0C11J2CELQD555 Surprise physician gel max mouth defend, sports mouthguard for soccer, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, flavored mouth protect, children & person

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  • custom comfort & healthy – gel-healthy liner era is simple to match, our mildew bureaucracy mainly for your tooth and gums, supplying a cozy healthy for prolonged use, to be had in an expansion of customized hues
  • breathable – incorporated respiratory channels make it smooth to breathe whilst sporting the guard and maximize your overall performance
  • expert dental protection – heavy responsibility exoskeletal surprise body gives complete mouth protection at some stage in the toughest affects, protects cheek and tongue, tooth grinding, and secures teeth in area
  • long lasting – crafted the usage of heavy responsibility fabric, mixed in our triple layer layout for added protection and durability
  • encouraged sports – appropriate for all contact sports wherein a mouth guard is required or encouraged such as soccer, wrestling, boxing, and extra! Consists of a detachable helmet strap for football
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8 reviews for 0C11J2CELQD555 Surprise physician gel max mouth defend, sports mouthguard for soccer, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, flavored mouth protect, children & person

  1. Ashley

    This review is from the perspective of a nighttime user, not an athlete. As a disclaimer, Shock Doctor does state that this product is not intended for overnight use.I’ve been grinding and clenching my teeth for about 15 years. I’ve done it so badly that I’ve caused fracturing and chipping on my teeth and have even ground right through fillings (not cheap!). In that time, I’ve tried about a dozen different types of night guards, ranging from the cheapest OTC ones to the $500 laser-fitted prescription guards. None of them have worked — I either grind right through the material or I still clench so hard that I wake up with jaw pain and a headache.Who would’ve thought that an inexpensive sports mouth guard would be my savior. It’s really unbelievable how much this has improved my sleep and overall quality of life! The gel-like mold acts like a cushion to absorb the pressure from my clenching, yet it’s still firm enough to stop me from grinding. That cushion effect is the real game-changer; if you’re a clencher, this is what you’ve been needing.It’s true that it’s a little bulky, but I’ve found that even though my mouth stays open a bit, absolutely no drool comes out. That was always a problem with past guards, so I like that!As a tip, I recommend running the front of it under water right before popping it in at night. It helps to get the front piece to fit comfortably under your top lip. And, of course, you want to rinse It every morning and wash it with a gentle soap once or twice a week.Bottom line: If you’re suffering, you have to try this. For this price, it’s worth a shot. I hope that you have the same outcome I have had.Read more

  2. Michael S

    Much easier grip and tooth form than expected. Follow the instructions to the letter and they’ll conform to your mouth fairly easily.That said, messing up the instructions can waste a lot more time than expected. The idea is to heat up the mouth guard in boiling water–which also kills off germs–enough to make the mouth guard soft and moldable enough to fit to your teeth. If you heat them up for too long, the form may become too loose and might not keep against your gumline properly, meaning a loose mouth guard and a gap where a lot can go wrong on impact.It’s easy to cool off properly. About 2 seconds under cold water is all you need, but if you go second guessing the instructions and cool it for much longer, the mouth guard will harden and you’ll have to start over.The instructions matter, but the guard works wonders.Read more

  3. dbarber

    I should of read the reviews before purchasing. I bought 2 – one for my 7 year old and one for my 10 year old. I got the 10 and under size and it was TINY!! Wouldn’t even fit my 7 year old daughter who plays football but once you open the package and they put it in their mouth… there is no sending it back. So I had to purchase 2 more at the bigger size. My advise is unless you have a 5 year old playing football…. do not buy the 10 under size. I have now spent $36 on mouth pieces.Read more

  4. Michelle Lynn

    Bought this mouth guard to sleep with to help with clenching at night causing facial pain– this has been a problem for a week now after a dental procedure. It’s been 3 days and I feel remarkable. Super comfy to sleep with. In fact I want to always sleep with it even after I correct the clenching because of how comforting it is. I know that sounds weird but it’s far more comfy than I ever imagined.Read more

  5. Tmw_opinion

    The adult size is really a child’s large. There’s no way it fits an adult. It was 4 sizes too small for my 13 yr old girl.Pictured is the shock doctor adult mouth guard we bought before. Such a huge difference.Read more

  6. mr joe

    the description is for 10 and under or 11 and older. my son is nine years old and the youth size is not even close to fitting. I’m giving three stars because it looks to be of good quality but the sizing is way off. I’d like to reorder the adult size but this item is non returnable and I don’t feel like giving my money away twice. again, my son is nine and the youth size is way too small.Read more

  7. Stephanie White

    I purchased this for my son who plays football. The previous one he had started giving him blisters on his gums. It came with the guard, tether, and instruction guide. We molded it perfectly just as they explained to do in the guide. My son has used it since and has not had any issues since… It is a bright pink in color and at first didn’t want it since I thought he wouldn’t like the color however he got excited since each football player has at least one item to show their support of breast cancer. It size was perfect and for a 12 year old was worry some products by other manufacturers carry different sizes and so my Son’s previous one was adult lg.I looked at others offered here however the cost and material the product is made of was great. I plan on buying another one to have on hand when this needs to be replaced. He really loves the fit and comfort. He stated it feels more comfortable that the more expensive one I purchased from a retail store. I could have bought 2 to 3 more of these than just that one.If you have any questions that I may not have answered please do not hesitate to ask. I will be more than happy to assist you. […]Read more

  8. Megan

    It’s a great mouthguard, it definitely saved my front teeth from getting knocked out at a rough rugby practice this past week (my maxilla collided with someone’s forehead, broken nose and busted lip). However if I’m hit hard and my teeth aren’t clenched then it has a tendency of popping out of place, which is my only qualm. I wear the adult size and fitted it correctly.Read more

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