0C11HXGOFNT780 Chinook trekker snowshoes, 25, 80004

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  • via coming into your model wide variety.
  • mild weight and robust aluminum body features an ergonomic layout to ensure comfortable and clean walks
  • uv resistant polyethylene decking, smooth-to-use twin ratchet bindings and heel straps with brief launch buckles
  • heavy responsibility aluminum crampons, rotate freely to chew into snow; heel crampons provide traction for heading down mild slopes
  • includes bring bag with returned % straps, facet handles, mesh air flow and velcro pole vendors
  • endorsed load: 130-210 kilos (fifty nine-95 kg); measures 25 x eight. Three inch (sixty three x 21 cm); weighs four. 3 pounds (1. 95 kg)

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from the manufacturer

chinook trekker snowshoes

trekker series snowshoes provide high-quality traction and comfort on packed snow and moderate terrains. Excellent for enjoying long iciness months trekking thru trails and forest.

  • heel straps with short launch buckles that keep foot keep comfy
  • uv resistant polyethylene decking and bindings are flexible as much as – forty°f (- 40°c)
  • light weight and sturdy aluminum frame capabilities an ergonomic layout to ensure relaxed and easy walks
  • easy-to-use dual freeze-resistant ratchet bindings that are easy to alter and provide a cozy suit in spite of gloves on
  • heavy obligation aluminum crampons, rotate freely to chunk into snow and let the tails drop to shed snow ; heel crampons offer traction for heading down mild slopes
  • includes convey bag
  • product description

    trekker series snowshoes provide amazing traction and comfort on packed snow and slight terrains which might be tremendous for playing long iciness months trekking through trails and forest. They’re product of mild weight and strong aluminum body ergonomically designed to make certain cozy and smooth walks. They function uv resistant polyethylene decking and bindings that are bendy up to -40f (- 40c), smooth-to-use dual freeze-resistant ratchet bindings that are clean to alter and supply a comfy match inspite of gloves on, heel straps with brief launch buckles that maintain foot hold secure. The heavy obligation aluminum crampons rotate freely to bite into snow and let the tails drop to shed snow and the heel crampons offer traction for heading down moderate slopes. They include a convey bag with adjustable lower back percent straps, aspect handles, mesh ventilation window and velcro pole vendors. Those durable snowshoes deliver a restricted lifetime assurance.

    7 reviews for 0C11HXGOFNT780 Chinook trekker snowshoes, 25, 80004

    1. Michael J. Dowling

      These are for family snowshoeing on a flat frozen lake, you can’t take these into backcountry or bushwhacking in a mountainous region. I took them out for a 7 mile out and back up a mountain in the Catskills and broke them in 30 minutes. The bindings and materials are too cheap to stand up to any abuse at all. If you’re just doing some family fun snowshoeing on an easy trail or frozen lake, these would be fine, but don’t head out into an area where you may depend on them holding up in Alpine hiking or you may be screwed. I’ll upload some photos when I get some time.UPDATEI added some photos, it’s clear that the footbed is breaking into pieces down to the screws that hold everything together from very little usage, I had to double-back and pick up all the broken plastic so I didn’t leave it in the park. I did a 7 mile hike and used these for maybe 1 mile. The material for a significant portion of this shoe is just cheap grade hard plastic, not a higher quality rubber or urethane you’ll find on a better pair.If you’re like me and hike a lot in harsh conditions, and thought you could just get something cheap and they’ll perform how you need don’t bother with these, they can leave you in a bind. If you’re walking from a parking lot to snowshoe on a frozen lake go for it.Read more

    2. Rob k.

      Used these over the weekend for a group day hike. I felt pretty confident in these. The others I was with had more expensive brands of snowshoes, but I held my own. I’m going backpacking in these next weekend and will update if necessary. So far I loved the straps, I noticed others taking much longer than I did to strap theirs on. Worked great uphill; going downhill I slipped several times until I started planting my feet flat to get more grip from the front crampons. Not complaining at all considering I know what the others paid for their snowshoes.Update: over a 3 day snow backpacking trip in the sierras, I feel confident in recommending these. Everyone (14 others) were using far more expensive snowshoes and I felt nothing but confidence in these. I’m shocked to see how the more expensive brands have these straps that others struggled with while I had mine strapped on in seconds. The straps on these are solid and so quick. I’m 145 and these worked on a day hike and a backpack trip with a ~45lb pack. Highly recommend.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I was so excited to go snowshoeing with a group of friends and try out my new snowshoes….. I was so disappointed I had to stop every 10 to 15 minutes to knock off the big balls of snow and ice from the bottom of the shoes, I thought maybe because the snow was soft it was collecting at the spikes.. BUT I was with 8 other people and NONE of their snowshoes where collecting balls of snow and ice they also had different bands and styles as mine. So I honestly think it’s the shoes, It’s the 1st time I have worn them and I’m 13 days past the 30 day return window… So bummed. Now I’m stuck with shoes that will not work for me.Read more

    4. Kristen C. Lynch

      I didn’t want to give this less than 3 stars because I’m sure they’re fine for casual use in moderate snow & on semi-groomed trails. I got them to break trail in deep snow with a heavy backpack hooked onto a couple of dogs. I was wearing my thick mukluks, so I don’t know if that had anything to do with the problem with the straps – they would not stay locked no matter what I did. They slipped off my heel constantly, the toe strap kept coming unlocked, it was a disaster. I’d take a step, one would come off, and I’d sink down over my knees with a dog strapped to me lunging & my backpack weighing me down. They are NOT good for deep snow. I knew better, but I could not afford the traditional snowshoes so I thought they would be get me by. Not. I’ll keep them for recreational use on more shallow snow, but do not rely on them!Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      A third party review said this brand was one of the best and it was significantly less expensive than the top recommended brand so I was eager for these snowshoes. I joined friends with rentals and their own sets of shoes and these under-performed all of them. So much snow packed itself to the underside of the metal, making my feet heavier and my steps sink in before the rest of the shoe could catch up. It was a joint effort to take a trekking pole to the snow every so often.Even the redeeming quality of the plastic snap/clip adjusting straps had a downside in that they didn’t cover the laces of my boot, like the shoes with a fabric adjusting strap did using a separate, strategically-placed piece of fabric.These snowshoes did not allow me to sink into the fluffy powder beyond repair, but they did make walking in snowshoes harder than it needed to be.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      These are great snowshoes for the price!Pros:- Durable and decently light weight (not ultralight)- I really like the strapping method. It’s easy and fast, and you can do it with gloves on. Compare this to the expensive MSR snowshoes, which I have never been able to strap on tight enough without taking my gloves off.- Grip is good, and it DOES have a flexible heel. I was able to get up steep slopes of packed snow. I got these in the spring, so haven’t tried them in powder yet.Cons:- My heel moves a little more side to side than I would like- traversing a slope is very difficult. However, this is a problem with all snowshoes. I was snowshoeing with other people who had the MSR snowshoes, and we were all sliding a bit while traversing. I did just as well as them going up and down though.Read more

    7. Patti

      I like that they are light weight and the price is very reasonable. The last pair I had lasted me at least 15 years and I paid about the same price. I am not sure whether I like the plastic buckles and wonder if they will last very long. My old pair had leather and cloth/belt that was easy to tighten and hold. That is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. So far they are working out great. We hike at least 3 to 5 miles at a time into the wilderness so need them to hold up.Read more

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