0C11LSIG99B733 Rust-oleum, clean 280886 defend h2o boot and shoe spray, 11 ounces

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  • make sure this suits
  • by coming into your model variety.
  • repels and protects from damage caused by water
  • crystal clear, silicone-free method will now not alternate appearance or feel of gadgets
  • easy unmarried step trigger spray application
  • perfect for leather-based, suede, nubuck, canvas and greater
  • coverage will range relying on cloth: 20-60 sq. Feet.

from the manufacturer

rust-oleum protect h2o boot & shoe water repellent spray

protect h2o boot & shoe water repelling remedy is a innovative high-quality hydrophobic coating from rust-oleum. Easy to use, one-step spray utility creates a moisture repelling barrier on shoes. Repels drinks and waterproofs to maintain boots, footwear and different footwear dry. Invisible protection in a crystal clear formula shields in opposition to moisture without changing the look and sense of the cloth floor.

footwear are not cheap. Keep shoes easy

untreated work boot receives muddy and wet.

dealt with paintings boot repels dust and water to preserve clean and dry longer.

untreated boot gets moist.

dealt with boot stays dry longer.

works on many fabrics: leather-based, suede, nubuck, canvas and more.

  • perform a test spray to achieve a sense for spray pattern
  • take a look at in an not easily seen place for colorfastness
  • preserve spray bottle 8″ to twelve” from floor
  • apply exterior or in a properly ventilated area
  • reapply seasonally or as repellency diminishes
  • capabilities and advantages

    don’t worry approximately how to easy shoes once they emerge as dirty! Maintain them clean from the begin.

  • lets in fabrics to breathe
  • secure on most shoe material
  • repels water, ice, dust, stains and greater
  • maintains floor smooth and dry
  • preserves footwear from detrimental moisture
  • use on boots, tennis shoes, get dressed shoes, informal shoes
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    8 reviews for 0C11LSIG99B733 Rust-oleum, clean 280886 defend h2o boot and shoe spray, 11 ounces

    1. John

      Changed the color of my 150.00 dollar boots to a color that’s very disgusting! Picture is 3 days after so there dryRead more

    2. Chris Yax

      I ordered after a friend told me about it. I didn’t believe the hype. I sprayed my lug nubuck boots with it and let it sit outside to dry overnight in early spring. I put them on the radiator to dry another day and a half and you couldn’t get any liquid to stick to them. They lasted for months this way in Michigan mucky winter. I went out of my way to walk in slush to see what would happen. Wasn’t till the nubuck started rubbing off that the toe even showed signs of water sticking to it when I was standing in a puddle.If you reapply with a heavy coat it will discolor into a darker shade. Make sure coverage is even and a good vote first time around.Let them dry for a couple days if possible. I noticed after the first 24 hours they were resistant, but not the omega shield effect until I let them dry a couple more days.Read more

    3. Tricia A. Smith

      I’m a mother of 4 kids. I know kids get stains and. Sometimes no matter what you can’t get the stain out. So I decided to see if I could be proactive and stop the stains from ever happening….This product is amazing!!! I bought my 12 year old daughter a pair of Vans Winnie the Pooh special addition shoes. She is OBSESSED with Winne The Pooh. She has everything in her room a pooh from her curtains, blankets, sheets, lamps, wall decals, dresser, blinds, light switch covers to underwear in Poo Bear!!! The shoes were sold for a limited time and will never be sold again! With that being said I wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t get ruined when she wore them. I researched the different brands of canvas protectors and came across a YouTube video of this product. I seriously didn’t believe it was going to do everything the video showed but it had great reviews on Amazon, so I bought it. I first tried it out on an old pair of my shoes. When it had dried for 24 hours I ran water on the shoe for 10 min and the shoe never got wet! I broke out the ranch dressing (thinking if it did some how stain it would be easier to get it out because it’s a light color. The ranch slid right off! Then I got the ketchup, slid right off!! I got a hand full of grass and scrubbed it all over my shoe and I wet it and the grass fell right off the “grass stain” didn’t stick! I saw on the video that they used a cardboard box as a ice cooler once sprayed with never wet. So I grabbed the cardboard I used to catch the overspray. Guess what! The part that had the over spray never got wet even after soaking in the sink full of water for like 1/2 the day!!! The part that the shoes were on that didn’t get sprayed was mush in the bottom of my sink. I did color test the Vans shoes in the tung of the shoe just to be on the safe side, I didn’t want to take any chances and it worked great. She’s had the shoes since her birthday in March and it’s now July and they still look like they did the day I took them out of the box!! I bought the spray can version of the never wet to use on our sofas. I will be doing those as soon as the weather cools down so we can open the windows to ventilate the house.Read more

    4. BC

      I got this and sprayed it all over my black Ugg boots! ALL OVER!! Maybe I sprayed a little too much lol! This spray is absolutely clear and leaves no residue!!! This worked so well! I was able to wear my Uggs in the rain and in the snow and NO water soaked into them!! I couldn’t believe it!! Uggs are so comfortable but it’s a bummer that they don’t make them weather resistant. GET THIS PRODUCT! And THEN GET ANOTHER ONE FOR A FRIEND. Especially if your going to music festivals and outdoors and doing outdoor activities!!! 👍👍👍Read more

    5. C Mikles

      This is the second pair of Chuck Taylor’s I have treated with Neverwet. It keeps water from soaking into the canvas when splashing through puddles. One treatment lasts about 6 months of everyday wear.Would recommend.Read more

    6. Peter W.

      I cannot attest to the waterproofing performance of this spray yet, however just wanted to make a note that what had partially attracted me to this product is that it is in a non-aerosol spray bottle. I have discovered that about 1/2 of what comes out of the bottle ends up puddling on the floor or newspaper which seems a waste of product — one does not get their money’s worth. Yes, the aerosol applications may not be as environmentally friendly, but my sense is that there is greater efficiency in directing the product onto your shoes with aerosols and less waste than with the Rust-Oleum. Just something of which to be aware.Read more

    7. Ammozon

      This actually works. It sprays on frosty but it dries clear. It does have an odor so maybe better to spray outside or a well ventilated area. One bottle covered an adult tall UGG boot (grey suede), adult sneaker (grey suede), adult Nike running shoes (black mesh), toddler UGG boot (black suede) and boys Vans (white canvas). No discoloration from any of the shoes and after it dries, you can’t even tell it was sprayed on. Water beads right off the shoes. Pretty cool. The only thing i noticed is when the bottle is running low it sprays out clots and loses it’s even spray. Yes, I would buy this again.Here’s an update since I’m buying another bottle right now. Over a year later and the UGG boots are still good with no sign of discoloration or material degrading. You might need to do a recoat after many months. You’ll know if you test it with water.Read more

    8. Tech Guy Dad

      I got on the NeverWet train pretty early. The first product I got was the two-step aerosol NeverWet kit that works for all types of surfaces. It worked well, but left my boots with a milky haze finish. This new one-step product works just as well, is easier to apply, is a little cheaper, and it doesn’t change the appearance of the boots at all. Two thumbs way up!To amaze your friends, after you apply this product to your shoes, pour ketchup and all kinds of stuff on your shoes and watch it just roll off. It’s amazing and fun!Read more

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