0C11Y32NFA5325 Unisex infant comfy fleece booties

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  • one hundred% polyester
  • imported
  • fleece lining
  • hook and loop closure
  • machine wash
  • made with a hundred% polyester
  • soft, gentle and relaxed on infant’s skin
  • foremost for normal use
  • lower priced, excessive great booties/socks
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from the manufacturer

luvable buddies gives baby items at an extraordinary fee to dad and mom

our project is virtually to make child clothing and merchandise amusing and less costly without compromising on great. We trust cute designs and bright shades make everyone admire the beauty lifestyles has to offer. Enjoy the love your infant brings in your life with luvable friends!

made with cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex and features adorable patterns, prints and solids on each sock

made with 100% cotton and functions fun styles, prints and embroideries

made with 100% cotton and capabilities colorations and stripes that make it easy to mix and fit cloth cabinet clothing

our normal child necessities at low-cost prices are exactly what parents and caregivers are looking for. We provide a variety of layout styles across toddler clothing, accessories, bedding, bath towels, bibs, shoes and giftsets. Our value packs make it easy and inexpensive to inventory up on the basics without spending a fortune.

product description

luvable buddies is a toddler fundamentals logo that offers mother high-quality satisfactory, low-priced charges and stylish designs. Scooties fleece booties by luvable buddies are adorable and sensible. The fleece material will maintain your baby’s feet warm and secure. Those booties wrap round your infant’s foot and connect inside the the front with a velcro closure, so they are smooth to position on, and live on! Our scooties characteristic non-skid soles. Available in a couple of shade choices in sizes up to 18 months.


0-6 Months Infant, 6-12 Months, 6-12 Months Infant, 12-18 Months Toddler, 18-24 Months Toddler, 2T, 4T, 2 Toddler, 3 Toddler, 4 Toddler


Cream Tan, Light Blue, Light Blue Navy, Light Pink, Light Pink Dark Pink, Grey, Neutral Gray Light Gray, Charcoal, Charcoal Heather, Coronet Blue Heather Charcoal, Heather Charcoal Heather Gray, Heather Gray, Neutral Gray, Gray

5 reviews for 0C11Y32NFA5325 Unisex infant comfy fleece booties

  1. LindseyB

    I will start by saying that I did NOT receive these for free or a discounted price. I paid FULL price and this is just my honest experience with this product; I hope it helps you! :)I bought these booties at the same time as the (much) more expensive Zutano brand and I like these a LOT better than the Zutanos. First, I like that they have little non-skid dots on the bottom. Being that they are fleece, you would think adding these little grippers to the bottom would be standard, but the Zutanos do not have any kind of grippy/anti-slip stuff at all on them. This is an important feature because my daughter is just learning how to free stand and she falls enough all on her own, thank you very much.Second, I thought that the Zutanos would be better because of the snap closures. Since these have a velcro closure, I was skeptical that they would stay on. However, the velco not only holds together very well (believe me, my daughter tries to get them off as soon as I put them on her and she has been unsuccessful every time) but its actually better because you can adjust them in an almost infinite range with the 1.5″ strips of velcro they provide. The 2 snaps on the Zutanos make them ‘adjustable’ but only with 2 definitive sizes while these can be loosened or tightened however much or little as you need. My daughter is skinny (only 25th percentile for weight) and I can get these nice and comfortably tight around her ankles while the Zutanos she can pull right off because the tightest I can get them is still too loose on her.Also – my daughter is not a fan of shoes (are any of us, really?), but she seems to be fine with these. As mentioned, she does try to get them off as soon as I put them on her, but after a few tugs she realizes she can’t get them off, and then she crawls and stands and plays around without giving them a second glance. Plus, she looks incredibly cute in them!I’ve provided some pictures against a ruler; my daughter is 13 months old with long skinny feet and I bought the 12-18 month size. They fit well with plenty of room to grow, so I think the sizing is on point. The bottoms of these measure exactly 4.5″.Read more

  2. Emmalynne

    We purchased some like these last years when our little guy was 1 and loved then. Sizing for baby seems appropriate, but once you move up to toddler sizes they make no sense. He now wears a size 6 shoe and mostly 2T clothes, some 3T. I ordered the 3T size slipper and i think these are HUGE. The sole measures 7 inches from heel to toe. Is that huge for a toddler size? He is my first so i don’t have any frame of reference other than his chubby feet. I’m keeping them for next year but have purchased A 2T pair as well. The 2T is about 6.5 inches for the sole. Even though they still are a little big lengthwise, the elastic at the back of the ankle makes these fit surprisingly well and will fit as his foot grows. A size chart with measurements sure would be nice. Otherwise they seem very cozy with nice and thick fleece. Stretchy elastic at the back ankle plus the long strips of Velcro should help keep them on.Read more

  3. Amanda M.

    These are soft, sturdy, thick fleece booties with adjustable, Velcro straps and nice grippers on the soles. They are very nice—they keep my child’s feet very warm and the grips have prevented her from slipping when walking on our hardwood floors.I ordered a pair of these and a pair of the Zutano fleece booties. Honestly, I like both a lot — they’re fairly comparable. The fleece material of both seems to be basically the same (the Zutano fleece may be a bit nicer), both have grippy feet (another reviewer says that the Zutano does not have grippy feet but they definitely sell Zutano fleece footies with grippy feet — these were 12-18 month sized).The biggest difference between the two types of booties (apart from price) is that the Luvable friends has Velcro and the Zutano has snaps. I actually prefer the snaps — they stay secure a bit better, they have two size options so it adjusts a bit, and I suppose it’s possible to accidentally scrape baby leg with the Velcro, (the Velcro also has lost a bit of its adhering property since I’ve gotten these but not much).The price difference is significant enough, the differences between the two booties slight, and your kid will wear them for six months tops, so that it’s probably not worth it to get the Zutano ones, even if you prefer them.Read more

  4. JennK

    Use:These booties are so easy and quick to put on busy little feet. The top closes with Velcro. There are grippers on the bottom but haven’t really used them as my baby is only 6months and is not walking or crawling. These are the best product I’ve found for busy feet that don’t keep socks or regular shoes on. Perfect for cooler weather as I can throw socks under or wear as is. I wouldn’t probably use these during summer since they would be way too hot. Love that these seem comfortable for all day including in the crib.Fit:I ordered the 6-12m and they fit well – tts.Washable:I have two pairs of these and alternate every other day and wash. They hold up well on regular setting wash and on low dry. No issues with Velcro, grippers, stitches, etc. Only “con” which is a product of material not this actual product is that the fabric does start to get a bit funky if you dry on high – just makes it not as pretty but still holds up.Read more

  5. Emma B.

    These little booties are great, but they do seem to run small. I expected my 2.5 month old to have plenty of room to grow in these, being sized 0-6 months, but she already fills them out. We purchased for winter, and that is the current season, so they will do for now. I like the idea and concept, but they are a little bulky on such tiny babies. It does answer the lost sock issue though!Will update once we wear them more.Read more

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