0C11YQV2ZUT873 Uncooked cones classic king size 50 p. C. Natural pre rolled rolling paper with recommendations & packing sticks covered

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  • convenient tired of rolling? Cant hand roll? No problem. These are pre-rolled cones with tips covered! Severely, simply fill, p. C. & experience!
  • genuine 100% authentic raw prerolled cones produced by using raw and repackaged by way of esd for an more advantageous revel in
  • sluggish burn every cone is watermarked with uncooked’s proprietary criss-cross imprint that enables prevent runs and maintains the smoothest burn
  • herbal unrefined made from a mix of unbleached fibers and finished with a herbal gum line. Raw rolling papers don’t have any added chalk or dyes!
  • what you get uncooked king length prerolled cones from raw’s ‘conventional series’ lineup. Cones inner come in two stacks of 25 cones resulting in 50 general cones and 25 packing sticks

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8 reviews for 0C11YQV2ZUT873 Uncooked cones classic king size 50 p. C. Natural pre rolled rolling paper with recommendations & packing sticks covered

  1. John Robinson

    I never rolled a joint before, so I bought a cone loader and these pre-rolled cones. I did not realize how easy it’d be, it only took about 10 minutes and I had our first 3 joints finished. We smoked the first 2 and it was perfect, they were really easy to smoke, they burned evenly no canoeing. We’ll order more of these pre-rolls as needed. Thanks for reading my review.Update: 09-24-2018 After running out of this order of 50, I learned that 50 of the king size cones was able to support about 2 ounces of weed, so I doubled that and ordered 100 king size cones for 4 ounces of weed and I was so correct; 100 king size cones was able to support 4 ounces of weed. I hope this helps cause I had no ideal how much weed these cones would take so now this should give everybody an ideal of how much you need to buy. Thanks again for reading my review and happy 420.Read more

  2. Tyler Escamilla

    Fricken awesome it came later this afternoon which was torture but I was so thankful when the pack came in all perfect cones and for you guys that don’t wanna fill em I twist em off they just as dankRead more

  3. Mark

    FAKE RAW PAPERS!!! These thing will LOOK almost identical to real raw products BUT they burn horribly!!! Y’all remember that paper in elementary school that your science teach lit on fire and it was gone in an instant? That’s what these are made out of. I used 3 of them and each time the entire wrap would catch on fire and burn the paper 100x faster than the actual herb!! Might litigated barely even had to touch the paper! For all I know I could’ve just gotten sent some really stale/old papers and that’s why they are so dried out but I DO know that the paper should I got were terrible!! Not worth the gamble.Read more

  4. Natalie

    I Got This For My Husband For Christmas Because he smokes alot and I wanted something Natural for him. First off I received the package and there was no where near 50. The container was half empty. I thought maybe they were rolled together or something and tried to see and as soon as I touched them they fell apart. You can tell that it’s very cheaply made. I was really disappointed. I had high Hopes and hate giving bad reviews but they need to know that for the price and product you receive is ridiculous. I’m not sure if they didnt give all 50 because it was still in the plastic so it wasn’t opened by someone else.Read more

  5. lrosrod

    It doesn’t deserve any stars. Do not recommend! It burns through the moment you light it up! Lost some good weed😠Read more

  6. Taylor

    I don’t get why people are saying these are fake. They are raw cones, just sent by a different distributor. Been smoking raw cones for years and these are the real deal.Read more

  7. Andrea

    some of them burned great and some of them burned terrible and i wasted a lot of tree with this. i wouldnt recommend this to anyone lolRead more

  8. Old Soul

    I have been using Raw products ever since i started smoking and they have never failed me. I love these cones especially because they’re so easy to fill up. The container is actually pretty nice and durable, and i suspect it is somewhat smell proof. I had a few nugs in there and the smell did not slip through. The cone itself is a decent size as you can see in my pics and fills up quite well. It burns evenly and slowly. The flavor itself is almost flavorless, which i personally like. You can taste the true flavors of your herbs. Some cool features are the size chart of the cone sizes which will help in future purchases and the poking sticks included. Usually other brands give you those bendable plastic sticks that don’t pack in the product well. I am definitely going to continue using these in the future. 10 stars!!!Read more

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