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    a multifaceted basketball shoe made for the final flexible player on-court. Synthetic and leather for durability complete-duration phylon with a nike air bag for effect safety and responsiveness. Dynamic flex grooves and multi-route herringbone for brief cuts.


    7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15


    Black/Anthracite, Cool Grey/White/Anthracite

    8 reviews for 0C11R70DAWR276 Guys’s air visi pro vi

    1. James

      One of the shoes tore at the front only after 4 weeks of use. My 13 yr old daughter used them only on indoor basketball courts during her summer break basketball camp.Read more

    2. Mikkel Isen

      It’s true to size, but that’s the only positive I can offer in this dumpsterfire of a shoe.There is no cushioning at all. Like, none. You put these on and it’s like standing on a slab of concrete, it’s so hard. There is also zilch for arch support, so you might as well be barefoot as well as on concrete. I have bought $15 Walmart shoes that were more comfortable and more supportive than these, and with a $45 price difference that’s just sad. These shoes are also impossible to keep clean because of the velveteen style material at least the black ones are made from. Sneeze and they’re dusty.This is the second time I’ve bought Nike shoes and the second time I’ve been burned by Nike shoes. If you’re smart, you’ll look elsewhere, too.Read more

    3. Yo Mama

      So i have gone through 5 pairs of shoes in the last 6 months so I figured I would spend a little more and get a shoe that will hopefully last longer. I have worn NIKEs before and the sizing always fits perfect and the same with this shoe. love the color and look of them. the down side to these ones though is the comfort. there is no padding inside them. so they are rather hard on the bottoms of your feet, but it is better than walking barefoot. and that doesn’t bother me as much as the plastic on the heal of them. I have had to wear mole skin on the back of my heal since i have bought them. over time it does get better but plastic is hard to break in. revising – so after a week of wearing these, the don’t break in, they just cut up my heals too much. I love NIKE shoes, but these were just too painful to handle, I am returning them. shame too, because they are nice looking shoes, but one design flaw ruined themRead more

    4. Amaretto King

      Lo compré para mi hijo de 14 año y su size es 10.5, así que le quedó perfecto. Son realmente negros entero. Una de las fotos que tomé se ven un poco sucio porque mi hijo se lo puso inmediatamente se lo entregue..Read more

    5. Caco

      I love these sneakers. They have a decent comfort level and look great. I would rate 5 stars but unfortunately I will only rate 3 stars because of one reason. On the heel the plastic window on the side weren’t sealed correctly or were defected. So when taking a step you can hear air hiss. And if it’s wet outside, water or moisture gets caught inside and every step I take I hear bubbling water. I tried gluing them with clear glue but it didn’t hold up and discolored to a yellowish color. I still wear them when it’s dry outside. If you get a pair that aren’t defected they are great sneakers.Read more

    6. Kimya Anderson

      I bought a pair of these 4 years agon in NY. This is a great, low cost pair of shoes to play basketball in. They are light weight, confortable and pretty good ankle support. The plain design is very appealing in this world of ugly, over colored shoes! I will buy these again in another 4 years if they are still availableRead more

    7. Brian Peterson

      I only wear these shoes for basketball, and I’ve played in them 4 times now.FIT: The shoes fit well from the start, and more importantly I didn’t experience any pinch points anywhere in the shoes after playing for 2-hours at a time.SUPPORT: I play on a tiled concrete court, which is a very hard surface – and I found these shoes to have good support.TRACTION: The tile court is pretty slippery by most standards, and I found these shoes did a very nice job of holding traction and allowing for quick cuts, turns, and stopping. As with any shoe, I try to wipe the bottoms clean when I can, but even so I would rank the traction above average.I personally have had good success with Nike basketball shoes lasting a long time, and I hope that trend continuesRead more

    8. Peter F. Kane

      This high-top profile shoe give me comfort on one day that I needed the most. When I first received these shoes, I liked them and they do not wear down that easily compared to my other shoes I wear. These shoes are good, and are lasting longer than others.Read more

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