0C11X9ZBWST162 Snow joe sj625e electric powered unmarried level 21-inch

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  • by using getting into your model quantity.
  • flexible: ideal for brief snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways
  • powerful: 15-amp motor moves up to 800 lbs. Of snow per minute
  • renovation-free: no gasoline, oil or song-u. S. A. Make it handy to begin and hold. Chute rotation turning radius (deg) – a hundred and eighty
  • led mild: three w led mild for secure nighttime clearing. Tires: 8 inch (2. Five inch width)

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snow joe + sun joe specialise in developing revolutionary out of doors gear to maintain your private home looking stunning all through the 12 months, whether or not the snow is falling or the solar is shining. Our expansive line of out of doors electricity equipment, which incorporates guide, cordless, and electric powered equipment including garden mowers, trimmers, tillers, and snow blowers, aims to simplify your yard habitual to make it quick and clean to get your out of doors chores done.

on the subject of snow – go together with joe!

responding to the want for an smooth-to-use gadget that could tackle heavier blizzard on mid-sized driveways and walkways, snow joe advanced the snow joe ultra sj625e, a bigger electric powered snow thrower that promises the power of a gasoline system with the convenience of an electric unit.

driven by a powerful 15-amp motor, the snow joe ultra actions as much as 800 lbs of snow according to minute. Its durable metallic auger with 2 rubber blades cuts a path 21 inches wide through 12 inches deep with each skip.

  • perfect for short snow pickups on mid-sized driveways and walkways
  • no gas, oil or track-u. S. A. Make it effortless to start and keep
  • metallic auger with 2 rubber blades cuts 21″ extensive and 12″ deep in a single pass
  • key functions

    steel auger with 2 rubber blades cuts 21″ huge and 12″ deep in one pass.

    3 w led mild for secure midnight clearing.

    a hundred and eighty° adjustable directional chute throws snow up to 20 ft.

    Product Dimensions

    40.6, x, 23, x, 42.5, inches

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    35.7, pounds


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    3 reviews for 0C11X9ZBWST162 Snow joe sj625e electric powered unmarried level 21-inch

