0C11Q11D44D377 Lucky bums children novice ski and pole set with bindings, more than one shades

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  • ensure this suits
  • with the aid of coming into your version number.
  • ideal for novices – introductory set of skis and poles for little rookies age four and beneath.
  • rugged design – consists of flexible bindings that permit heel carry and accommodate most snow boots or footwear.
  • progressed traction – consist of scales on the lowest of the ski to allow traction inside the snow.
  • secure for young skiers – plastic skis with no steel edges and spherical tips make those the proper first pair of skis for children.
  • pride assured – when you acquire a lucky bums product, in case you are not a hundred% satisfied with your buy, let us recognise. We’re here for our clients and will respond directly and professionally in order to restore any troubles you can have.
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8 reviews for 0C11Q11D44D377 Lucky bums children novice ski and pole set with bindings, more than one shades

  1. TAS

    I think this is a great idea, so I figured it was worth a try, but I would recommend splurging for real skis. The plastic bindings do not hold the boot as tightly as real bindings plus the bindings wiggle a bit on the skis, which adds up to the skis not being very responsive when you try to turn. On top of that, they’re plastic, so your kid can’t really turn anyway.Additionally, while the easily adjustable bindings seem like a great design, they are actually harder to put on than real bindings because you have to take off your gloves to tighten and clasp the little ties, rather than snap right in on real skis. Lastly, it’s nice that they threw in the pair of poles, but I’ve never seen a kid young enough to use these skis that used poles. If you want to put your little one on skis for a minute for the experience, this would do the trick, but if you actually want them to learn to ski or plan to go more than a couple times these aren’t for you.Read more

  2. Jenny Harris

    Perfect skis for starting kids in the sport. These are being used for an 18 month old. The front of skis have space to add a strap to keep tips together. Comes with poles, although we have not needed to use them yet. Cost of this product cannot be best.Read more


    These are neat little skis. If you are big into skiing and geek out on it you may be disappointed but I grew up skiing every year and these are awesome little skis for toddlers to tootle around on, even with no snow. Good learning tool for the basicsRead more

  4. John D

    These skis were great for both of my boys for ski seasons from ages 1 to 2. I used them at Boyne Highlands and Keystone (Colorado). Would always hold the boys between my legs and just let them get the feel of going downhill with the skis on their feet. NEVER used poles. I did tie the tips so that they could not go more than 3 – 4 inches apart. Make sure you have some nice snow boots to strap into these skis.No trouble from liftees at Boyne, even went up the lift. Was eventually thrown off the bunny hill at Keystone for the skis NOT having metal edges. We were the only ones on the base magic carpet and the liftee did feel bad about it… even let us take a two more runs after informing me.My boys are now 3 and 4 and have moved on to real skis… check out the kids ski programs at Boyne Country Sports and/or Bahnof Sport once you are ready for real equipment.Read more

  5. Lee C.

    Soo cute!! My son, who is 20 month old can ski on a flat surface with these. You probably need to have very fitted snow boots to go down a small slope. Leon had the slip in snow boots, and his foot came out a few times.** must wear properly fitted and tight snow shoes.Read more

  6. otis

    My granddaughter (4 yrs old) is using these and did great from the first day out. These easily fit most snow boots. Her boots are a little on the wide side, so it was a squeeze, but it works. Her sister has a different brand of snow boots that is not quite as wide and those fit even easier.Read more

  7. James C. Arter

    Good for getting the toddler used to ski’s while wearing his normal snow boots. They are light weight plastic, so don’t expect anything much. WE use them in the back yard and anywhere we could find a hill. Anything helps to get them started young.Read more

  8. The Ungers

    Skis have great intention and new modes are sleek however we ran across the same issue with the first pit we ordered- 1) your kid needs to wear a bigger boot to stay in. 2) the cinches don’t stay tight. Our baby fell out of them and I didn’t get to returning them after our one use of one runRead more

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