0C11NO5ZDLL201 Worx wg509 trivac 12 amp 3-in-1 electric blower/mulcher/vacuum with multi-stage all steel mulching gadget

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  • [leaf blower, mulcher & vacuum] backyard work doesn’t stand a risk with this three-in-1. And it’s amusing to use. Leaves and debris for your garden gained’t be there for long
  • [quickly switch modes] changes from leaf blower to hoover mode and lower back again with just the flip of a transfer. No equipment needed, just you and your worx trivac
  • [metal mulcher] the metal impeller cuts in two tiers, slicing leaves right down to an 18:1 mulch ratio – that’s 18 luggage of leaves mulched into 1
  • [2 speeds for different jobs] 80 mph to 210 mph and 350 cfm. Go sluggish for pavement or tight corners. Dial it up to 210 on the open garden
  • [do it yourself. Do it better. Do it with worx.] worx equipment are engineered with contemporary technology, and above current efficiency standards, so that you can construct a value-effective tool collection that’s been designed to final
  • [one-handed operation] consider it or now not, the worx trivac is designed to be controlled with just one hand. It’s only eight. 6 lbs. In blower mode, and the ergonomic design funnels the wind in a way that’s easy to deal with
  • [get hard to reach places] the smart tube design curls up on the lip to get underneath garden furniture and landscaping factors. Best for whilst you’re in vacuum mode
  • [extension cord retainer] the 12” electrical wire comes with a retainer attached, so while the use of an extension wire, it received’t disconnect, even if it gets snagged
  • [includes] 350 cfm 12ah trivac blower/vac, 1. 2 bushel series bag
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blow or mulch or vacuum

this powerful 3-in-1 is the remaining strategy to leaf and particles series. Instead of just being able to blow leaves all over the backyard, you could suck them up and mulch them with the equal tool.

switches modes fast

you don’t need any gear to interchange features, both. It’s just the flick of a transfer to turn it from a leaf blower right into a vacuum or mulcher.

steel impeller

the two-level, all-steel device includes a durable impeller connected to a shredder blade, which chops 18 bags of leaves or particles down into just 1.

single-handed operation

compact and light-weight, so although it’s powerful, almost everybody can still use it with just one hand. And that slender layout makes it clean to save.

modern tube layout

easily attain beneath the deck and patio fixtures, or sweep under the vehicles inside the garage without having to back them out.

easy to use

with all that electricity and capability, you’d assume only a lumberjack could deal with the trivac. That couldn’t be in addition from the truth. It’s handiest nine. Three lbs! And it’s engineered to funnel all that wind strength from the lower back to the front, so that you best need one hand to function it.

fewer baggage at the scale back

with an 18:1 mulch ratio, meaning you could mulch 18 baggage of leaves or debris down into simply one. That’s because the all-metallic mulching machine chops leaves down into 1/18th in their unique length. C’mon, that slightly even seems like backyard paintings.

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Blower, Blower + Waste Bag


w/ Debris Collection Bag, w/ Leaf Collection System

3 reviews for 0C11NO5ZDLL201 Worx wg509 trivac 12 amp 3-in-1 electric blower/mulcher/vacuum with multi-stage all steel mulching gadget

  1. Patrick Payne

    Received this machine a couple of days ago, we had some rain so I let the leaves dry up for a couple of days then I went to work with it. I’m a Home Improvement Contractor so tools is what I know. The following is my list of Pros & Cons to help you understand my experience working with this toolPros :1. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye2. Lever changes it from blower to vac w/ no downtime changing pieces3. One button take apart to access impeller should the need arise making for ease of cleaning impeller and for storage4. Powerful enough to displace most leaves5. 6 position switch for choosing blower/vac speed6. Reasonably well balanced using strong hand7. Vacuum head is angled to ground when held to maximize efficiencyCons :1. While impeller is cast iron the surrounding housing is plastic enabling twigs with a diameter of slightly less than your pinky to lodge between impeller and housing causing impeller to freeze while motor groans to an agonizing halt prompting you to shut it down PDQ or risk probable burnt motor.2. Using unit with universal leaf collection system leaves you without a shoulder strap to help alleviate the working weight of the unit. If you do enough leaves you’ll know what I mean.3. Made in China ( sorry just not a big fan of tools made in China. Material and craftsmanship go along way. If you’re a tool geek, you understand )4. On/Off switch feels too hard to engage especially with gloves and especially when impeller binds and you need to shut it quick5. Leaves need to be bone dry if you’re gonna mulch effectively. Moist leaves are difficult to pick up, leave a dirt caked residue all along the pick up tube, impeller and housing making you stop to clear it often enough to be problematic.6. One handed operation for extended period is fatiguing. A second handle forward of the body of the tool is necessary for two handed operation.Well folks that’s all I have for ya… Overall this machine helps with yard work but could be improved to make the purchase smart instead of necessary.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    We bought the Trivac along with the Leaf Pro and it is a workhorse. We live in a heavily wooded neighborhood with lots of Hickory and Oak trees. I was concerned about the Hickory nuts and Acorns, but the trivac powered through most of them. I gave it a workout on piled leaves, some wet and some dry, some small limbs still attached. It ate practically everything I threw at it.It jammed twice (out of 6 hours of use over 2 days) on two thumb sized stick pieces. Both times required unplugging (for safety) and using pliers to pry them out. It got clogged twice. Once on wet leaves and once when the leaf pro got full over the can (both times my fault). It has to have air space to continue suction. We found that leaving the can horizontal (ours is square) worked better that having the hose go into the top. When full, we tipped the can up and removed the leaf pro to roll the mulch to the back yard.It sucked up more than a few rocks and sand from our driveway, but turning it off and letting them fall out was easy. It did not seem to interfere with the productivity.Our reason for 4 stars instead of 5. I’m short at 5’3″ and I still had to stoop a bit to get the vacuum opening nearer to the ground. My husband who is 6’2 really had to stoop and that is killer on the back. It would be better with a longer tube for taller people. I have attached photos of day 2 of the 6 hour test. It took 3 hours to get this pile up (a lot of it was wet and lots of Hickory nuts). Picture of the size of these nuts. Impressive that it could mulch them. FYI – we have the metal blade unit.Read more

  3. jon356a

    First I’ll mention I really wanted this to work. Pro’s: Mulching capabilities were excellent. Cons: Blower / Vac is awkward to handle and not balanced well, hand and arm fatigue is probable for most average users. The bag shoulder strap is definitely too short which make it an ongoing struggle to keep the bag from constricting at the inlet neck. The vacuum starts out with decent power then rapidly looses suction after just a minute or two and with only 1/5 of the collection bag full. I suspect this is because the bag is filtering the exhausted air which contains dirt and debris and it clogs quickly creating back pressure which reduces the suction to near zero. Emptying and shaking out the bag restores the suction but it may need to be done every 1 to 2 minutes….who has time for that? The blower nozzle is under the suction chute and not visible from the top when in use, trying to get the blower nozzle angle just right while in use is like…..shooting in the dark.I think WORX has something with this tool, but it needs a redesign as it’s not quite ready for Primetime just yet IMHO. I think if you have a small to moderate, flat area that needs blowing and the leaves are of typical size and dry and you are desperate for an electric blower / vac combo and hate raking, sweeping etc this tool could work but it might leave you desiring more.Read more

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