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  • the tsl symbioz elite is the most technologically superior snowshoe in the marketplace; designed for human beings a hundred and fifty-300 lbs
  • the tsl symbioz elite capabilities hyper flex generation allowing the body to comply to any terrain and offer unlimited grip
  • the precise memory toe adjustment binding system permits the person to personalize the duration in a count of seconds
  • the tsl symbioz elite capabilities a ratcheting instep strap to insure a cozy and comfy suit
  • because the symbioz flexes the carbon fiber inserts shop the strength and go back it at the cease of the stride decreasing muscle fatigue
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whether trekking the paths or walking the canine, the tsl symbioz elite is the proper lightweight snowshoe for outside adventure. The 4 point binding adjustment machine includes a ratcheting telescopic duration adjustment and a buckle ankle strap for a particular match and advanced comfort. The long lasting composite cloth will assure a few years of fun snowshoeing.


Small/20.5-Inch, Large/27-Inch



8 reviews for 0C11P7G5D7J360 Tsl snowshoes symbioz elite snowshoe

  1. dalidog

    I bought the TSL snowshoes for use on the Adirondack trails when flotation is less important and aggressive crampons are warranted-meaning well packed trails where one may encounter some ice. Snowshoes are required by State Law on the High Peaks trails when the snowfall exceeds 8 inches even when the trails are well packed. I bought the shortest shoes; saving my longer, competing brand, snowshoes for when I needed float such as breaking fresh snow covered trails. The crampons on the shoes come close to a hybrid of microspikes and full on crampons with some float. My main problem for one peak was, under some springlike conditions, the crampons on the shoes trapped snow such that I had a real problem with snow balling under the shoes on ascent. I had to do a kind of shuffling walk to keep kicking the snow free. For whatever reason, did not have the same balling on descent.There seems to be factory assembly problems. The first pair came without front crampon points and the second pair, the straps were incorrectly installed. I didn’t realize the problem with the straps till after tripping and falling on the mountain slopes that the both straps were coming loose. It took some problem solving on the mountain to realize that the heel straps on the one side had been fed under the locking buckle incorrectly. I had only made adjustments with the strap and had not fed it through the buckle when I first sized them to my boots so it must have been an assembly problem.To summarize; adequate under limited conditions, gripping force was phenomenal with the crampons when needed on steep slopes, easy to put on, but check and recheck all points of attachment carefully. These will not be my go to snowshoes but fill a limited need and I am generally satisfied with the purchase.Read more

  2. DalaiLobby

    Mostly I want to comment about the seller. The snowshoes arrived a week sooner than the projected arrival date and that made me very happy so I could use them during the winter holiday break. The seller also answered a questions within minutes, not hours or days!The snowshoes have many gripping spikes and were comfortable. I have only been out on one trip with them but they worked well in different types of terrain. I recommend these shoes, and this seller.Read more

  3. Tomopie

    My boyfriend has been using this flex snowshoes for a couple of years now. Since my MSR snowshoes were broken at Mt Hood in this winter, i decided to buy this model. I only used 3-4 times in the late winter seasons, but so far, i loved this snowshoes! Flex is good. The attached pic was at Crater Lake N.P. in Mar 2017.Read more

  4. SDC

    These have got to be one of the best snowshoes out there! Binding system works great… I’d buy them againRead more

  5. Roz

    I don’t love snowshoes, but I like these the most of the ones I’ve tried. They aren’t really wide so you don’t have to change your gait to much. The binding is easy to use even with gloves on. Customer service us excellent, I had a strap break I messaged them and they sent me a new binding right away.Read more

  6. David Lebowitz

    absolutely the best…flexible,light…great binding…red wow-factorRead more

  7. grobworthy

    The sweetest snowshoes around. They even have this heel setting that you can use to make going uphill easier. Got the medium for me and a small for my wife. Read the instructions to see how to adjust it to your foot. Then you’ll just love these snowshoes! Happy trails!Read more

  8. Cezary Mazur

    worst snowshoes I ever had. First hiking, deep snow, cold and 6 miles to return parking. Rear plastic binding broke. They made a crucial part to hold your heel by a plastic strap. Snoweshoe was usless.Read more

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