0C11R9ZU3DZ620 Quik solve ice snow traction shoe boot cleats – no slip gripper spikes

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  • get a grip in ice and snow and get hold of closing traction so you sense safe irrespective of where you stroll this wintry weather. Our twin-paired heel spikes give you grip in the doorstep and our 6-factor ball-of-foot spikes ensure your traction. We’ve nearly twice the spikes of other fashions on the market whilst nevertheless be just as light. 10 stainless steel riveted spikes tear via ice and snow at 1/four” inch thick and could by no means rust…
  • lessen the chance of falls and damage by using wearing those grips whether you’re shovelling the driveway, ice fishing, walking to get the mail, sporting an armful of groceries, catching a coffee in your damage or maybe riding the zamboni around and ice rink. Keep these grips on on your car as your power and get a better grip for your gasoline pedal whilst ice builds up…
  • clean to take on and rancid. Simple stick the toe of your shoe within the front loop and take hold of the strap at the returned and stretch it over your shoe’s heel. This excessive-stretch rubber known as thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) is simple to stretch, yet returns to its authentic length and stays long lasting…
  • so light weight you won’t even recognize you are sporting them – those grippers are 1/eight” inch thick and weigh less than your wristwatch, yet they have enough grip to aid a 300 lb. Guy from slipping on an ice rink…
  • sizes, fits & hues for any form of footwear that looks awesome. (see sizing chart in images or description below to your length.) whether or not you’re sliding these over your dress shoes in your manner to the office or stretching them over your winter boots for even greater traction, those grips are discrete and match any shade of footwear in view that all you see is the black rubber. (see sizing chart in pictures or description below.)

product description

take the concern and pain out of iciness by way of getting a grip on it wherever you stroll!

our light-weight snow and ice grips give you the closing traction you deserve when strolling on concrete sidewalks, shovelling the driveway, playing along with your kids or grandkids, or even just going for espresso. If the floor is slippery, these grips will maintain you strong.

these grips in shape wonderful on iciness boots, dress footwear, strolling footwear, paintings boots and rubber boots and more!

**keep in mind a barely large shoe size if wearing huge, bulky boots

do not yak around and slip with inexpensive brands. We’re a north american service provider and your grips will appearance precisely like our images and they’ll have 10 spikes. Don’t be fooled by means of knockoffs!

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8 reviews for 0C11R9ZU3DZ620 Quik solve ice snow traction shoe boot cleats – no slip gripper spikes

  1. Trimi82

    Alaskan here. I bought a pair for my husband and me because the weather has been crap (no snow, only ice on the ground) and we needed something just to walk our dog without walking >1 mph like a penguin because of how slippery the ground is. Previously used YakTraks, but after a year of using them, the elastic wore out one one side, so decided to branch out. These has some good reviews, so I decided to give them a go. Delivered on 2/9, and already both pairs are almost useless (2/24). The studs are falling out and the straps do not stay in place, causing there to be no traction on one side of your foot. I thought these were nice when I first got them and walked a little in front of the house, but when we actually walked a few blocks, they did not last.In short, these would probably be best for someone walking to and from their car… and that’s about it, which is probably not worth taking the time to take them on, off and store them somewhere where they won’t scratch/poke you when carrying.Read more

  2. Woody, Avon

    Great fit (size 12.5 Brooks Addiction Walker) and performance! I found it easier to place the cleats onto the shoes first, then slip into the shoe, lace up the shoes and off you go! I walk 5 miles on a local park trail that has sections that remain iced and snowy, if not fully snow covered. Quick Solve Cleats provided safe, confident traction regardless of the surfaces I walk (if clear asphalt, I still have confident footing). Carbide tips are not meant for indoor floors because of the damage potential to the floor. However, the cleats still provide confident footing on concrete surfaces. These cleats are easily carried in my coat pocket, providing a quick, safe solution to changing conditions as I walk in the winter. They are easily installed, raising one shoe at a time, hooking the cleats over the toe of the shoe and using the heel tab to stretch over the heel of each shoe. The carbide tips and rubber construction seem sturdy and should last several winter seasons. If in doubt, think of the emergency room costs for a fall injury compared to the Quik Solve Cleats. I’ll keep buying these cleats with confidence and see you on the trail!Read more

  3. ddhartma

    This is my third winter with these and I am extremely pleased with them! Several years ago I slipped on ice and got a concussion. Since then I have been very cautious (read that as anxious) walking outside in the winter. I wore these for the past 2 winters and have felt very secure while walking even on glare ice. They are easy to put on and fairly quick to remove. I have used them on a couple different types/styles of shoes and they have worked well.Read more

  4. Mick

    These cleats do not fit a size 10 mans shoes or boots as described. I ordered XL size per chart. Completely unusable.Read more

  5. hildetf

    You get what you pay for on this one. The cleats are made of steel and wore down within a month of almost daily use. I should know better than to purchase them as I have had the good ones before (Due North), but hoped these would just get me through the season which they didn’t. The cleats are also in the middle of the toe box, which means your foot rolls from side to side as you walk, and you lose traction easily. I would really recommend spending the extra 12-15 bucks to get a due north pair…Read more

  6. Ron M

    These cleats are probably fine for light use. I don’t know. I wear a 10 shoe, so I got the large size, which is supposed to fit size 9-12. Wrong. In a shoe that’s suitable for weather that would require cleats, they won’t even stretch enough to mount on the shoe. And the cleats that should be under the heel are under the arch instead, which is useless. Just out of curiousity I tried them on a dress shoe, and that’s better. They’re definitely easier to attach to the shoe than Ya….er, that brand that uses spiral wires, so a commuter might keep them in a brief case for emergency wintertime use. I will try the XL size; maybe they will work for me.Read more

  7. RW Emerson

    We’ve been using these steadily through the winter to walk on our dirt road when it turns into an ice road. They’ve held up very well and have been very effective. The only circumstance in which they have not performed perfectly is quite deep snow over glare ice, where their short spike-length is a disadvantage. I use MicroSpikes for that, but they are alot less comfortable and more expensive. I anticipate rebuying these going forward, if they ever break or wear out!Read more

  8. MHam10021

    Made it about 1.2 miles – was about to comment on how I somehow got away with a steal on amazon with these and I looked down to see one of them was gone. Great.Read more

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