0C12C0IGC8T143 Yaktrax diamond grip all-surface traction cleats for on foot on ice and snow (1 pair)

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  • long lasting traction cleats in shape over shoes and boots to offer superior traction on snow and ice on all surfaces
  • patented diamond beads are made from case-hardened metal alloy strung on metallic plane cable; loads of biting edges grip in all instructions
  • natural rubber sling stays elastic and comfy even in sub-0 temperatures; clean to put on and take off; comfy for extended use
  • beads swivel independently, stopping buildup of snow and ice making them best for transitioning between surfaces like gravel, dust, and urban
  • available in s, m, l, xl, and 2xl to healthy maximum shoes and boots, including insulated shoes

from the manufacturer

yaktrax diamond grip all-surface traction cleats for strolling on ice and snow (1 pair)

yaktrax diamond grip all-floor traction cleats offer superior traction for strolling in all iciness conditions, from boilerplate ice to tough-packed snow and everything in among. Diamond grips particular layout makes them best for customers who often transition between surfaces like rock, gravel, dust, and concrete. Sturdy rubber sling bands keep diamond grips firmly in location over boots or shoes, yet they continue to be elastic even in sub-zero temperatures in order that they may be smooth to place on and take off regardless the climate. Diamond grip’s patented diamond beads are crafted from a case-hardened metal alloy with masses of edges that grip in all guidelines. The beads swivel independently stopping construct-up of snow and ice. Yaktrax diamond grip all-floor traction cleats are built to remaining with plane-grade steel cables, case-hardened steel alloy diamond beads, zinc lined metal grommets, and durable rubber sling bands.

don’t allow iciness sluggish you down

named after the sure-footed tibetan yak, yaktrax proudly offers a big selection of ice traction devices for your footwear similarly to other wintry weather accessories. Whether you want the walk for buying to the bus stop or mailbox or require severe outdoor traction with our summit, yaktrax will continually offer solid, predictable traction in any situation.


Large (Shoe Size: W 10.5+/M 9.5-12.5), Medium (Shoe Size: W 7.5-10/M 6.5-9), Small (Shoe Size: W 5-7/M 5-6), X-Large (Shoe Size: M 13+), XX-Large (For Oversized Footwear)

8 reviews for 0C12C0IGC8T143 Yaktrax diamond grip all-surface traction cleats for on foot on ice and snow (1 pair)

  1. Dr. Edward P. Childs Jr.

    Great system but has a fatal flaw. The cable holding the little grippers together is not stainless, it it gets wet, it will rust and break.Read more

  2. A777W

    The first pair broke within a month of use 1-2 miles daily; the wire broke and cleat beads fell off (Nov). The manufacture replaced them (Feb). The replacement pair was worn 1-2 miles daily from February-April and then was worn for 2 weeks in November and the wire also broke. The manufacture would not replace the “replacement” as there is a 90 day warranty. It was stated that they thought that they may had received a lot of use. I live in Alaska; wearing cleats in the winter is not an option on a walk. I would not recommend this brand for daily wear and will not purchase their product again.Read more

  3. Kristen K

    Very effective on all kinds of ice. I live in New England and walk my dog every day regardless of the conditions, so effective traction control is really important to me during our long winters. I also have a steep driveway and without some assistance, I can sometimes slide downhill when trying to shovel snow, which is no good at all. I’ve tried a number of different types of traction control products, including regular Yaktrax, Stabilicers, Vibram Acrtic Grip soled-shoes, etc., etc., but nothing is as good as these Yaktrax Diamond Grips. THEY WORK. I also appreciate their versatility – they are low-profile enough that I can fairly comfortably walk on pavement with them on my shoes (can’t do that with crampons) and tough enough to enable me to hike on icy trails in the woods. They’re well-constructed, durable and not too difficult to put on. I consider these essential gear for venturing outside on icy surfaces.Read more

  4. Dana

    Bought for myself and my spouse for daily use in Anchorage, Alaska. They’re perfect. Much better than the coil style Yaktrax, which we used to have. I don’t slip in the snow and ice, and if I have to leave them on for few minutes while hauling groceries into the kitchen, I don’t slip on the floor or do damage to the floor surface.Read more

  5. CajunDrawl

    Bought these for a family member in Minnesota, after first getting a pair myself. I have the set that looks like a metal coil on the bottom. Great for east coast weather.The diamond YakTrax have tiny, pointy, metal beads on pieces of cable. The beads dig down into the ice or snow and help stabilize your footing. I checked in with the person I got them for and her response was, “Oh my gosh! They’re great! I feel so bad for the people who try to walk without them! I LOVE them! Thank you so much!!” Again, she’s in Minnesota and those folks know snow… Would definitely recommend and would definitely buy again.Read more

  6. Kevin Childress

    These are what you want for grip! I went walking in snow and ice up and down hill with a bad knee and was totally confident in my footing. The person that wrote they are odd when on pavement is wrong, they still feel comfortable. I would say if you walk on dry pavement with these then after about 6 months of minimal wear they would not function as well but come on, stuff does wear out. They are SHARP and will hurt your fingers when you put them on so be cautious. I have had several similar pairs of these but I love these the best as they have the best grip and make me feel safe when I am walking in all kinds of weather conditions.Read more

  7. vonSteuben

    These came in yesterday, so of course I had to try them out! They fit well over my boot with no risk of slipping off. My feet are on the small end of the spectrum for the sizing on these, and they feel great; room for more boot, but they’re not loose at all. I walked around on a large, sloped patch of ice on my driveway, and these made it feel ALMOST like there was no ice there at all. Obviously, you still need to be a little cautious on ice because, well, it’s ice, but I never felt at risk of slipping in these things. These are SO much better than the coil Pro Walkers from YakTrax. I am glad I spent the extra money and bought the better pair. These are 100% worth it! I read some other reviews that said these tend to rust after a year or two, but even if that is the case, I would buy these again. I tend to be really hard on my footwear (I work in a barn, it’s part of the job description), so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if these rusted out on me. If they keep me on my feet for at least one whole season, I’ll be a happy camper!Read more

  8. Martin

    I bought them as a replacement for an old pair of Yaktrax Pros. I didn’t notice any difference in either ice or packed snow. If you’re hitting concrete frequently these will probably last longer. If not save money and buy the pros.Read more

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