0C11FA2E3WV829 Top class shoe polish

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  • one hundred percent synthetic
  • made in us
  • artificial sole
  • preserves and beautifies even the most delicate smooth leather-based
  • helping shoes withstand dirt, rain, and snow while providing a lustrous glow.
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what makes allen edmonds footwear so precise is the vast range of sizes and widths we offer that make achieving a perfect healthy a good deal less difficult. Every half length will increase through approximately one-sixth of an inch and each full size increases through one-1/3 of an inch. The widths of allen edmonds footwear range from aaa, the narrowest width, to eee, the widest width, with a d width taken into consideration medium. Technically speakme, every width will increase via approximately three-sixteenths of an inch in total girth.

product description

based in 1922, allen-edmonds shoe enterprise manufactures premium guys’s shoes, add-ons, and cedar merchandise the usage of the philosophy of nice, service and integrity. Taking shoemaking to the level of an art form, every pair of allen-edmonds shoes are carefully crafted via hand in a procedure that includes 212 separate production steps. No detail is simply too small, due to the fact superb first-rate is the cornerstone of the allen-edmonds call.


8, 18 Narrow


Walnut, White

8 reviews for 0C11FA2E3WV829 Top class shoe polish

  1. Rohit

    I decided to purchase this item after extensive research on what to use for my walnut colored Allen edmonds Strand Cap-toe Oxfords. I got the second so these had slight blemish on the toe area. My expectations from the products were :– Have a good shine. I wasn’t looking for mirror shine since I discovered for that I would have to use additional product like Lincoln wax.- Take care of blemish. I was over-expecting her since this would as well need another shoe cream with pigment that matched the walnut finish.- Can be applied on the sole leather. As with my other expectation most of the forums suggest you to go with the allen edmonds Heel and sole edge dressing.- My shoes should not get any darker in shade.Some of my observations after using the product:– My shoes did not get any darker in color shade which meets my expectation completely.- Blemish still exists but other people have stated I must use this over time and it would lead of reduction in these.- For shine I was able to achieve satisfactory shine by using a white old cotton rag and using the spit and rub technique. There is youtube video on the same.- I was able to use the same polish on the sole leather as well.Read more

  2. Derik Stowell

    Other than this polish, there is no polish that you can use for your Walnut colored Allen Edmonds shoes that will give you the high results you’re expecting… I’ve tried. This stuff is a little expensive, but your shoes were $300… so shell it out, your shoes deserve to look new again.Read more

  3. Dude

    Excellent products. I purchased for my Allan Edmond, Dalton,Walnut color boots. I’m using it on my other boots with similar color as well. Not greasy. Clean paste, goes on smooth with a very nice finish. Includes a spong buffer at the tip. You can use with or without the sponge.Read more

  4. Eastern Hound

    Very nice polish that exactly matches my expensive walnut AE shoes. Tube is plastic, not metal, but I prefer that. The polish went on easy and polished the shoes to a nice shine with the usual effort.Read more

  5. Jason Naquin

    Easy to work with and matches the walnut finish perfectly.Read more

  6. cutrang

    This shoe polish actually exceeded my expectations.Applying the polish was fast and it was very easy to control the flow of polish (the tube is metal). But more importantly, the polish lasts a pretty long time, and it was easy to buff out minor blemishes. Amazon still thinks this item is for a shoe but it is only for Allen Edmonds shoe POLISH.I purchased the walnut shoe polish by Allen Edmonds and I use it on my Walnut Mcallister and it works very well. The sponge applicator tip is very easy to use. Simply squeeze the tube so that a drip comes out and dap around, then work around all over your shoe to cover all the leather. A little bit goes a long way and enjoy polishing!Read more

  7. Rich

    Great product! I haven’t used the walnut polish yet but I have used the black and the dark chili polish on my other allen edmonds shoes. Easy to use and does a good job keeping my shoes looking like new.Read more

  8. International Man of Mystery

    Allen Edmonds makes the best shoe polish on the market. Note: cordovan leather requires a different polish–also from Allen Edmonds.Read more

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