0C122OOQWTT164 Dalix 25″ large adventure big health club sports activities duffle bag (black gray army blue red camo)

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  • 100% polyester
  • capabilities: primary compartment (expands to 26-27 inches ), the front zippered pocket for garage of accessories, shoulder strap
  • cloth: polyester
  • size: 25 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches
  • colour: black
  • closure: zipper
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this versatile bag has all of it and is derived in a variety of two toned shades making it the perfect choice for any event!

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Black, Black-Gray, Dark Green, Gold, Gray, Maroon, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red

8 reviews for 0C122OOQWTT164 Dalix 25″ large adventure big health club sports activities duffle bag (black gray army blue red camo)

  1. R. Ward

    I was looking for a large bag to carry my welding stuff for class (welding helmet, jacket, some hand tools, books, and change of clothes). I was pleasantly amazed when I first unfolded the bag. It is made of a thick nylon material. Kind of stiff, but very flexible. Really good quality. Plenty big to carry everything I need and then some. There is a long duel zipper that runs from end to end. Easy in and out. Amazing at $16. Buying something like this locally would be twice that much – I checked. It has a nice sized zippered pocket on the outside – for pens, change, or cellphone. Also has a long detachable shoulder strap. This will last a very long time. I’ll be buying another. I highly recommend.Read more

  2. Kim

    This bag feels so sturdy. I’ve checked it on a flight and brought it on my trip to Australia. It held up even though it was stuffed full. I tried other bags before but they felt like they would rip with some of my dive gear. This one has a sturdy outside and a layer of nice material inside. I would definitely recommend this bag to a friendRead more

  3. InterAuc

    high quality sports bag. great price. Son needed for all his football gear. As you can imagine, this thing starts stinking pretty quickly, as anything football related does. Just tossed the bag in the wash and perfectly clean and fresh smelling.Read more

  4. Paige Alexandra

    Love how big this bag is. I’ve used it to bring laundry to a laundry mat and fit a weeks worth of clothes, sheets/pillowcases/duvet cover, 4 large towels, 4 small hair turban towels, and a small throw blanket inside! I’ve used it to travel and even stuffed to the point where I almost can’t zip it I haven’t had an issue getting it on the plane. Easy to wash after a beach vacation and overall feels like a sturdy bag.Read more

  5. Kenn

    I’ve had a family size tent for several years and it barely fits in the carry bag in perfect condition. After years of transport/storage and being incorrectly stuffed with the tent, it has some wear holes and seam splits. The tent has some life in it so I searched my go to site (Amaze-on) for a replacement bag that’s bigger. I came across this reasonably priced bag with mostly good reviews. Two days later, it’s on my doorstep. It is a thick nylon canvas material that I am confident will be very durable. The handles and straps are thinner but they seem to be well stitched and I think they’ll hold up. I think the zipper is going to be the weak link. It works fine but seems too dainty to be on this otherwise rugged bag. Time will tell. Initial impression is a great bag for the price.Read more

  6. bookworm

    Purchased this for a recent family vacation. It was roomy enough to hold seven days of clothes (keep in mind this was for a trip to Disney in June, so we are talking about lightweight clothes!), toiletry bag, and a white noise machine. There are no interior pockets so if that’s important to you, pass on this one. Outside pocket was fine for charging cables and other small items. It has a soft bottom and sides so it will fold up and store easily. Had no issue with the odd smell being reported by some reviewers. Since we drove I can’t say this for sure, but I do not think it would be allowed as carry on luggage.Read more

  7. Christopher

    Ordered full price, so not to worry on that. I needed a basic dag that would allow me to carry some basketballs and other stuff to my daughters games. This works well. Holds 4 youth basketballs with no issue, would guess only three of full size basketball. Nothing fancy, but is holding up well after being abused. Came with a god awful plastic smell that took some Freebreeze and a few days outside to get rid of though. I feel like this will hold up well though. Very sturdy but lightweight.Read more

  8. Robyn M. Gable

    It’s OK for the price, but not great quality. We bought 3 of these bags for our taekwondo gear and have had them for about a year. The plastic clip that holds the long strap on the bag has broken on 2 of the 3 bags. The zipper has jammed up on 1 of the bags, so now it only zips 1 direction, which is ok because it’s still functional since one of the 2 zippers still works. The most annoying thing is that there is a black plastic coating that lines the inside of the bag, and it flakes off and gets all over everything. We are planning to get new bags soon, but for the price, these have held up OK.Read more

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