    1. AskAlthea

      This is our 3rd electric snowblower in the last 15 years. Out of all of them, this model is the best of these kinds of electric snowblowers.History: Our first, the Toro Powercurve 1800, finally died this year after 14 years of service. The huge ice chunks plowed in from the town broke its blade. Side by side with the Snow Joe, the Toro looks puny.But, the Toro gave us many years of trouble-free service. Because parts are still readily available, we’ll repair it and use it to clear porches and steps. It’s lightweight and small enough to replace a manual shovel. The Toro is a champ and we expect many more years of service out of the Toro after our repairs.Our second electric snowblower was a Greenworks model. It was inexpensive and worked OK as a fill-in. BUT, it’s cheaply made and poorly designed. Bolts flew off during service. The turning chute wasn’t designed for snow because all it did was collect snow in the collar and ice up. In order to use it we had to use a hair dryer to de-ice it so that the chute would turn. It’s completely zip-tied together at this point and we’ll be glad so see the back of it. We’re sending it to the dump and won’t buy this manufacturer’s products again. None of these problems occurred with either the Toro or the Snow Joe.Now we come to this Snow Joe. We bought this older, soon to be no longer available model because we like several features not available on the new and ‘improved’ versions of this snowblower. The first is the handlebar across the top for the power and the second is the stability bar across the handles for the chute turning control.For power control, all of the newer Snow Joe models have the flip out plastic lever on one side and they’re a pain (same as the Greenworks) to use because they’re only for one hand. If you have a lot of snow to blow, that hand gets tired fast. The top bar on this particular model means that it can be powered with either or both hands, it reduces fatigue and makes it easier to run. The removal of this bar in the newer designs isn’t an improvement (Snow Joe, take note).For stability, the removal of the stability crossbar for the chute control is also not an improvement. When the snow gets deep, this bar serves multiple functions. It makes the control of the chute direction easier, it stabilizes the chute control and stabilizes the machine’s entire handle structure in heavy work. Snow Joe, please bring back both of these features in your next versions.Lastly, it has POWER!. We love the big back wheels for movement and stability. Its 21 inch chute width makes the job about 2x faster than its predecessors (in our lives).The machine’s blade is hardened rubber attached to a steel auger. This is a huge improvement over all other manufacturers who still use plastic blades. This rubberized blade won’t crack or chip in cold weather and the steel auger is strong. The rubber parts of the blades will be easy to replace once they get dog-eared by removing a couple of bolts.The chute’s turning mechanism is smooth and neither sticks nor has a mind of its own during operation. It stays where it’s set until the operator moves it. In wet snow the chute doesn’t direct the snow as well is it might. For some reason the snow sputters around the exit instead of shooting out. But, it still throws deeper snow about 15′ – 20′ and clears right down to the pavement. It’s good in both powder and wet snow.Lastly, it’s good for snow depths that are deeper than its 12 inch; rating. To use the Snow Joe in deep snow means smaller bites (not the full 21 inch; width) and a slower walk. But, hey, for snow anything’s better than manual shoveling. We’ve cleared snow as deep as 18 inches; in a single pass. We don’t recommend this and normally will remove snow 2-3x over the course of a storm instead of trying to do it all at once. But, it does snow overnight…lol. In places like Tahoe where it’s 3-5′ feet of snow over a couple of days, the only thing that removes this amount of snow is a full-on plow. So, no, the Snow Joe won’t tackle 2-3′ of snow in a single pass.There’s the nifty LED light up on the handle. In the newer models the light is now in front of the discharge chute. In deep snow that light placement is useless, so we’re glad to have the light high up on the handle. With big storms, we sometimes have to make a pass at night or face a wall of snow in the AM. The light helps a lot.Out of the box, set-up was a breeze. All that was required was the connection of 4 super large, easy to handle knobs, install the chute control, snap the power lines into their clips and you’re ready to go.Our only nit is cord control. With an electric snowblower, one of our major gripes with all manufacturers is that it doesn’t seem as if anyone in design & development has actually used one of these snowblowers. We need to be able to move the electric cord from one side to the other easily to keep it out of the snow and far from the blades. Once the first couple of paths are cleared, the electric cord is put in the cleared area so that we can see it, not slip on it and plow the rest of the snow quickly. Maybe a slider bar on the back of the handle to easily move the cord from side to side?To address this cord management problem, we installed a second stabilizer bar across the handles that allows us to tie the cord around it and then connect it to the machine’s plug. This also stops the cord from unexpectedly coming unplugged. This way, we can easily slide the the cord from one side of the snowblower to the other without wasting time fiddling with it or the need to have it in hand while operating the machine (take another note, Snow Joe).All in all, we like this machine so much and Amazon’s current amazing price that we ordered a 2nd one as a back-up until we decide that we want a small Kubota or Husqvarna tractor for all of our landscaping and maintenance needs.Read more

    2. H. Paul Richter

      I am a disabled veteran and recently had cervical spine surgery (September 8th). I decided that I might need help in clearing my large deck when the snow arrived. This past Tuesday the snow arrived in southern Colorado with abandon (extreme winds) and it was piled much higher than the 12″ that the Snow Joe was designed for. Well I wanted to get the deck cleared so I powered up the Snow Joe and went to work… remember I can’t lift anything, since the surgery, over 8 lbs. The Snow Joe did a stellar job and I highly recommend it. I have attached a picture to show what I tackled on my deck in around 15 minutes. Consequently I highly recommend this electric snow blowing machine. BTW, this was not powder this was very heavy late fall snow.Read more

