0C12IET4A8X284 Guys’s granite ridge water-resistant extensive boot, breathable, microfleece lining

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  • one hundred% leather-based/fabric / webbing
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • superior generation: columbia men’s granite ridge water-proof boot is crafted of our signature water resistant and breathable creation to assist preserve you dry and comfortable throughout rainy trail days.
  • reachable functions: treacherous days out on the trail are cozy and fear-loose with this boot’s waterproof complete-grain leather-based and suede bootie production. Its long lasting mesh tongue provides breathability.
  • adjustable functions: this water-proof trekking boot capabilities a lace-up closure for an adjustable, relaxed healthy.
  • midsole aid: our signature midsole assist presents superior cushioning and excessive energy return for consolation on any terrain.
  • omni-grip: this multi-terrain traction system suits specially formulated compounds and treads to precise environments. A twin-area iciness tread sample ensures stable footing on surfaces such as ice and snow.
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product description

the columbia men’s granite ridge waterproof extensive hiking boot is the final partner for a long, rigorous days out on the path. High fine substances are first and major on columbia’s list of necessities whilst designing and creating guys’s footwear. These boots combine durability and comfort seamlessly even as remaining light-weight and stylish.

columbia’s signature technology is what units us aside, ensuring outstanding cushioning and remaining protection from the elements. This trekking boot capabilities a suede and leather water resistant exterior that protects from rain, dust, and muck from path to mountain variety. The advanced traction outsole works hard to tread grip to save you slipping. Lastly, the signature light-weight midsole gives lengthy-lasting consolation and advanced cushioning for impact absorption and high power go back.

columbia gives those men’s trekking boots in many fashionable colorations and sizes with a true-to-length fit.


7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide, 13, 13 Wide, 14, 14 Wide, 15, 15 Wide, 16, 16 Wide, 17


Cordovan, Rusty, Dark Grey, Golden Yellow

8 reviews for 0C12IET4A8X284 Guys’s granite ridge water-resistant extensive boot, breathable, microfleece lining

  1. Skribbs

    If you want a shoe that sounds like you’re farting into a leather couch with every step you take, then this is the shoe for you. I tried to wait 2+ weeks before writing a review on these shows hoping that the sound would wear out, but alas, everywhere you walk, squeak fart, squeak fart. Don’t get me wrong, I purchased these shoes as a replacement for my last pair of Timberlands that wore out way too fast, and these were half the price. A great affordable waterproof hiking shoe, but if you had any hopes of walking around the shop without getting weird looks from your co-workers, or trying to track a deer without making sound, think again.Read more

  2. Robert the knuckle dragger

    I have plantar fasciitis and chronic foot pain. This is not medical advice, just my experience. After decades in cheap shoes I developed plantar fasciitis. I have been in high quality hiking shoes (usually Columbia) and insoles since. Size runs consistent. The footbed is firm and with a good insole and quality socks very comfortable. Now they are warm for summer use but it is a tradeoff I gladly make. I ordered an up and coming brand on Amazon and upon trying them on immediately packed them up and printed a return label. Upon confirmation of credit posting went back on Amazon and found my trusted Columbia. Upon delivery after a size check I installed new insoles and slipped them on. My center of balance shifted from my heels to the balls of my feet and the pain was instantly remedied.Six years ago I visited an orthotic shoe store and the salesperson knew I couldn’t afford the $700 for “system” that would help.She shared the features to look for….Firm foot bedOnly bends where the foot bends, your shoe should not twist or flex anywhere but where the toes are.Snug and firm fitHigh heelArch support, aided with an insole is a huge plus.Upon standing up the center of balance will change from the heels in your old worn out shoes to the balls of the feet in quality footwear.If looking for quality and dependable hiking shoes these may fit the bill.If you were steered here because of foot pain try similar make shoes on at a sporting goods retailer and for heavens sake buy them there, spend the extra few bucks for the service and convenience ( if your pain is gone you will not leave the store without them), and if they prove helpful buy your next pair on Amazon. Buy your insoles on Amazon (I prefer the 3/4 length air plus brand). Compliment with quality socks and life is good.Again, this is my experience, YMMV.Read more

  3. Barslund Judd

    Really stiff at first and oddly tall. The proportions in real life look a bit different than one would expect from the pictures. Its hard to explain but the shoes have a more narrow toe and look… tall? These are hiking boots, not trail runners. Don’t expect them to be that flexible. The tongues are thin and don’t offer much protection from the shoelaces digging into the top of your foot. Once broken in they are comfortable and awesome!Read more

  4. That guy who is still in the corner

    I should start this review by letting you all know: I’m a pretty big person. Not only fat, but also tall. I wear a 14 wide, a size that local stores in my small town never carry. Shoe shopping is tough for me, because on the off chance that our store has 14 wide, they still dont fit right for some reason or another. If they do fit, they never last more than a month of average walking without facing some issue. I’m a shoe’s worst nightmare. I was incredibly nervous about buying shoes online, as I feared that I would run into the same issue. However, these shoes blew my expectations out of the water. They are sturdy, durable, provide excellent arch support, and even have survived that which no other shoe has: multiple hikes with me. If you’re a big guy who has the same issues, these are excellent shoes. The only thing that prevents me from rating these 5 stars is that the toe room leaves a bit to be desired. After a particularly long day on the trail, you may begin to feel these shoes compressing your toes.Overall, these shoes stand up above the rest with their sturdiness, arch support, and their ability to handle whatever harassment you could throw at them.Read more

  5. Jordan

    I’m a rural carrier for the USPS. Our craft has no uniform but that’s not an excuse to be cheap. With having to work everyday in whatever Mother Nature throws our way, waterproof shoes are a must. I’ve beat the heck outta these shoes and they’ve held up. I don’t avoid puddles – I walk through them. My feet have never been wet nor has any water leeched into the shoe. Highly recommend if your rural carrier!Read more

  6. Blue Ocean 71

    Been purchasing Columbia Granite Ridge hiking boots for the last few years and have had to return only one of about a dozen pairs. I do a lot of walking, usually 7 – 12 miles a day and they hold up very well and no blisters compared to other brands.Pricing can vary like gas prices and as much as $2 to $10 or more from day to day. If you find a good price around $40 jump on it because it will not stay that price for long.For my feet these are very comfortable. You can spend a lot more and not get that much more in a everyday comfortable walking boot.Read more

  7. Loyal Amazon Customer

    I ordered these shoes because of the waterproof feature. I volunteer at a yearly PGA tournament and walk an average of 5.5 miles for five days walking with the players. Not only were the shoes comfortable, but they kept my feet dry from the early mist on the grass. They look very nice as well. Highly recommend.Read more

  8. Alan

    Excellent shoe, 90% of all shoes fail in 3-4 months for me, they blow out just behind big toe, 3 pairs and these are still good at 11-12 months but tread is all gone thats why I got another pair. Water proof usually fails a bit sooner, that’s o.k I am harsh on shoes. These are the only shoe I buy now. I wear 10 or 10.5 pending brand, these I needed 10 as they seem to run a bit large. Most of my shoes 10.5 is ok.Read more

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