0C11MGKPFBX555 Msr revo snowshoe floatation tail

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product description

our new revo modular flotation tails bring the advantage of our proprietary, adaptable flotation to our rugged extract decks. Small and mild sufficient to bring forth any trip, you can take gain of the agility of a smaller, number one snowshoe in packed situations, while adding five-inch (13cm) of flotation on-call for for deeper snow, or when wearing heavier packs.

8 reviews for 0C11MGKPFBX555 Msr revo snowshoe floatation tail

  1. Anatol Bobichev

    Filmsy and low quality item, not in pair to main robust snowshoe. – Two rivets at the front connection points where damaged (smashed during production because of wrong force direction). Obvious and definite factory defect on new item, but it is OK from Amazon Warehouse team point of view. With all due respect, Amazon Warehouse “professionaly checked”, Amazon Prime, etc… items seems to be like yard sale with blindfolded eyes in some third-world country. 🙁 Material of the flat part of the tail is thinner and bending easily, not sure it will survive long on rough terrain and firn or iceRead more

  2. Kyle Gwyn

    I noticed there is a difference in the current application of these tails. With the updated version, the pins of the tails insert into holes in the snowshoe side tracks. After reviewing some older product videos, original versions did not work this way. If your snowshoes do not have the holes predrilled, you could probably remedy this by drilling your own holes, but you’d also want to do some preventative measures to prevent rust. Just wanted to address the concern with these falling off, as the updated versions appear to have corrected this. (To be safe, however, I still run a length of Velcro around the tail and shoe, just to be double sure..)Read more

  3. ferrarifan33

    Difficult to take off whilst still wearing the snowshoes. Additional flotation is noticeable but the drag from the frame is noticeable too.If you’re post-holing, they’re worth it, if your only kinda sinking, they’re more of a nuisance than an aidRead more

  4. Jacob Cray

    Snap on easy, and come off easy.I tried these a couple times when we had deep snow. I am not so sure that they helped me at all. Actually I took them off after an hour. Was easier to walk with out. I think that your snow shoes foot placement is designed for the length of the shoe. So when you add this extension they are to long it the back.Read more

  5. Caleb.Medic

    Easy on, easy off. Easy to pack in case you need them. Great latch mechanism onto the snowshoe. Just make sure you put the ballOf your foot no further forward than the pivot on the binding because you will feel more floatation in the back with these onRead more

  6. cramblda

    Love these tails. Super light, attach easily, and stay put. Great way to add some extra float to your shoes when you’re carrying a heavier pack.Read more

  7. Charlie Pennifield

    A great addition to the Revo snowshoes – like having two different length snowshoes but without the cost.Read more

  8. Brenda

    Product as describedRead more

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