0C11KQDXEKV107 Sunbeam traditional 1200 watt mid-size anti-drip non-stick soleplate iron with shot of steam/vertical shot feature and eight’ 360-diploma swivel cord, white/clear, gcsbcl-317-000

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  • by getting into your version quantity.
  • shot of steam feature offers an extra burst of steam on flat surfaces or vertically steaming placing clothes or draperies
  • anti-drip device prevents water leakage at any temperature placing to eliminate undesirable drips
  • 30 minute timed automobile-off for safety and peace of mind
  • self-clean machine eliminates minerals within the iron for longer lasting steam performance
  • lifetime soleplate and 3-year restricted warranties
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sunbeam traditional 1200 watt mid-size anti-drip non-stick soleplate iron with shot of steam

this classic iron is green and smooth to use. Shot of steam and vertical shot of steam capabilities provide an additional burst of steam on flat surfaces for traditional ironing of shirts, slacks, desk linen, and greater, or vertically steaming out wrinkles from putting garments, draperies, and fabric. The anti-drip system prevents water leakage at any temperature putting to dispose of undesirable drips. The durable non-stick soleplate floor glides over fabric and smoothes out wrinkles quick and efficaciously. In addition, timed car-off routinely turns the iron off after 30 minutes for protection. Self-clean gadget eliminates minerals inside the iron for longer lasting steam performance.

  • anti-drip device
  • mid-size non-stick soleplate
  • 1200 watts
  • spray mist characteristic
  • timed car-off system
  • 8-foot, 360° swivel twine
  • self-smooth system
  • pattern_name


    8 reviews for 0C11KQDXEKV107 Sunbeam traditional 1200 watt mid-size anti-drip non-stick soleplate iron with shot of steam/vertical shot feature and eight’ 360-diploma swivel cord, white/clear, gcsbcl-317-000

    1. Charmaine Crawford

      Great Iron i just dropped it on my toe and it broke my toe but no damage to the iron! great for ironing and great weaponRead more

    2. Leah200363

      Nice basic flat iron- just what I wanted. I use a spray bottle of water for steaming, so I can’t comment on how well it generates steam. I’ve never been one to use the steam feature on any iron. I don’t feel like refilling the reservoir.This iron seems to heat up just fine for my fabrics. I basically use the wool/cotton settings.I’m not that picky and ironing is just a chore to get over with as quick as possible. If you want the bells and whistles, then no, this isn’t the one for you. I like my clothes to be wash and wear for the most part, so if your wardrobe is similar- this is your iron.I recommend, and the price is right!Read more

    3. tylerclarey

      Do not buy this product, it has completely stopped working twice!I originally purchased this iron via Amazon, and it worked wonderfully for about 3 months. Then it just stopped. I spoke with Amazon and they replaced, even though it was past its 30 day return policy.Now the replacement has stopped working after the same amount of time, and I will have to request that Amazon refund the purchase amount.Your money is best spent on another iron.Read more

    4. Chrissy

      I thought it was going to be new. When i opened it . it already had burned scorched marks on it. Next time i will just go to Walmart thst way i can see what im getting before I pay for it.Read more

    5. Roseann

      I used this iron once, I thought it was a great iron until I went to iron a 2nd shirt and it stopped working. I checked the instructions to make sure everything was set correctly and it was. The Iron just STOPPED working now I’m stuck with this garbage because due to the Virus I can not get UPS or FED EX to come pick this up to return it and I’m not going out to drop it off to return it in this Pandemic to jeopardize my health. I Will buy another Iron from another company, do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on this piece of junk. I am so angry right now over this. Hope this helps in your decision making on “You get what you pay for”Read more

    6. Leigh

      Used this iron on the 1st day of arrival. Love it. My current iron is useless. This iron is what i need. I love the different steam options (more than i expected). Now, i can get all wrinkles out of even the toughest clothing.3/15/16. After using iron for almost 1 week, no complaints. One reviewer said the iron is too light.The iron is of perfect weight, any heavier and I/you would be lifting weights. I am a person who do not like to go out looking like crumbled paper. I iron all outer layer of clothing. This iron remove wrinkles just fine. Set to the proper temp and steam option, all is well. I have every material of clothing in my closet and the iron wrk great on all. Ironing concrete, bricks and rocks, this is not the iron for you.4/03/16Could not be more satisfied. Time spent ironing is less due to iron’s efficiency.LeighRead more

    7. Kyle Nachtigall

      Do not buy this iron. I ordered this after a move across country. I needed it to iron a new dress shirt for a day full of job interviews and now I have to steam it in the bathroom… Whole base of the iron leaks when filled with water. I filled it half-way (not even close to the max water line) and plugged it in to warm up. Walk back over 2 minutes later and a majority of the water was on the counter or kitchen floor. Just poor construction. Terrible buyRead more

    8. Trina P.

      ~~Second attempt at leaving a review. The first one said I wasn’t following guidelines. I couldn’t find any guidelines that I violated but here goes. I bought this iron as a back up in January. I finally needed it August 10th. I literally used it for 5 minutes when this rusty sediment came spitting out of it. How is that even possible. Too late for me to return had to go right in the trash. Such a waste of money.Read more

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