0C12EKPWBTF894 Boot defend leather dressing: restores and conditions leather boots, footwear, automobile interiors, jackets, saddles, and purses five ounce jar

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  • successfully cleans: restores, preserves, and waterproofs maximum leather-based merchandise.
  • creates natural seal: repels water and barnyard acid even as permitting leather-based to respire.
  • non-poisonous leather-based care for boots, footwear, furnishings, leather automobile seats, saddles, purses, tack, and accessories
  • practice with a tender fabric to repair boots: no dilution or blending required to restore leather!
  • boot care that’s speedy and simple: a five minute utility will guard boots and feed leather-based!

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  • trekking boots
  • paintings boots
  • athletic shoes
  • casual shoes
  • saddles
  • bike gear
  • tool pouches
  • gloves, hand baggage
  • jackets
  • and all the other leather-based products that you need to closing.
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    Boot, Guard

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    8 reviews for 0C12EKPWBTF894 Boot defend leather dressing: restores and conditions leather boots, footwear, automobile interiors, jackets, saddles, and purses five ounce jar

    1. Kathleen S.

      Can not believe how much difference there is. Brand new boots too. Used and purchased this because of the waterproofing qualities. Pictures speak for itself. Now my boots are dull and colorless. Very very disappointed.Unfortunately I now have to do both boots using this, and lose out on how beautiful they were before.*Pictures* Front boot is untouched, boot in the back is the one with this cleaner.YES it does say it will darken leather but this is insane how much they darken. If you want DARK leather, this product will work just fine for you.Read more

    2. OscarN619

      I love what this stuff did for my timberland work boots. I’ve owned these boots for 10 years. They look like it too!This amazing product brought them back to life with the color.I really wish I would’ve taken before photos to show how drastic the revitalization was. Great stuff. I put 100% trust in this product.All my boots are getting the treatment now.It is easy to apply and work into the leather. Not messy. Pleasant smell. Just an overall great product.Read more

    3. Wanderer

      Purchased Boot Guard because it was silicone free. I have now used it on two pair of boots several times, and on 3 leather belts. The material goes on very easy and you need only a very small amount to go a long way as compared to mink oil and other similar waxes. It seems to apply clearer than others, and doesn’t darken the leather as much as mink oil. It really makes the leather very supple in just a couple of applications. At first it seems a little pricey for such a small jar, but when you see how little is needed you realize it should be a decent value.Read more

    4. PencilStubs

      I used this on a pair of leather work boots. They were light tan in color when I started and turned a rich brown color. I was expecting a color change so not a big deal, but make sure you’d be okay with it before applying!I applied two coatings and wiped the excess off using rags from an old t-shirt I’d cut up. Was very easy to use, and I found that warming the top of the jar with a hairdryer for a few seconds made it even easier to scoop out and smooth on. Was glad it didn’t have much of a smell.I’ve worn my boots out in the rain a few times, while shoving snow and while washing my car. Initially, small amounts of water beaded up and rolled off, but after longer or more intense exposure I ended up with dark spots and patches over the top of the toe boxes (they disappeared after the boots dried). This is the first time I’ve used any sort of conditioner/repellent on boots, so I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do that or if I did’t apply enough. I’ll update my review after I apply another coating and test it some more.Read more

    5. Reviewer

      This will darken some leathers, so be careful if you have a light leather that you don’t want darkened. I put it on a Chic Sparrow Tea House Earl Grey planner cover and it darkened it by a few shades. It made my planner a deep rich beautiful brown and gave it a nice sheen – not glossy. My planner used to scratch if you look at it the wrong way. Not any more. After three coats of this, it’s waterproof and light scratches do not show and heavier scratches can be rubbed off. You just need to wait a day in between each coat. Remember to remove all excess wax off with light rubbing of a paper towel and do the finger print test to make sure you have removed all excess wax (you should not be able to leave a finger print). It will be tacky at first, but will dry to a smooth sheen.Read more

    6. kimberlyP.

      Easy to use,seems to have brought the life of the leather back on my sons boots.Read more


      Amazing product. After my husband did his motorcycle boots, jacket and chaps I couldn’t resist trying it on our leather sofa and love seat. We live in Fl. And the heat and sun coming in the window plus dog toe nails had destroyed both of them, or so I thought. After two good coatings the color has returned and it’s soft . It now has a beautiful vintage look with a soft shine, and will sit proudly in my living room for many more years. For all of that we still have a quarter of a can left, and have just gotten another can. So much for the cabinet full of leather cleaners and polishes I have. They are going in the trash!Read more

    8. Annette and Paul Holahan

      Wish I’d thought to take before and after pictures – WOW! One of the few things I have that used to be my Dad’s was an old pair of 16″ tall square toed biker boots that I hadn’t worn in maybe 10 years. They’d bent at the ankles and were so faded, cracked and brittle that when I discovered them when cleaning a closet I was afraid to even straighten them out. Bought this stuff and it brought them back to life! Took about 10 minutes per boot to rub in and they’d been so neglected that I applied two coats. Yes it darkens the color by a couple shades and the product is a touch greasy going on but it doesn’t make the leather slick. Product is from US company – plenty in the jar to do LOTS of pairs of boots. Can’t speak to water repellency as I still haven’t worn them in wet conditions. Treated them 7 months ago and just checked them – still supple and new looking! Also purchased Dial Industries B350 Boot Shaper Rack, White from Amazon (happy with that purchase too) so now they’re not flopped over at the ankles!Read more

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