    3. Arthur Senior

      INTRO-1: I live up in the Pacific North West, and we are plagued by horrible winter storms. Most of the time we get very little snow, but on occasion, we really get the snow. I chose not to go with a gas blower for 3 reasons. (1) Gas blowers are very expensive! (2) Gas blowers require lots of maintenance, they have an engine afterall! (3) We rarely get enough snow to warrant the power of a gas blower. However, when you look at my pictures, you can tell I could have used a gas blower for the drift alone, but thats what a shovel is for lol. Like I said, most of the time we don’t get this much snow, if we get any at all, so it made sense to save money, and go electric.INTRO-2: When choosing a snow blower, you have to think about the job at hand. How much snow do you get? Are you within 100-feet of an electrical outlet? Perhaps you want to skip corded electric and gas all together and go with a cordless electric? I watched video’s online of cordless blowers, and to be honest, I am not really impressed. For one thing, they cost as much as a single stage gas blower, and they perform worse then a corded electric. So for me the choice was simple. I chose the 21″ 15-AMP electric snow blower form Snow Joe.ASSEMBLY: Assembling this blower is very easy, all you have to do is attach the handles, wheels, chute control arm, and chute top, everything else comes already assembled. If your not sure, just follow the directions in the manual. Assembly can be completed within 30-minutes if you are slow at assembling things, or within 10-minutes if your quick.CORD: Because not everybody knows this, I feel the need to quickly mention that you must match the cord to the draw of the machine. This machine requires a minimum of a 12 gauge 3 conductor electrical cord. I highly recommend you purchase a US & WIRE Extreme cable sold on Amazon, as they remain flexible and easy to manage in freezing and sub freezing temperatures. Also make sure to get the proper length you need. Tiny driveways you can probably get away with a 50 footer. For average size driveways, you want a 100 footer. And don’t get anything over 100 feet unless you step up to a 10 gauge 3 conductor cord.MOTOR: This snow blower uses a 15-AMP motor, which averages around 1500-watts of draw. A standard garage circuit or household circuit, has a 20-AMP max breaker capacity. This motor will draw 1800-watts peak power during motor startup only. Because of this, please make sure there is nothing else running on the circuit, otherwise you might risk tripping your breaker. This motor has lots of power for what it was designed to do, and it sure didn’t disappoint me!BLOWER: The blower has a 12-inches tall opening by 21-inches wide. It is designed to take on no more then 1 foot at a time, however its pretty slow doing that even with fluffy snow. The blower seems to excel at tackling 6-inches to 8-inches at a respectful pace. Like I said, it will handle a foot of snow at a time, but it will be slow going. If the snow is over a foot tall, you will have to tilt the blower up to take off the top layer first, then come back again to take off the bottom layer.If your drifts are between 2-feet to 3-feet you can forget it, you will never tilt it high enough, and be able to push it through the drift. Your just going to have to grab a shovel if your in that situation and remove the top layer of the drift with a snow shovel first, then come back with the blower after that. I took a picture of the snow blower next to a drift that is too tall for the capacity of the machine. I just needed to shovel that top layer off there, then I could come back with the blower and finish it up.DRIVE: I want to remind everyone, that this blower is not self propelled. Your not going to find self propelled at this price point. This is a blower that you have to push. If you are a senior citizen, or someone with a disability, you might find pushing this thing difficult. However, if you are healthy, you can push this blower no problem, as long as you are not pushing it beyond its recommended limits.AUGER: This is a single stage snow blower, hence it has an auger, but no impeller. The auger spins at a blindingly fast rate, which grabs the snow via the rubber paddles, and throws it through the chute. The rubber paddles are replaceable, but I haven’t seen any wear after a single use! On the left side of the blower is a panel that you can remove, to give you access to the sealed belt and pulley’s, that link the motor to the auger. This was a good design to help keep snow away from the belt! The belt and pully’s are also replaceable if they should wear out on you.CONTROLS: The controls at the operator position are very simple. You have the safety start button, the start bar, the LED headlight, and the chute direction control. In order to start the blower, you have to press and hold the safety button, and then pull back the start bar against the handle, easy! The direction of the chute can be operated remotely via the directional control arm, but the vertical up/down movement has to be done manually at the chute itself. The LED headlight has a on/off switch on top of it, so you can choose weather to run it or not, and the light position is adjustable.WHEELS: The wheels on this blower are not the greatest in the world, however, they are not the worst either. While I would have preferred pneumatic wheels, you won’t find those in this price range. At least this blower didn’t come with those cheap noisy plastic wheels found on kids big wheels. The wheels move over the driveway pretty well, so I am not going to fault them too much. But the reason I would have preferred pneumatic wheels, is because they are superior at moving over terrain.HANDLE: The handle itself provides a nice foam grip for your hands. It would have been nice if it were heated but again, not found in this price range. If you just wear a thick pair of winter gloves you will be fine. The handle doesn’t seem to flex much at all, which really is a surprise considering the cost of the machine. I’ve actually been quite pleased with the handle, and I can even hang it up on the wall via the handle, so multi-purpose abilities are the way to go here.CLEANING: Cleaning up the blower is very simple, all you need is a small broom, and you just sweep the snow off of it, thats really the only maintenance you need to do on it! If it were a gas machine, you would have to worry about draining the carburetor of gas, and changing the oil for the next season.CONCLUSION: In conclusion, this is a very nice snow blower. It tackles everything I need it to do, except for the drifts. It has plenty of power for what it was designed to do, and it gets the job done. I’m actually happy that I didn’t go with a lesser 13-AMP 18″ model, as that would have been a pain to use in this situation. This 15-AMP 21″ model was surprisingly easy to use. And if your concerned with the noise factor, well, this electric machine can be run without hearing protection on, so it won’t annoy your neighbors early in the morning either. If your looking for an electric model, I recommend this one!Read more

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