0C11VU0MJ03146 Weiman leather wipes – 2 percent – easy situation uv safety help save you cracking or fading of leather-based couches, automobile seats, shoes, handbags

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  • simple & non toxic – circumstance & protect in one easy step to preserve any completed leather surface
  • use on – use frequently on add-ons inclusive of leather, handbags, shoes, boots, briefcases & handbags
  • guard – uvx – sunscreen protects all types of leather-based from solar harm, fading, drying & cracking
  • restore – accurately gets rid of dust, soil & residue to soften, fortify & moisturize unnoticed leather-based
  • advocated – finished leather surfaces which include vehicle indoors footwear boots briefcases handbags & coats

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product description

weiman leather wipes allows you to smooth, condition and shield smooth completed leather-based surfaces, presenting uv safety & durable leather-based healing in just one simple step. From footwear to add-ons to vehicle interiors, our formulation rejuvenates leather with natural oils even as thoroughly disposing of dust, soil and residue increase. Use weiman leather-based wipes on a everyday foundation to fast and effortlessly hold your preferred leather-based accessories, as well as selling flexibility, leaving your leather-based feeling and searching sharp.

six herbal oils moisturize, soften and repair leather even as the uvx-15 sunscreen protects it from the dangerous results of the sun. Weiman leather wipes are premoistened wipes that can be implemented immediately onto smooth completed leather-based surfaces consisting of coats, furnishings, automobile/car interiors, motorbike seats, briefcases, shoes and purses. Weiman products is the suitable home, chef, seasoned, scratch resistant, cleansing, household, expert, and at paintings solution for all your stainless steel cleansing and buffing needs. The first-class strong point cleansing products you will buy online or in a shop. When cleaning is your remedy, weiman is your method, simply wipe away and no longer a fingerprint in web page!

weiman wants each of the surfaces in your own home to appearance its excellent. That’s why we have advanced cleaning merchandise that go past clearly cleansing to enhance and guard every of your delicate, tough to take care of surfaces. From stainless-steel to leather-based to granite, every of our merchandise is formulated in particular for one surface and one floor most effective; permitting you to reap the perfect outcomes that your private home merits. A smooth domestic is superb, but we need it to appearance extra than smooth, we need it to look fantastic! Weiman leaves a polishing shine and acts as a protector in which other cleaners do now not compare.

8 reviews for 0C11VU0MJ03146 Weiman leather wipes – 2 percent – easy situation uv safety help save you cracking or fading of leather-based couches, automobile seats, shoes, handbags

  1. Madea

    I have all leather furniture in my home and this is the only leather cleaner I will use and trust. I’ve used this product for many many years and it’s never let me down. I use it in my truck too. It works so well in the house, I took it to the garage to use in my truck. No more need for Turtle Wax products on my leather seats.Read more

  2. L. L.

    I use this on my Chesterfield leather club chairs and they look as new as when I purchased them decades ago! (in UK)..I also use it on my leather purses and shoes, and fine soft leather boots, it moistens the leather and shines to a nice glow, without drying out the leather or “wrinkling”. When it dries your leather procuts will look new again, not changed. It leaves a clean scent that doesn’t over power. Nothing else I’ve purchased, at any price, works as well to preserve leather and keep it looking new. This arrived fast and lasts a long time. A great value and your leather products will last longer!!Read more

  3. flowerbud104

    These Weiman Leather Wipes work really well in getting my leather love seat and couch clean. It did seem like I had to do a lot of rubbing to get the surfaces clean — it doesn’t instantly take off the dirt and grime — it could just be because I haven’t cleaned mine for a while, but you can definitely see the dirt & grime on the wipe after cleaning the surface. A lot better and easier to use than most other products I have tried.Read more

  4. Luana’s Happy Home

    I ordered these for our car to keep handy for cleaning as well as our leather sofa. The scent is light but it doesn’t really clean spots as well, even with elbow grease. When you are using them they seem to dry out quickly. I went back to my bottle of Rustic Touch from Melaleuca Which cleaned up stains with minimal effort and left a non-oily shine. Sorry. Wanted to like these.Read more

  5. Kristi W.

    I have used these for years and they are great. They take of any smudges on the furniture and keep it looking clean and shiny. The best thing about the product is it soaks in quick and you don’t have to stay off the furniture forever after you apply. My batch was not dry as some of the other reviewers mentioned, but I recommend keeping them in a plastic bag after opening to keep them moist for future use.Read more

  6. donna t

    These wipes are quick and easy to use. A lot easier than a saddle soap or other type products. I was able to use one wipe for my leather recliner. A couple for the couch and loveseat. So they go a long way and affordable. Made my furniture look new.Read more

  7. Ramil N.

    I have white leather sofa and have problem with Jean stain. This solve that problem. It removes Jean stain without a problem and keeps my sofa like new. However, the quality of the material could have been better. I had to use two sheets to prevent it from breaking apart. Wish the quality is the same as what’s use for baby wipes. Other than that – this really cleans.Read more

  8. LelaKay

    Smells great! I had a different leather cleaner for my sofa prior to purchasing these and the smell was just awful. These are a huge improvement and I’m happy to see they leave a nice clean sheen on my leather sofa. After spending a good amount of money on this piece of furniture I definitely want to maintain its original beauty. I could no longer find these wipes in the stores so was very happy to find a seller here.Read more

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