0C12D71SFCP533 Hiker starvation one hundred% carbon fiber trekking poles –ultralight & collapsible with brief flip-locks,cork grips,tungsten suggestions,set of 2 poles – all terrain accessories and carry bag, trekking, & taking walks poles

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  • constructed to ultimate – our poles are a hundred% carbon fiber and made to ultimate! They may be the most powerful and lightest poles within the marketplace. This new advanced model makes these the most reliable and sturdy trekking poles you’ll need to take everywhere.
  • sturdy & durable – our hiking poles are robust and sturdy. From backpacking, mountain climbing ice mountains or an easy urban walk, heavy obligation 4 season accessories and a tungsten carbide tip received’t allow you to down! Our poles game a moisture-wicking ergonomic cork grip that conforms to the form of your hand for max comfortability! The grip will in shape like a glove! There may be additionally a nonslip eva foam grip extension under the cork grip for short choke up on steep climbs!
  • collapsible- these poles are super for ladies, children, and guys due to the fact they may be adjustable! Our poles can amplify from 24” (60. 9cm) all the manner to 54”(137cm). The flip lock is secured with metal screws that might not loosen with use and don’t fall out.
  • new improved convey bag with convenient accent pocket – we’ve redesigned our convey bag to encompass a zipped pocket! The pocket can keep all of your hiking pole accessories which include snow baskets, mud baskets, hints, and feet!
  • 3 year assurance, danger-free purchase – we need you to be happy with your poles if there’s an problem you’ve got a 3 12 months producer guarantee!

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we’re a small organisation based in new england that makes light weight and excessive first-rate trekking poles! Hiker starvation trekking poles are the strongest, lightest, & maximum portable poles available! Those compact poles are ideal to take on backpacking routes, mid-iciness expeditions and a long way-flung adventures conveniently.

6 reviews for 0C12D71SFCP533 Hiker starvation one hundred% carbon fiber trekking poles –ultralight & collapsible with brief flip-locks,cork grips,tungsten suggestions,set of 2 poles – all terrain accessories and carry bag, trekking, & taking walks poles

  1. tj banker

    I’m new to using trekking poles and I am glad I tried these before buying an expensive brand. I haven’t done a comparison as yet, but these poles have all features of the others. Lightweight 100% carbon fiber, with clasp locking segments and cork handles. They also come w/ a carry bag, rubber feet, snow and mud baskets, as well as tip covers. These feel like they will hold up well. I am 6′ 4″ and 270 lbs. and they hold my weight just fine. Nice to get that weight off my knees. I feel I can hike faster, ascend/descend more easily and I have more confidence in my footing. These will help to get some of that weight off and find new and bigger challenges. Try these first before going with the expensive brands. Will update when I’ve used these for a season.Update: 6/26/16Love these poles! I’ve now logged hundreds of miles on these poles and couldn’t be happier. I’ve dropped 10 pounds and can really feel my balance improving. I am now gaining confidence to try steeper and farther hikes and am enjoying them more too. I had my first slippage of a section of pole, but just tightened the nut, re-adjusted, clamped her down, and she was good to go. Look forward to many more miles. I will update later as need be. Happy hiking!Update 10/1/18Poles still holding up well, I’ve been hard on these and have used them on rock, gravel, mud and dirt. Just today I finally broke both mud cups. I’m not upset, I’ve been logging a ton of mileage. $9.99 for 4 replacements, no problem. Have had 5 total slips of segments in the 7mo. just tighten, re-clasp and off you go. Great product for the price! Don’t know what would make other brands so expensive. Highly recommend.Read more

  2. Moose2u

    Having come back to backpacking after a 10 year hiatus, I wanted to explore trekking poles as I’d seen so many peeps using them. After reading reviews, I wish they were half as popular back when I was running deep backpacking, peak hopping. At half the cost of the big name (Bl*ck Di*m*nd), I knew I was taking a chance on these, considering the big name is known for its quality as its reviews attest to. I went on a 14 mile day hike yesterday. Started at 4200′ elevation and within the first 2 miles, ascended 2100′ to 6300′ over some rugged trail including rock, shale, etc. Peaked at 7000′ and returned. Checked the poles this morning and they were basically in new condition with some dust. I’m 6’3″ 240lbs and put some muscle into the poles. They were awesome! I absolutely see the benefit of poles, less impact on my somewhat aging knees, assist in going up and down hill, assist on the ankles and more stable footing. I took a chance on striking out or hitting a home run at half the cost and hit a home run! I was NOT paid in anyway for my review as most of the others here were lol. Great quality from a neat little company. Take the chance on these poles, you won’t be disappointed!Read more

  3. W. Brown

    I signed up for a trip to Zion & Bryce NPs; then realized that my hiking poles would not fit (without disassembly) into the ‘medium’ sized suitcases we were allowed on this tour. Around the same time I happened to pick up a carbon fiber pole of a hiking buddy and it felt like a feather.So I went on Amazon and found the Hiker Hunger carbon fiber poles, which collapse to 24” versus 28” for my aluminum poles, and weigh about one pound for a pair versus 1.4 pounds for the aluminum poles. I have been using these poles since August on many hikes mostly in New England. I (and others in my group) have been impressed with the light-weight of these carbon fiber poles and the QuickLock feature for adjusting length.Unfortunately I slipped and fell on a steep rocky downhill section of trail on Pack Monadnock Mtn. (Peterborough, NH) last Wednesday. I was not hurt, but one pole must have gotten jammed between some rocks and the bottom section snapped. I contacted Hiker Hunger and they immediately sent out a replacement section – so excellent service too!BillRead more

  4. Gtbbong

    Don’t let out reviews fool you. I trusted other reviews and purchased the item. It worked out well for couple days of hiking but today… this thing fell apart during my hike. This thing almost made me fall and who knows what may have happened. I don’t know if the one I received is a defect but from my experience this is not a quality item. 73 bucks and this is what I get? The only good thing about this entire order is that Amazon has your back. I’ve already created a return case. The picture that I attacked is the top part, closer to the hand. AND YES that part does not lock.UPDATE//Received replacement and it’s been strong since!!Read more

  5. Anthony J. Courtemanche

    I used these for the first time this weekend hiking a 4000 footer in the New Hampshire White Mountains. Compared to my previous pair of aluminum poles, I found the Hiker Hunger poles to be very strong, VERY light, and very easy to adjust. I’m really pleased with this purchase and would buy this product again.Read more

  6. Kathy

    My son and I just used these Hiker Hunger trekking poles this weekend on a 14 mile hike through the Harlem Valley section of the Appalachian Trail near Wingdale/Pawling, NY. These poles performed perfectly, and I do not think I could have done the trek without them. We had about 800 feet of elevation rise and descent during our trek and these strong, light-weight poles never failed once.The flip-locks are easy to open, adjust and close and never slipped or needed to be re-adjusted during the hike. The cork handles are very comfortable in your hands. The wrist straps are easy to adjust and also did not slip during use. The tungsten tips gripped every rock surface they touched and never slipped once. I am 5′ 9″, 200 pounds and was carrying a 35 pound pack (training for a 12 day hike) and I was putting a lot of upper body weight on the poles, especially on the descents, and they were strong and secure. They felt like an extension of my arms, like I was some 4-legged creature that could climb up or down any steep rock face with ease. I highly recommend them.Read more

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