0C11D9QYVLX861 Women’s reminiscence workshift slip resistant paintings shoe

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  • a hundred% artificial
  • be ambitious and provocative. Remain vintage, however never traditional.
  • radiate sophistication and style without sacrificing performance.
  • inspired through antique athletic put on. Retro appears, with conventional stylings.
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a strong rubber outsole gives slip resistance on slippery floors. Although designed to assist prevent slips, you should always exercising warning on slick surfaces.

constructed from long lasting leather and synthetic substances to fulfill regular occupational wishes.

made with light-weight reminiscence foam sockliner and midsole to offer most excellent comfort in every step.

product description

feel relaxed without sacrificing overall performance and protection on your work day with the fila memory workshift slip resistant protection shoe. Where top rate meets utility, the reminiscence workshift is made from long lasting leather and artificial overlays to give you a reliable paintings shoe that meets your occupational needs. Our fila reminiscence workshift shoe features a rubber slip resistant outsole to provide traction towards slick or moist surfaces. Although designed to help prevent slips, you need to usually exercise warning on slick surfaces.

the reminiscence foam sockliner and midsole work in unison to provide extra consolation with every step of your day. Face your daily challenges quite simply and support with built in perforations for breathability and a variable lace up the front closure.

our work footwear are designed to satisfy paintings in each enterprise. From healthcare to eating place, to construction and business – whilst the work day receives lengthy, fila is there with a shoe that defies expectations to deliver any other degree of overall performance and quality design.

fila started in 1911, in the small alpine metropolis of biella, italy, an area famend for manufacturing the arena’s best textiles, and weaving fabrics with impeccable first-class, true innovation and brilliant beauty. Born of the city and its traditions, fila is inexorably derived from biella’s determination to artistry, luxurious and beauty. That is our birthright, it’s in our soul, and it defines our destiny. We preserve to enrich the athletic revel in by way of improving comfort and overall performance with italian layout, pleasant craftsmanship and refined substances. There may be no feeling pretty as pricey as that of gambling in fila, and that is the motive for our existence. We create what is favored, now not what’s necessary. Now not simply enough, but greater than you need. That is fila.


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8 reviews for 0C11D9QYVLX861 Women’s reminiscence workshift slip resistant paintings shoe

  1. Rhonda Fannin

    I am a cook so I’m on my feet all day, these are the second pair of Filas I have bought for work. They are so comfortable and much more affordable than some others. I broke my heel 10 years ago and have dealt with pain ever since. These shoes help tremendously with the pain. They fit perfectly, there’s breaking in period. I got them Monday and wore them Tuesday with no pain. I am so glad I didn’t have to spend 200 for good work shoes. My last pair lasted over a year and I wore them pretty much everyday, at work and at home. I love these shoes!So this just happened. The sole has come away from the shoe. My son is gluing it back together, not sure why it’s some apart, I will keep the 5 star rating. It’s still an excellent shoe, in spite of this. My first pair lasted over a year, I will buy them again. Love these shoes!Read more

  2. Cara Lynn Bullock

    I usually buy Avia shoes for my job that I am on my feet up to 10 hours a day. These popped up as a recommended iten and were considerably cheaper. I needed new ones and I was tight on cash so I took the chance…. BIG MISTAKE! They fit right and they felt okay just standing in my house trying them on. But then I wore them to work (I describe movements of my job as paying a basketball game for 8 hours straight) … within 2 hours, my feet, legs, back, hips, everything was hurting. They shoes are very stiff and do not flex with the feet. I was almost like wearing wooden clogs. I felt very clumsy in them. By the end of my shift I was in so much pain that I could barely move. Granted I am usually sore anyway, but NOTHING like this. All that said, these may be great for someone else. But for me, with plantar fasciitis, arthritis and knee issues these are a definite NO!Read more

  3. MB

    Update: I purchased these shoes on October 6, 2017. I had to purchase another pair on December 18, 2017. It is unfortunate that a shoe this comfortable tore so quickly. I still love these shoes for my feet. Hopefully, this new pair will last longer, other wise I will probably be forced into looking for a shoe, that lasts longer than a few months, with the same comfort.I love these shoes. I have purchased 4 different pairs of shoes 3 of which were more expensive and did not work. By the end of a 10 hr shift, I could not move. The balls of my feet were killing me. Now that I have found these my feet have not hurt one bit. They have good ankle support thanks to good design. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend these.There is only one thing that should be made known, the memory foam inserts are not removable. But so far I have found the shoes to be so comfy that I have not needed to use my orthotics.Read more

  4. Michael Lundberg

    Bought 2 pair because of the price. Will buy 1 pair of GOOD shoes next time! Each pair fell apart at the rubber soles within a month of use! Wouldn’t recommend, I would do ZERO Stars if i could!Read more

  5. Traci D.

    I’m a mail carrier for the post office so I do a lot of walking, 12+ miles a day. I wanted these as a back up pair. Definitely doesn’t feel like memory foam. I don’t ever need a wide in any other shoe and these were tight and pretty narrow at the toe. First day wearing them and I was almost in tears half way through the day and put on my old shoes. I thought maybe these just needed a while to break in. 6 days later and I still can’t get through the day in them. Will not be wearing these anymore.Read more

  6. Shiloh True

    I had a pair of FILAs that were so comfortable, that I wore them until they were literally breaking apart. I have searched for the same style, to no avail. If I could find them, again, I’d buy six pairs. I was encouraged by the reviews of this shoe. I thought I’d give them a try.Nope, no comparison! These shoes are clunky, rigid, and difficult to break in. The memory foam does little to lessen the fact that these shoes are just not that comfortable. I found them more tolerable with a different orthotic. They also look masculine and make your feet look like boats.Some seem to really like them, so it may just be my own feet protesting. Our feet are as individual as our personalities. That said, I’m not that hard to fit and don’t have any particular foot problems, except for some episodes of plantar fasciitis, which is made worse by this fit. Heels literally screaming.They may work for you. If they do, the sizing is on target and they are very reasonably priced. But, just so you know, I’ve delegated mine to backyard duties, like mowing the lawn. If I had to wear these shoes for a 12 hour shift, I would be hobbling, by the sixth hour.Read more

  7. Heather

    **UPDATED** I bought these shoes in September; less than a year later they have major holes in the front toes and are coming apart along the sides. I’ve put in multiple insoles but nothing seems to make them as comfortable as the first month of wear. Although I do work in a restaurant 40hrs a week I didn’t expect to need to replace them THIS quickly. Might begrudgingly purchase these same ones again cause they were amazing for the first few months.Week two of wearing these and I’m so impressed. I’ve bought Payless safestep brand workshoes for the past few years and I’m mad that I hadn’t tried FILA sooner, these are so much better! I have very wide feet so I ordered the wides in addition to going up an additional half size and they fit perfect. Will definitely purchase these again!Read more

  8. CTKG

    I bought these shoes as I needed a nonslip shoe for work. The nonslip soles offer great traction on slippery floors and are thick enough to be comfortable for the whole shift. I am extremely disappointed in the durability of these shoes, however. I got these at the end of July and now, a mere four months later, they are nearly unwearable. After wearing these just three or four times a week since I purchased them, these shoes have large holes at the ball of my foot and the soles are becoming detached from the uppers. The shoelaces are so ridiculously long that you’ll trip over them. Poor quality, but they’ll do in a pinch if you need a disposable pair of shoes to wear a couple of times. Overall, I do not recommend these shoes.Read more

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