0C1294N3GA1829 Women’s snow canyon omni warmth winter boot

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  • one hundred% artificial
  • imported
  • suede sole
  • shaft measures approximately mid-calf from arch
  • advanced era: this women’s snow boot is constituted of our omni-tech seam-sealed membrane bootie, supplying a water-resistant but breathable envelope. It combines with our omni-heat reflective lining for introduced thermal insulation and maximum warmth.
  • style meets characteristic for excessive climate: the appropriate combination of characteristic and fashion, this smooth insulated boot commands interest anywhere it goes, whilst maintaining your toes warm and dry in the extremes.
  • cloth: a artificial woven fabric higher, pu footbed midsole, and our signature omni-grip non-marking traction rubber outsole make this boot ideal for any cold, icy days.
  • accessible capabilities: it capabilities a smooth fake fur collar and tongue lining, metallic rivets and lacing aglets, amazing 200g insulation, and a detachable contoured pu footbed.
  • temperature ratings: rated -25f/-32c for bloodless, heavy snow days.
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product description

a faux fur collar adds a stylish touch to this extraordinarily succesful snow boot from columbia.

columbia offers a wide variety of outside overall performance shoes, outerwear, sports clothing, and add-ons. Columbia products are engineered the usage of the satisfactory technologies and maximum high-quality substances, presenting you with modern products which can be purposeful but fashionable and a remarkable fee.


5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 12


Black, Kettle, Quarry, Dove, Black/Shale, British Tan, Fawn, Cordovan/Tusk, Nori, Bright Copper, Sea Salt, Fawn

5 reviews for 0C1294N3GA1829 Women’s snow canyon omni warmth winter boot

  1. Amazon Customer

    I’m a dog walker in the city and walk 35-50 miles per week. I need shoes that are good on my feet, and when it’s cold, I need ones that will also keep my feet warm. I bought these because of the thinner sole and how much easier it would be to walk in them than the clunkier winter boots I already had.Winter has barely started, but they have already been thoroughly tested. I survived a snow storm in them, walking 9 hours while it was continuously snowing. After the sun set, the snow turned to rain. My feet stayed warm, which is impressive because my feet are cold at 70F. As the rain melted some of the snow and puddles of water formed, I also got to test the waterproof aspect of these boots. I stepped in several puddles that covered the tops of my feet and they stayed dry.I just got back from a vacation in Denver where we went snowboarding, and my feet stayed warm and toasty in below freezing temps there, too.Since purchasing them, I have walked no fewer than 50 miles in them. They are comfortable, cute, warm, and easy on my feet. I loved them so much that I bought another pair, but in the Minx style. I also highly recommend them.I bought half a size up, an 8.5 instead of 8. I wear them with thick winter socks and they fit fine. Edit to add: I have them laced in a way where I can easily pull them on and off, so they’re currently a little loose around my calves on purpose. They still keep me warm, but if I were to go sledding or playing outside in fresh snow, it would be super easy to tighten them up and wear them how they’re supposed to be worn.I didn’t get them for free or at a discount for this review. This is my first review ever, actually. I just really heckin love these boots and will be buying them any time I need boots for as long as Columbia makes them.Edit: Post winter updateI walked well over 900 miles this winter, and somewhere around 600 of them were in these boots. There are definitely signs of wear, but I will get at least one more winter, maybe two more out of them. Which doesn’t seem like they last long, but I walk a lot more than the average person, 30,000 steps a day isn’t unusual for me.These, along with the other Columbia boots I purchased, kept my feet very cozy all winter, including through several winter storms where the temps dipped below 0F. I always wore mid walk socks with them, but rarely had to use my thickest warmest socks with these boots.Regardless of how long they last, I will be purchasing more of them for as long as Columbia makes a version of them.Read more

  2. hrw81

    My husband saw these boots were the winter boots winner on the Wirecutter after rigorous testing and when I found them for $80 in my size it was such a good deal we ordered them.They arrived this morning as I was heading out on the school run so I quickly switched my rainboots for them. My socks were so thick I couldn’t get them on so I just wore them with no socks (was really in a rush but very excited to try these!) On the way to school I have pushed a 3 year old in a stroller over solid ice and uneven melted and refrozen snow and ice packed down and my feet were not warm BUT with no socks at all in just above 0F weather, I’m not surprised. I slipped around a little on the bad patches of ice while trying to gain traction to move the stroller, but I’m not marking them down for that because any shoe would do the same.So, after the school run we went for coffee at the little store nearby and I felt my feet warm up fast! Within 5 minutes they were warm and toasty and they stayed that way all the way home so I’m thinking my feet were just cold when I first put them on and took a while to warm up.These are amazingly comfortable, I have wide feet and I ordered size 11 which is the size I usually wear and they fit just fine. I have even tried them with really thick socks on once I had more time to adjust the laces and can still get them on, although I do think I’ll stick to thinner socks in future for comfort. If you want to wear thick socks, definitely order a size larger.The sole is flexible and comfortable, gripped well in icy conditions apart from the smooth, ice rink areas, but even then they weren’t truly awful.There are some nice little features like a solid metal aglet for ease when lacing, substantial laces that feel like they’ll last, and the faux fur lining that runs from the ankle to the tops that works well for warmth. The Omni heat reflective dots cover from the ankle down and as I said, once my feet were warm, they stayed warm for about 30 minutes and I am confident they’d have stayed that way for a good while longer.And last but not least, they’re really nice looking boots! They don’t look clunky and big like some waterproof boots do, they’re black so they go with everything and the fur peeking over the tops is cute! I’d definitely recommend these boots to my friends and family and the price this seller has them for is great.Read more

  3. Maddie

    Love these! Cozy and warm, very comfortable. I usually wear a 9 to a 9.5 so ordered 9.5 they fit perfectly. Really nice tread and seem to be 100% waterproof as was promised. They also look very cute. The fit is somewhere between a boot and tennis shoe, more on the tennis shoe end of the spectrum. Not heavy. I tried on a pair of these in a local store and they were priced at $120 so it’s also a great savings to purchase them here. Highly recommend.Read more

  4. J Nelson

    Very happy with these boots.They are very nice looking,fit perfect and are very comfortable and warm. I wear size 8 1/2 in shoes and 9 in boots so i did order a size 9 and they fit as expected.Update 12-6-2016. It has finally snowed and these boots really are nice in the sloppy snow….my feet stayed dry and warmRead more

  5. Kissiah Y.

    I don’t know if I love these boots more for their style or functionality. Ha! Why choose when you can love them for both. I bought these boots because I’ll be venturing into some cold areas soon and didn’t want to suffer. Let me just say, that when they arrived the other day I didn’t want to take them off! I love the look (the green and orange rock!), rather snazzy and edgy and sexy-cool, if I may say so, and they feel nice and warm, though the real test will be when I’m in Washington next month, but still, I feel rather confident. I would like to add that they feel snug, but I like it that way. There’s still a smidge of room for movement and socks, so that’s sufficient. However, if you are the type of person whose feet swell or who wears thick socks, or simply like to have extra room, go a half size up. For me, this size 6 is perfect. #happycamperRead more

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