0C12IKPO7SJ311 Stalwart 75-st6014 all weather boot tray-water resistant plastic software shoe mat for indoor and out of doors use in all seasons (black), medium

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  • through coming into your model wide variety.
  • environmentally friendly- this tray is manufactured from one hundred% recycled polypropylene plastic to be durable enough to address daily exposure to water and dust and to be environmentally friendly, defensive both your floors and the earth.
  • smooth to smooth- the tough plastic easily rinses easy with simple water, and you may use a soft cloth to take care of extra cussed dust deposits. Use any other smooth cloth to dry the tray thoroughly earlier than the next use.
  • all climate use- this tray may be used both indoors and outside. Keep one for your entryway or dust room to trap water from rain or snow and each day dirt. You could preserve one to your porch or deck to preserve dirt and water from ever coming in your private home.
  • raised aspect- you gained’t have to fear approximately accidentally monitoring dust and water thru the residence. The tray functions a 1. 25 inch raised lip which helps comprise messes from every day dirt, pet bowls, cat litter containers, potted vegetation, or paint cans.
  • product information- substances: 100% recycled polypropylene. Dimensions: 23. 75” l x 15. Five” w x 1. 25” h. Color: black.
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Shoe Mat, Shoe Mat + Shoe Mat (Black), Medium, Shoe Mat + Shoe Mat (Black), Small

8 reviews for 0C12IKPO7SJ311 Stalwart 75-st6014 all weather boot tray-water resistant plastic software shoe mat for indoor and out of doors use in all seasons (black), medium

  1. Carefree in SC

    I ordered this water-resistant tray to put my pet’s water and food on. We have carpeting and previously put a doubled-up towel underneath but found mildew on the carpet d/t the moisture that accumulated unbeknownst to us! This tray resolved our own problem perfectly and can be utilized for whatever reason you may have, (shoes, potted plants, to protect various flooring, maybe even to transport food in your trunk, etc.), not just as a boot tray. It’s not only easy to clean, sturdy and durable, but it also comes in different sizes to suit your own particular need. I highly recommend this quality item!Read more

  2. StanDiego

    This is a decent boot mat that I suspect will be durable and last for years. It’s easy to clean and the lip around the edge ensures no water escapes onto the floor. It (medium size model) easily accommodates two pair of boots or shoes and is the perfect size for our entryway.My only negative: though the low profile ribs on the bottom of the mat make it easy to clean, they don’t provide enough air space for the wet shoes/boots to dry reasonably quick. I overcame this issue by placing a kitchen cooling rack (14 1/2 x 20 for the medium boot mat) on top of the mat. Boots dry much quicker with this rack in place. You can see this in the attached photo. For those interested, it can be found on Amazon at .Read more

  3. Michelle

    I have two of these that I use as trays for my cats’ litter box and food & water dishes (because they destroy the rug-like mats). I can use them as a carry tray when I need to move all the cat accessories for cleaning, so they have proved to be very sturdy. I’ve had the first one for about two years and it was still going strong, so I ordered another one that I’ve had about 6 months.The ridges in them make them not as easy to get totally clean (I’m the kind of person that wants things to look NEW after they’re cleaned), but if you’re not as compulsive about spots on a shoe tray as me, then it’s probably no big deal for something that will live in a mud room or on a porch. Great purchase overall.Read more

  4. JR

    This is a black, hard plastic mat that can be used to protect a surface from spills or water damage. I use it as a tray to put winter boots on after coming in from outside. It’s exactly what I thought I was getting. It is waterproof, and it has a lip, so water does not spill off the sides. It is easy to clean and does not stain. Two pairs of adult-sized boots fit on the mat at one time. I would absolutely buy this again.Read more

  5. Flojorn

    I placed one of these trays at the entrances of my home. I step in the tray and take my shoes off. Mud, rain, and snow stay inside the tray. The material isn’t a brittle plastic that would crack easily. Very happy with these trays!Read more

  6. IT Paul S

    Heavy duty, sturdy. Just rigid enough and flexible enough. We bought them to put under portable air conditioners (PAC). We found that every single PAC will leak at some point in their lives. These are the perfect size for most PACs.In the off-season, we use them beneath houseplants to catch the any run-off from watering thr plants too much and overflowing the drip trays.Read more

  7. Minnesnowta Nice

    I use it under my dog’s food and water bowls to contain all the slopping they do to make it a far easier cleanup.Read more

  8. FrequentFlyer

    Super mat – functional, cleans easy, non-slip – and way cheaper than any may labeled for dog use. Beware dog owners – the dog supply people are up-charging you for no reason. This tray is less expensive and does the trick. No mess on my floor and I just rinse inder the faucet.Read more

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