0C11MBB56QB651 Winegard fl-55yr flatwave amplified razor skinny hdtv indoor antenna (renewed)

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50 Mile Range

6 reviews for 0C11MBB56QB651 Winegard fl-55yr flatwave amplified razor skinny hdtv indoor antenna (renewed)

  1. Prairie John

    I purchased the Winegard for the quality brand reputation, and it’s made in the US. I bought the “renewed” model offered. Beware of many of the no-name Chinese models with doubtful distance claims. The distance that these will work is a function of the earth curvature, and of course your distance from the broadcast tower. Other factors are obstacles to your line of sight from the tower. This includes hills, trees, other buildings, the walls in your place, appliances, etc. They will all diminish (RF engineers call this attentuation) your signal strength. Cheap amplified antennas may also have low quality amplifiers that can ‘noise up’ the signal almost as much as they amplify it.The Winegard will work with or without using the amplifier. The cable is white. One side of the antenna is white, the other is black. You can mount it with either side facing out if you prefer one of the other. I have mine mounted on the wall directly behind the TV. A window location would work better (less to block the signal). Always perform a channel scan on your TV when you hook an antenna up, otherwise your TV might not find any signals on its own.I tried my antenna first without plugging in the amp, then after plugging it in (you need to perform a channel scan each time). I got 14 channels unamplified, then 21 channels with the amp plugged in. A good product.Read more

  2. allnall

    this is the best antenna that I’ve had and I have had many. The best thing is that it looks good and it hides very well on the white wall.excellent reception! i had bought one of these giant antennas to put ontop of the roof and this one here has much better reception.perfect!Read more

  3. Mark K

    I have now spent over $100 trying to get a decent picture with an indoor antenna, and found there is hope although it was costly. The Winegard was the first of three indoor antennas I bought and it was the weakest. I am in a fringe location and Winegard whose products I have known for over 40 years one pulled in 2 of 5 stations, The next best was the ANTV and it got three stations. If I jiggled the ANTV antenna it sometimes pulled in a weaker station but not for long. So I read more reviews (on a site called wirecutter) and tried the one they said was best – Clearstream 40 mile. It got all the stations and did so in 1080p. It makes no sense since this one is smaller than the Winegard but it works – I suspect it is the coax cable (wire) that is included and attachments. Its too late to return the others, end of story.Read more

  4. TheLion

    Great for someone that just cut the cord! My wife and I decided we were tired of paying for subscription TV and having to switch from Dish to DirecTV to U-Verse to save money was getting old. So we needed at least one more antenna for a TV (we already had one but have more than two TV’s although we only really use two). I saw the flat antenna’s get good ratings so thought I’d try one out.Setup: The extra long cable makes it easy to setup. It also has a USB power plug for amplification. When I plugged this into the downstairs TV – nothing. I though “oh no, it’s bad”. But I tried upstairs and had plenty of Channels for my area – even CBS which is usually hard to get a good signal. So I thought I must had the cable loose downstairs and went to try again. Again nothing, but I knew that couldn’t be right – I should get at least ONE channel! Then I realized the problem. I had never used an antenna with that TV so it’s “input” was set to cable and not antenna. I changed the setting and re-scanned and had OTA channels! So make sure your TV setting is set for antenna!Position/Placement : Everyone is going to be a bit different when it comes to buying and placing an indoor antenna. I tried a few places for this one. By the window, behind the TV (well mounted), on a shelf, behind the shelf and various places on the wall. I finally picked a spot on the wall behind an open shelf unit and used the included two sided “tape” to attach to the wall.Design : Not much to it, a medium sized, flat antenna with the cord connected and a spot along the cord where the USB connected to supply power. Cords are all white and the Antenna itself is white on one side and black on the other.Picture quality and signal strength : Picture quality is superb! Using the signal meter on the TV I see that I can get 60 – 100% on most channels (the one’s I want at least). In its current location I usually get in the 80’s to low 90’s and sometimes a few 70’s. There are some channels that have dropped but those are channels I don’t watch anyway and have weak signals.I live the Chicago area (southwest suburb – south of I-88 and West of 294, just East of 355). I get CBS, NBC, ABC, WGN, PBS, FOX and more. There is occasionally interference that last a second or two but so far nothing has “gone away”. To be downstairs and not mounted very high, I am impressed with what this thing pulls in. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.Read more

  5. Bonnie N

    Live in Mundelein 34 miles northwest of Chicago downtown antennas . Purchased the certified refurb , but looked brand new out of the box . Easy hookup . I placed antenna above the TV on the wall. No need to attach to window , which would have been a slight hassle. I got all the major channels plus 30 others . I was very impressed . Picture was crystal clear and in HD . ( Not all channels come in HD ) When it rains CBS does a signal dance , in and out . Not the antenna fault . CBS has a weak antenna . I had three rental Comcast boxes . This Winegard replaced one of the boxes , so saving monthly rental fee . I highly recommend this Winegard product if all you need is major networks . I purchased the 50 mile range FL 55 TR ….Amplified .Read more

  6. cherie love

    I love this antenna! At first Ideas going to buy the clear tv antenna but then when I read the reviews and looked at the videos about it I completely changed my mind. Clear tv antenna is a joke!! I review on youtube comment and suggest the Winegard FL-55YR Flatwave Antenna so I decide to buy it instead. I recommend the Winegard FL-55YR Flatwave Antenna because it was easy to connect and I received alot of channels! I’m very pleased and now I can enjoy looking at tv and not spend a dime on cable bill!Read more

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