greater heel-to-toe traction, with out a variety of bulk, and the herbal rubber sling remains elastic and at ease, even in sub-0 temperatures so that they’re smooth to tackle and rancid no matter the weather. Ideal for day by day use, work, and protection programs. Available in 4 sizes to suit most shoes and boots, inclusive of insulated footwear (yaktrax recommends including one shoe size for regular boots and shoe sizes for insulated boots): small (suits shoe length w5-7, m5-6); medium (fits shoe length w7. 5-10, m6. 5-nine); big (fits shoe length w10. Five+, m9. 5-12. 5); x-massive (suits shoe length m 13+).

don’t allow winter gradual you down

named after the positive-footed tibetan yak, yaktrax proudly gives a wide array of ice traction gadgets in your shoes in addition to different winter accessories. Whether or not you want the stroll for getting to the bus prevent or mailbox or require extreme outside traction with our summit, yaktrax will constantly offer stable, predictable traction in any situation.

product description

yaktrax traction chains for walking on ice and snow offer long lasting, but cozy, traction for extended use on icy, snowy surfaces. Tig welded metallic hyperlinks ensure durability of the chains, even in the maximum rugged conditions. Every case-hardened, square-formed metallic hyperlink has 90-diploma edges that bit into ice, ensuring slip-free walks. The low-profile ladder pattern layout provides more desirable heel-to-toe traction, without numerous bulk, and the herbal rubber sling remains elastic and at ease, even in sub-0 temperatures in order that they’re clean to tackle and off no matter the weather. Yaktrax traction chains are ideal for every day use, work, and protection applications. To be had in four sizes to match maximum footwear and boots, such as insulated footwear (yaktrax recommends adding one shoe length for normal boots and shoe sizes for insulated boots): small (suits shoe size w5-7, m5-6); medium (fits shoe size w7. 5-10, m6. Five-9); big (suits shoe length w10. 5+, m9. 5-12. Five); x-big (suits shoe size m 13+). Offered as a couple.


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8 reviews for 0C12JC87KAZ657 Yaktrax traction chains for walking on ice and snow (1 pair)

  1. JRH

    My wife and I have used the original spring style yaktrax for years. Living in Jackson, WY and walking 3-4 miles a day in the snow in winter we are experts on traction devices. The originals have a couple problems. First is the springs break – or the rubber under foot breaks. Second is that walking in snow is great, but on hard surfaces like ice or paved roads or sidewalks the springs are too tall and unstable. I would often feel the need to remove the yaks on hard surfaces.These new chain yaks have seemed to solve these problems. Really like them and expect they will last much longer before we wear them out. The only suggestion would be to add a strap like the pro model on the originals for better retention when climbing or descending in rougher conditions – like on Snow King Mountain behind our house.Read more

  2. C Mak

    First, pay attention to the sizing. I’m a female with a size 11 foot, the XL are maybe a tiny bit big on my boots (hiking boots) but I don’t think I’d go any smaller. I gave these a 5 star rating because they’ve both improved the design and they’re easier to get on and off. The chains are bolted on and I expect will hold up far better than the old jointing (twisted wire around springy band) These seem to be just as effective on ice as the old style but they’re also much easier to walk on when you’re not on ice and snow. They’re also far, far easier to put on.Read more

  3. Justin R.

    These are absolutely amazing! When traveling around in snow and ice these become a lifesaver. I suppose snow boots there’s a fair option but one you have signs 15eee feet, snow boots become really hard to find or are really expensive. That is another thing that I love about these, it is really hard to find a pair that will fit on my shoes and these fit on great. I will walk in Denver, getting off the bus or the train which is cleared of snow and ice and once you receive the bus loop, the sidewalks or no longer cleared and you girl instantly from concrete to snow and ice, and the other way around is going from snow and ice right onto concrete with traditional snow cleats can be dangerous as they become slicker than skating on frozen cow snot, defeating the purpose of wearing them. I am blind and traditionally I can feel where the ice is from my cane but it is easy to miss a spot and these give me confidence to walk around in winter conditions.Read more

  4. Stubner

    Used these today for the first time on a moderately steep trail hike (2800 feet in elevation gain over four miles) to 9300 feet. I used the chains on roughly the top third of the hike, where the trail was covered in snow and ice (from thin sheets of ice to snow one to two feet in depth). The temperature at the summit was about 45° (Southern California in the winter). For today’s use, they were perfect! I did the same hike last week with crampons and they were overkill. In lower temperatures where the snow/ice are more “icy,” I suspect you’d want something more secure, at least on any kind of slope. There were still times I slipped (both while ascending and descending) even with the chains on stretches with harder ice, but they are a huge step up in traction over just boot soles. The chains show no significant sign of wear or tear after today’s outing. I am pleased with how well they work. And on an even brighter note, I never once had to deal with catching my crampons on the other pant leg and getting launched forward to land flat on my face! That alone was worth the price.Read more

  5. Jay S

    I have 2 medium sized dogs that I take for walks daily. The pathway at my local park is paved and winds thru a number of trees, inhabited by many squirrels. If I’m not attentive, one or both of the dogs will suddenly start running toward the squirrels, giving me a jolt when they reach the ends of their leashes. If I’m walking on a slick surface, things can get exciting.I wear a size 11 shoe and recently bought the large sized Yaktrax. As soon as I put them on for the first time, I was surprised how confident I felt standing and walking on a frozen over parking lot. The chains provide an incredible amount of grip. Transitioning from ice to bare pavement is easy. The chains are comfortable on both surfaces. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to buy them.Read more

  6. Mike Chadwick

    My spring-type Yaktrax wore out after several years. The rubber dry-rotted. I bought these chain-type Yaktrax as a replacement. They are super easy to put on and take off and the traction is superior. They have a good grip on ice, and when you walk on bare ground, they don’t feel weird. They seem really durable and I haven’t slipped once.Read more

  7. Clara

    I got these for my son who does a lot of walking outside in the winter. He told me that he was tired of slipping and sliding all over the place. They work pretty well, he says much better on bare ice than on snow covered ice because the chains get a better grips without the snow, but that they are still reasonably OK. They are easy to put on and take off his boots, only taking a minute to get both of them on. They store flat, so they are easy to store, and we should have no problems storing them for the rest of the year. I’m planning on buying myself a pair as well.Read more

  8. Deerail

    This design was not original with YakTrax but I can’t recall the brand, however the main design is the same as far as the rubber binding that attaches the chains and the pattern is the same as well, however, the YaKTrax chains are superior in every way. The originals were rounded links, would rust and wore out in a couple of years of hard use. The flat, hardened rustless links are a much better design. I have purchased several pair to give to my grown children as well to replace my old, broken ones, which I loved dearly until they perished. I have used this type of traction chain for years, from ice fishing to hiking to shoveling or plowing driveways in the winter. I have some YakTrax Pro’s which have the spring style but also a strap the crosses over the instep which prevents them from being peeled off your foot in a deep snow misstep.I use these on my Traction Chains as well. One footed Traction is not the best kind of cold weather mobility, trust me.I will have to use these a couple of years to address their durability, but I can detect no issues with this last winter’s use which was often and long.Read more

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