0C11I41BINH526 Loos baby bathrooms water-proof insulated little one/children rain boots for boys and girls

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  • made in u. S. A. Or imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately calf excessive from arch
  • boot establishing measures approximately popular around
  • water-resistant and light weight rain boot is made with a durable rubber over a four-way stretch internal bottie for dry feet
  • made with 3mm neo-tech insulation to hold toes heat and secure in cold climate. Comfort rated to 14 stages f/-10 tiers c
  • the tender fuzzy plush lining adds an extra snuggly sense on cold moist days
  • the combination of a hook/loop strap and robust handles makes those wintry weather boots clean for little youngsters to get on and off
  • contoured footbed with bio-technology allows fight undesirable odors. Device washer-friendly whilst the boots get dirty
  • closure kind: pull-on
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product description

this pint-sized rain boot from loos capabilities a heat, plush indoors and smooth-on pull handles.

city and outdoor lovers love bathrooms. Usually waterproof and heat, they walk without problems, breathe evidently and integrate modern fashion with rugged creation. Both the famous classics and the new mt collection are available with water-proof breathable uppers. The entirety we sell is subsidized with a 100% delight assure. Enjoy.


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7 reviews for 0C11I41BINH526 Loos baby bathrooms water-proof insulated little one/children rain boots for boys and girls

  1. Yesenia

    My 28 month old daughter wore these for the first time to go pumpkin picking. It had rained the previous day and she found a tiny puddle. She decided to go, “splish splash.” No worries, right? After all, they are waterproof, right? Fyi- she was in the puddle for no more than 10 seconds. When we got home we discovered that her socks and feet were soaked, and her toes were wrinkled. To top it off it was a chilly Chicago Fall day. I was angry. For $65, they better to do what they claim to do. I will be returning. I will not risk a similar disappointment to occur during the snow months.I did like that they were easy for her to put on and take off. They are also very lightweight. But I am looking for a cold weather boot that is waterproof, snow and slush proof and this is neither.Read more

  2. Lilly

    These boots are NOT waterproof, nor are they water resistant. My son already wore these about 3x or else i would return them. I don’t typically write reviews but but I am sharing our experience so that no one else is duped into believing this nonsense that these boots are waterproof. We used these in about 20 degree temps in the snow last month and his feet were basically dry — his toes were a little damp but I chalked that up to sweaty active feet. However, yesterday in the rain I quickly learned the truth about these boots. As my son sat digging in the mud at the park (wearing rain pants pulled OVER the ankles of the boots mind you) it seems the water was actually being absorbed by the boot like a sponge… I had no idea this was happening while we were out but it was apparent when we got home and his socks were absolutely SOAKED. We are lucky it was a warmer winter day out or else this could have been a very hazardous situation for my son and his toes. If all you are doing is walking in the drizzling rain or non-wet/slushy snow these are probably fine but if your kid likes to jump in puddles or play in the mud and be active DO NOT PURCHASE THESE BOOTS.Read more

  3. Shannon

    My daughter is 15 months and wears a size 5 shoe. For the price I bought size 6 because I want her to be able to wear them for as long as possible. My daughter walks just fine in them, she can’t climb as easy though but she has plenty of room to grow! They are light weight and completely adjustable; just tighten the back strap shown in the picture. I’m so happy I went with Bogs and believe her feet will be warm and dry in our coming PNW seasons!Read more

  4. Ellie

    I hate to say it, but I got a bad bog. And for the price, it really hurts. It has taken several months for me to figure out that the shoes are somehow defective and not at all water proof. At first I thought it was possibly snow slipping in the top of the boot, then I thought it was due to my child’s foot sweating, but now I’m sure it’s a waterproofing issue. He wore them for 5 minutes in .5 an inch of snow and when we came inside the insoles were wet. No snow slipped in and he didn’t wear them long enough to get sweaty. This is my second or third pair of bogs and I didn’t have this issue in the past so I think I got a defective pair. Discovered it too late to return them. And I also discovered a part of the inside lining of the shoe that completely came out. It looked like shoe lace and it was soaking wet after the boot had not been worn for 24 hours. Not sure what that was. Really disappointed.Read more

  5. hb

    There are a lot of conflicting reviews about waterproofness so I thought I’d add my two cents. We got these boots for our 16 month old. We live in Seattle, and comfortable waterproof boots for a toddler are necessary. Add to that-kiddo has thick calves, so a lot of the high-knee boots just wouldnt even get on him without a lot of work and discomfort.I LOVE LOVE these boots and more importantly, so does my kid. He squealed and pointed at them the whole first day we used them, probably because we finally found a comfortable pair. He can walk, climb, and “run” with ease.As for “waterproof” – these are like neoprene material. They resist water for a LONG TIME but can get wet. To be clear, I’ve had him out walking in wet conditions with mud and puddles for two hours, and he comes back with dry feet. I’ve had him wade in the Puget Sound – dry feet. The two scenarios they soaked through were 1) when we got caught in a torrential rainstorm for 15 minutes continuously and were SOAKED by the end and 2) when he wades in the Puget Sound and gets far enough that the water comes in through the pull-holes located at the calf of the boot. For small children, water doesn’t really need to be that deep to get to that height. My guess is that a lot of the differences on whether “just a puddle” gets the boot wet relates to those holes.In any event, to me, the occasional soaking for an otherwise awesome boot is worth it. I just make sure I have some extra socks with me if I think it will be a problem.Read more

  6. MVit

    This is our 4th pair of Bogs, we have been purchasing them every year for my now 4 year old.He loves the fact that he can put them on by himself and has been doing so since he was about 2 1/2.He will wear them from fall until spring and they hold up well, I throw them in the washer sometimes even 1 a week and they come out looking like new.If you are looking for snow boots though, these are not the best, I kind of have to play with his snow suit to cover the handle and keep the snow from getting in. But I don’t count on them as snow boots anymore, he’d still wear them on snow days to school because they are more comfortable than snow boots (he just won’t wear them out for playing in the snow)The price is steep but they are worth every penny and will keep purchasing. Honestly, their quality is so good that my 4month old will be able to wear them eventually and still have them looking like new.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for a size 4-4.5 shoe to fit my kid, and ended up with these, which were a touch too big (I think their sizes run large) so she was having a tough time walking in them for the first couple days. But we’ve had them a couple months and they’ve been used almost daily. They keep her feet 100% dry and warm, UNLESS she goes puddle jumping and water gets in at the handle-hole. We pair these boots with a pair of rain pants from Oakiwear and my little one is good to go.Read more

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