0C11P7G5C11196 Tsl snowshoes symbioz racing snowshoe, 8 x 21. Five, white

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  • ensure this suits
  • with the aid of entering your model variety.
  • the tsl symbioz racing snowshoe is the primary hyper flexible racing snowshoe to hit the market
  • weighing in at simply over 1. 3 lbs consistent with pair it is one of the lightest racing snowshoes in the marketplace
  • an adjustable binding insure a comfy and at ease healthy for all sizes
  • portable rear crampons may be situated below the heel to insure perfect grip

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7 reviews for 0C11P7G5C11196 Tsl snowshoes symbioz racing snowshoe, 8 x 21. Five, white

  1. Sara S

    I love to run & I figured what a fun adventure to be able to RUN in deep snow instead of go the slow snowshoe route. LOVE these! The reviewers who mention them slipping off when not using the extra ankle strap are right. I tried one with the extra ankle strap attached (provided, but you have to attach them… takes some force, but very doable… probably took me 10 minutes per strap… do ahead of time!) and one without. They stayed on perfectly when using the extra ankle strap, fell right off when not. I bought a second pair so if I have anyone joining me, I’ll have an extra pair to share. For those of you who love trail running… you’ll love these! From now on I’ll wear my Solomon trail running shoes… but used my Speary mini boots this time to see if the boots fit. I have long thin feet & this size (36-47) fit well. You can adjust the size where it secures your shoe. Enjoy!Read more

  2. B&E

    I haven’t run in them yet due to a lack of snow. My first impression is that these are some really well made and futuristic racers. Amazingly light yet strong, the bindings seem very tough unlike some other reviews I came across. The tote bag is constructed from durable feeling fabric and matches the snowshoes color scheme. I hope to use for years to come.Read more

  3. Tama J Vincent

    These are a total waste of money. My boots keep slipping out of the straps no matter how tightly I fasten them.Read more

  4. L. Nichols

    I received these yesterday, seems like it’s in new condition but it’s missing a spike. Lightest snowshoes I’ve ever seen though.Read more

  5. Irma

    Awesome!Read more

  6. Ian Robertson

    The first version of this can have a popping off problem if your shoe doesn’t have any kind of step on the heel that would catch the strap. The new version has a second strap which connects over the top of the foot and holds things much better.By far the easiest snowshoe to run fast in of any – almost indistinguishable from running in just running shoes both uphill and down. The only failure is on really steep slopes where you can’t flex your foot enough to get both sets of studs into the ground. I added a second set of toe spikes (ala cyclocross toe-spikes) with some stainless bolts and t-nuts and that helps lots.The only other thing is that if you do something that these aren’t really meant to do – jump into deep powder like a hooligan – then they can kind-of do like a broad-head arrow tends to on impact, that is make a smaller hole on the way in than it does on the way out. Your friends then may have to help dig you out (especially if you are in fact wearing appropriate footwear and they have no desire to release from your foot!). But again, that’s only if you’re having a bit too much dumb fun in your lightweight racing ‘shoes.Read more

  7. Tim

    PROS Snowshoes are light.CONS Snowshoes are light, so when they fall off you don’t notice. Single strap does not hold heel. Any snow on snowshoe will pull strap off heel. Snow builds up between strap and heel causing it to slip off Tried 3 different shoes, they just do not stay on.Read more

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