0C12AG3S2Y3408 Msr windburner stove accent pot

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using coming into your model variety.
  • companion accessory pot for the msr windburner stove device
  • for trips with 2-three humans getting ready simple food and brewing up hot liquids
  • includes pot with speedy-boil warmness exchanger, strainer lid, canister stand and bowl (camping range and gas sold one at a time)
  • well suited exclusively with msr windburner stoves
  • % weight: thirteen. 2 ounces
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msr windburner stove accent pot

for backcountry or weekend journeys regarding extra than 1-2 human beings, msr windburner accessory pots permit you to proportion a quick-boiled cup of soup or coffee with buddies and add extra versatility to minimalist camp cooking. Available in both 1. 0l and 1. 8l sizes, those difficult-anodized aluminium pots function a integrated warmth exchanger that saves gas by using correctly shifting the range’s radiant warmth. The pots also can function private eat-and-drink vessels and come entire with a clear, bpa-loose drinking and strainer lid, a pot relaxed, greater bowl and a canister stand. Well matched completely with the msr windburner range.

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msr has constantly been a enterprise of engineers, inventors and unruly dreamers. Larry penberthy commenced the enterprise in 1969 on a personal campaign in opposition to risky device. These days, we’re nevertheless an intrepid crew enthusiastic about developing the maximum dependable, excessive-performance gear feasible.

whether it’s defying the popularity quo in equipment design or notably shifting the social mindset, we trust the best innovations—and explorations—are stimulated by means of the sector’s unruly dreamers.


1.0- Liter, 1.8- Liter

8 reviews for 0C12AG3S2Y3408 Msr windburner stove accent pot

  1. Venuko

    I love and hate this pot at the same time. The love part is obvious, but I really want to look into the eyes of an idiot who has conceived the stupid plastic bowl thingy that attaches to the bottom of this pot. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to take it off, once it got snapped on to the pot a bit deeper than the idiot designer has envisioned. This product is a perfect example of an yin and yang – an inevitable balance of a heavenly goodness and an ugly evil.Read more

  2. Haris Subacius

    Nicely made and much bigger than its smaller cousin. With two people, it boils enough water for coffee and oatmeal. Worked well in wind. On the negative side, both plastic lids are problematic. The bottom one is too loose. It rode up on the pot itself while in transport and it took too people to pry the two pieces apart. No damage but could have a more definite connection. The top lid is too tight. Hard to snap on and nearly impossible to remove after boiling water. As soon as you pry it open just a tad you get scolded by steam. I also found that insulation was not sufficient to comfortably grab the pot with bare hands after boiling something in it for a while. Worked fine if you just needed to bring water to a boil but was too hot if you kept the boil going for a while. Too bad you can’t light the thing with the pot on the stove or see the flame for simmer adjustments.Read more

  3. Lewis Chamberlain

    Have used a lot to make coffee since purchase last summer. Great for glamping. Nests well with fuel and stove. Doesn’t heat as fast as advertised and coffee gets cold faster than I’d like. If you don’t keep the stove on low you get a hot first cup of coffee, a warm second, and then a cool third. We leaned to immediately transfer all the coffee to a thermos.Read more

  4. Glen E Thomas

    Nice complete pot assembly for the Windburner, I like to carry two pots when backpacking with my girlfriend. We use one pot for cooking dehydrated meals and one for coffee. Works perfectly and adds versatility to the standard Cook kit.Read more

  5. Grant

    Great replacement for your MSR Windburner stove. I accidentally put my pot on the flame and forgot to put water in it. The pot and lid melted quickly. Was happy that purchasing this replaced all the parts needed to have a complete functional stove. Even cones with a stand for the fuel.Read more

  6. Dara

    saves a lot of fuel and is superb in wind. Boiled water yesterday in cold wind in couple minutes. Highly recommend this for two or more people and also the smaller version if solo or two people.. Worth carrying the weight in any difficult conditions.Read more

  7. Otomosix

    Great for group camping of 3+ people. MSR strikes gold again!Read more

  8. Marcy A Stinton

    Works wellRead more

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