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1 / 4 of a century ago within the italian alps, icetrekker’s founders, producers of excessive stop tire chains, came across a smart product utilized by walkers to navigate steep icy hills all through the wintry weather. It took place to them that this concept will be improved upon, so they placed their collective know-how together and started growing a line of private traction devices based at the same principles used for vehicle traction: chains, studs and cables. What became clear in this process turned into the want to address exclusive types of users, situations and affordability. Taking this stuff into attention, icetrekker advanced the icetrekkers chains, spikes and diamond grip strains. The goal – to provide the satisfactory feasible products, on the fine viable costs for the urban walker, firefighter, policeman or backcountry hiker.

icetrekkers chains

consider icetrekkers chains as tire chains for your toes, best for all snow conditions, consisting of packed and crusty surfaces. The durable rectangular hyperlinks are in my opinion tig welded and crafted from case hardened metallic. The unique ladder sample below the ball of the foot, mixed with the triangular pattern at the heel offers strong footing and is comfy for extended put on. The hearty rubber sling is flexible in subzero temperatures and stays securely on the shoes even in deep snow. Icetrekkers chains are a splendid value, imparting long lasting traction at an low priced price.

  • constructed with case hardened, personally tig welded steel hyperlinks
  • relaxed for prolonged use
  • long lasting herbal rubber sling stays elastic in sub-0 temperatures
  • easy on & off
  • ladder sample design offers traction and stability from heel to toe
  • rectangular fashioned hyperlinks provide competitive edge that bites into ice
  • product description

    ice chains, men’s, size 9-half to 12-half of, cloth rubber and metallic, 7 in. X 4-half of in. X 2-1/four in., black, 1 pair


    Large/Men's 9.5-12.5/Women's 10.5, Medium/Men's 6.5-9/Women's 7.5-10, Small/Men's 5-6/Women's 5-7

    5 reviews for 0C11MEZJJAN693 Shoe chains (1 pair)

    1. Emily Dimov Gottshall

      I’ve been wearing these every morning in winter conditions for my delivery job, which takes about 8,000 steps per day. I’ve been walking in mixed snow, packed snow, ice, slush and pavement, and I’ve had these for about 40 days now. They have about the same traction qualities as Yak Trax, but are of more heavy duty construction. They are showing no sign of rust, wearing out or other failure. They have stayed securely on my work boots. They are a little more effort to put on, and I’ll just be keeping them on these boots until the end of winter. Note that, as with Yak Trax, these are not ice cleats and on pure smooth ice you can still stip. But it’s still a good trade-off because you don’t have the disadvantages of ice cleats. I wear these indoors while getting ready for work, and they do not damage floors or carpet. These are certainly worth the slightly higher price.Read more

    2. Fred

      I wear the XL ones over a set of size 14 Columbia bugaboot winter boots. I work construction in Boston, so I’m always walking on ice, mud, then concrete, then crushed stone, then climbing in a bulldozer, etc. I always used the Yaktrac’s before, which work well, but you can’t walk on crushed stone in them or the rubber on the bottom will instantly be cut and break. Not a problem with these ones. The traction is better than the Yaktrac’s, and they are a million times more durable.Pros: They are awesome. The rubber tread on my boot still touches the ground a little, so no slipping and sliding on hard surfaces. And the ice grip is fantastic. And I don’t detect any discomfort with them on the boot. The chains are spread out right so you don’t walk funny at all.Cons: Wicked hard to put on. I take my boots off to install them, then leave them on all day. I’m using them on a bigger boot than recommended, but I tried them on another smaller pair and its the same thing. If you want to take them on and off a lot, get the Yaktracs.Read more

    3. Alan F. Jordano

      Product arrived on time and well packaged. This is a second set for use as a back up or by the wife. I have used these for a few years and they work well on hard packed snow, such as sidewalks and well used hiking trails. They are sturdy enough for the occasional “no snow” areas. Traction and stability on the hard pack is very good despite not being crampons or cleats. They are decent on ice but of course not as good as products specifically designed for that purpose. I would not recommend them for sheet ice / freezing rain type ice because there are better suited products for those conditions. These would help but would likely not be as stable. I Find them to be a good all around product as I hike in woodlands with decent grades and since I lack the four paw drive that my dog has these enable me to keep up with her and maintain a pace that keeps her happy while minimizing the risk of slipping and twisting something or falling.These are better than crampons on wet snow as the wet snow can ball up on crampons making walking difficult or requiring that you stop and clear the snow. That generally does not happen with this chain style.Highly recommended!Read more

    4. suigeneris

      These work as you would expect chains on your boots to work. They are perfect for shoveling / clearing your driveway. For serious off-pavement hiking, I would invest in some crampons.The chains are distributed such that you don’t get a sense of unevenness on the bottoms of your feet. This has not been the case with some other traction products that I have used. I’m a size 12 and the boots I’ve used these on are un-insulated Cabela’s work boots and 400 gram insulated Merrell hikers (all leather, from back in the day when Merrell wasn’t making boots by sewing together a pile of scraps). The size XL ICE-Trekkers go on and off fairly easily, can be positioned fairly easily, and yet don’t move around at all under use. (They seat perfectly into the grooves between my lugs, so you may have a different experience with your boot’s lug pattern.) My 1500 gram insulated Sorel boots are big enough that I wouldn’t try to get these onto them. So if you’re a 12, the XL size will work with any boot other than a super-insulated winter boot. I wouldn’t expect these to work on sneakers.Keep them INSIDE the house while not in use, if cold they won’t go on so easily.The rubber and the chains appear to be of high quality. Don’t leave these on your boots permanently, you’ll shorten the life of the rubber. I throw mine into a tub of warm water for a few seconds, to remove grime and salt, and then immediately hang them up to dry.The cost of this product is a small price to pay considering that it could save me the costs of a broken hip.Read more

    5. Liz

      I do snow removal in North Idaho in the winter, and I completely destroyed a pair of the cheap shoe chains that have the wire wound around the rubber. I’m on cross-slopes sometimes and making lots of turns with the snowblower, so the other pair would actually unwind itself from the rubber and then the loose wire would tear the rubber itself until there was so much broken rubber that I had to hold them together with zip ties. I decided enough was enough and bought these. They are so much more durable and I get WAY better traction! The chain coverage does have some gaps so sometimes if I step a certain way I slip a little, but there’s enough grip that I always end up grabbing some kind of traction even if I slip a little bit initially. I use these over snow boots so the sizing was a concern, but they fit great and have kept me upright all season. We’ll see how they hold up against the salt, but even if I have to buy a new pair every season, they’re affordable enough that it’s still a great buy.UPDATE 2/10/19 – Used them for an entire snow removal season (last half of 2017/18 season and first half of 2018/19 season) and they’ve just started to wear down enough that the links actually wear completely through and everything comes apart. I do a LOT of walking on pavement with them so that seems like pretty reasonable wear and tear. Even if I need to buy a new set every year, it’s still a great product and worth the annual expense.Read more

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