0C11LYVX83H393 Constantly discreet incontinence & postpartum incontinence underclothes for ladies, small/medium, maximum safety, 32 count number

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  • absorbent incontinence undies that always deliver discreetly
  • amazing absorbent middle turns liquid to gel, for dry safety
  • rapiddry safety facilitates lock away your heaviest bladder leaks or overactive bladder
  • 360 diploma formfit layout suits close to your frame and easily underneath clothes, not like cumbersome adult diapers
  • exclusive odorlock technology neutralizes odors instantly and constantly. Leakguards assist keep wetness away from edges. Discover usually discreet overnight undies. To be had for ladies in sizes s/m, l, xl and xxl
  • continually ships discreetly
  • clean match below clothes. Extraordinary protection.
  • precise rapiddry safety absorbs bladder leaks and odors in seconds
  • cottony, tender four-manner stretch waistband for incredible consolation
  • full duration double leakguards to assist prevent leaks where they appear maximum

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from the producer

find out continually discreet incontinence underclothes

gives you a dry feeling

keeps wetness far from edges

constantly discreet underclothes features double leakguards, which assist prevent leaks wherein they happen maximum.

neutralizes odors

neutralizes odors immediately and continuously, and features a light fragrance for added freshness.

smooth match

with 360° formfit design for a clean and comfortable healthy, you’ll be able to walk with poise at the same time as carrying discreet, terrific safety.

offers you a dry feeling

keeps wetness far from edges

neutralizes odors

clean in shape

bladder protection in each shape

sense assured and get amazingly robust bladder leak safety with constantly discreet’s huge range of incontinence products that assist make bladder leaks sense like no large deal. Whilst constantly discreet incontinence liners offer you dependable protection for light incontinence, the discreet pads offer you with secure protection you can expect for mild to heavier bladder leaks. For optimum bladder leak safety you may rely on day and at night time, attempt continually discreet incontinence undies with a fabric-like feel.

bladder leaks and me

truely. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscle mass can help reduce bladder leaks. Continually discreet functions a completely unique awesome absorbent center and leakguards that will let you exercise with self assurance without having to worry approximately bladder leaks.

finding the proper in shape is critical in keeping off bladder leaks. Continually discreet makes use of an smooth sizing chart based totally on absorbency level. The more stuffed-in droplets, the higher the absorbency level.

even as a few ladies have used always discreet for their menstrual desires and it’s far flawlessly safe to do so, the entire line of constantly discreet is mainly designed to address urine, a much less viscous fluid than menstrual fluid.

bear in mind, you aren’t on my own on this. One in three ladies reviews bladder leaks. Always discreet allows you experience greater on top of things with fantastic, discreet safety.

product description

get incontinence and postpartum underclothes you may depend on with constantly discreet. This top notch-absorbent disposable undies has an exceptional match and as much as one hundred% bladder leak safety. The incontinence briefs have a rapiddry center that covers you from the front to back for protection wherein you want it. The center era turns liquid to gel to soak up even the heaviest leaks. The double leakguards assist hold wetness faraway from edges and stop leaks where they manifest maximum. Always discreet has 360° formfit elastics that pull the contoured center closer to the frame, so you can say good-bye to bulky grownup diapers and hey to a smooth and secure match. As constantly, unique odorlock generation facilitates neutralize odors instantly and continuously. With continually discreet incontinence undies, you may walk with poise whilst carrying discreet, remarkable protection.

8 reviews for 0C11LYVX83H393 Constantly discreet incontinence & postpartum incontinence underclothes for ladies, small/medium, maximum safety, 32 count number

  1. CottonCandy86

    I buy these for my elderly parent who is wheelchair bound and can’t get to the bathroom anymore. We’ve tried other brands like Depends or TENA but these are the best. They fit really well and they are more ‘discreet’. They aren’t bulky either. They are also very secure and there are never any ‘accidents’ with these like some of the other brands we’ve tried. No leaking etc.. We buy these in bulk now. Definitely the best incontinence underwear we’ve tried.Read more

  2. Hannah

    Way more comfortable than the hospital mesh panties. They are so thin too, but you don’t worry about bleeding through at all. And it’s nice to have a little coverage in the hospital since you don’t get much. Also nice not to have to fuss around with putting giant pads on and worrying about them moving around.Highly recommend for a more comfortable recovery!Read more

  3. EwT

    TMI alert:I bought this product for postpartum use. I am still 35 weeks pregnant and haven’t had the chance to use it for the purpose I bought them.When I opened the package, it looked pretty big and I thought it would be too loose. However, I tried one just in case to see how it fits and it fits me comfortably. I am 5ft tall and about 144lb at 35 weeks. I have a small waist and a medium sized butt.I wore them to the Avengers movie, though couldn’t bring myself to pee in them. For quality check purposes, I came back home and peed in them once and it didn’t leak and held about a bladder full of urine. 😉 It felt a little uncomfortable at first, but I certainly feel it would hold quite a bit of urine in case of accidents. Since, I didn’t buy it for incontinence purposes, I am not concerned about peeing in them, apart from it being able to hold few trickles and dribbles.However, I have a lot of discharge from a cervical cerclage and it felt more comfortable than using panty liners. My panty liners get wet from the discharge I have.The fragrance is minimal and not annoying to me at all. I reckon it would work better than the large pads and mesh panties.However, I will update the review once I try them on postpartum. Overall, love the way it fits and doesn’t bulge out of my jeans!Update: I had the baby vaginally 4 days ago(35w4d, 4d after posting the first review) and these work great for postpartum use. They contain the lochia well without leaking. Also, the medium sized hospital pads fit pretty well in them. No more mesh panties and those large hospital pads for this mama! I love the Discreet underwear for the ease of use and the soft non-allergic feel against my swollen perineum. I had a second degree tear and the stitches don’t seem to prick with these unlike other normal pads. I wish I had used these the first time around too. I lost 10 pounds after delivering the baby, and these still fit comfortably.Read more

  4. fendi

    I bought this for postpartum care after reading the reviews of how women preferred this over the mesh panties at the hospital. As a first time mom, I thought I would give them a try. Personally, not a huge fan as I felt that these panties didn’t let things breathe down there, and I was was worried how that would impact the healing process. Personally, I only used one or two and was happy I snagged extra mesh panties at the hospital. I felt like these felt more like wearing a diaper than mega pads and mesh panties. I do think these may be useful for overnight use for women with heavy periods, but I didn’t find them useful for postpartum careRead more

  5. Amy

    If your going to or might have a c-section BUY THESE!!!! They are even more comfortable than the mesh underwear they give you at the hospital. I bought theses and a couple pairs of reusable ones. Trust me when i say you will have no time or energy to continually wash the reusable ones. I have my husband and mother helping me after my c-section and there isn’t enough time or energy between the 3 of us. These are amazing.Read more

  6. YanniXian

    i got what i want 🙂 i been use this for my every month my 1th day period at comfortable!Read more

  7. llc

    I am 55 and I was in rehab and had diarrhea from the meds they gave me. I bought Teva for home and they were bulky looking, especially in the butt and even with my yoga pants or jeans on it looked like I was wearing a diaper. I needed something on days where I was traveling in a car for hours and did not want to look like I was wearing something in public. These look good and does not look like I am wearing anything under my pants.Read more

  8. Kimberly

    These are the best for postpartum use! They are high rise and very comfortable! However, I would recommend getting a small pack and going up a size. Your lady bits and lower body will be swollen after giving birth and you will not be in these for more than 2 weeks. I used one a day with a pad inside. Wish I had thought of this with my first born!Read more

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