0C11CYN11GF770 Guys’s traditional fringe moccasin boot

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  • 100% cow leather
  • imported
  • leather-based sole
  • quality craftsmanship: for the reason that 1946, every pair of fringed shoes has a wealthy heritage that includes a way of life of careful craftsmanship to deliver super excellent shoes, the use of the finest materials to make sure comfort, durability, and undying fashion
  • convenient sizing: every pair of fellows’s fringed moccasins runs authentic to size; seek advice from the handy size chart icon to ensure correct sizing before purchasing; in case your toes are specific sizes, make certain to measure the bigger one for the nice suit
  • cozy cushty suit: these guys’s fringe moccasins have to match snugly to your feet without feeling uncomfortable; through the years those fringed shoes will stretch to the contours of your foot and put on pattern, getting extra comfortable as you wear them
  • versatile shoes: home made with gentle suede leather sole and gentle padded lining, those guys’s fringe moccasins are sure to be a throwback staple; gentle lining cushions every step and supple suede offers these fringe footwear for men a rich appearance and feel
  • timeless sturdiness: suede leather, rawhide lace, and suede smooth-sole hold those moccasin shoes silky-tender while offering durable support; smooth lining affords a high-end luxurious full-grain aniline even as preserving it at ease and soft

product description

seeing that 1946, minnetonka has been a staple of yank style. As post-war people took to the highways exploring the usa’s herbal splendor, they stumbled upon motels and memento stores sporting conventional home made goods. And in the technique, rediscovered the united states’s unique footwear in minnetonka moccasins.

today, our products may be seen all over the global—from the boundary waters of minnesota to the streets of latest york, london, and tokyo. Irrespective of the footprint, all are made with the identical uncompromising craftsmanship the use of handiest the finest fine substances. Minnetonka continues to define american way of life with conventional layout that is forever linked to our natural, unfastened-spirited heritage.

great craftsmanship

made from brilliant materials, these minnetonka traditional softsole men’s fringed moccasins are perfect for ordinary shoes. Every pair of fellows’s fringed moccasins comes with a wealthy history that consists of a subculture of cautious craftsmanship to deliver extremely good first-class shoes.

handy sizing

each pair of men’s fringed moccasins runs genuine to size. You can talk over with the convenient size chart icon to make certain correct sizing before purchasing. In case your toes are special sizes, make certain to measure the larger one for great in shape.

consolation suit

those guys’s fringe moccasins should fit snugly in your ft with out feeling uncomfortable. Over time, those fringed footwear will stretch to the contours of your foot and wear sample, getting more relaxed as you have been them.

undying sturdiness

home made from genuine gentle suede leather and suede softsole, these men’s fringed moccasins are bound to be a throwback staple. Suede leather, rawhide lace, and suede softsole offer durable help while a tender padded insole offers a high-quit luxury complete-grain aniline retaining it comfy and tender.


6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Softsole Brown

8 reviews for 0C11CYN11GF770 Guys’s traditional fringe moccasin boot

  1. jbdds

    Update / Downgrade of review: Got these on Nov 22nd…string broken 14 April. In less than 5 months the tie string broke. It actually began wearing very thin a couple of months ago and I tied knots in it to reinforce the thin areas. The problem with the design, is there is no way to change the tie easily…it is sewn in to the shoe. I will completely have to remove the seam and utilize an awl to hand sew it back. I’ll have to do it on both…to get it to match…and the second one isn’t far behind. Wish they put eyelets for an easy change. And…put a “real” shoestring in. If I didn’t like them so much, I’d knock off two stars. I’d expect more than 5 months use, for a couple hours a day, houseshoe use…before they’ve become useless, without an overhaul. This problem has been noted in other reviews. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!Original Review: So…my feet get cold in the cool of the year. I have some of those sheepskin “moccasins” that are furry on the inside…usually way to hot for my feet. In the past, I’ve run around in socks and wear lots of them out, prematurely. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like these, with the “insole” liner…but it gives these just enough cushion, to be VERY comfortable. I can go out and get the mail, over my cobblestone driveway without doing the “ouch dance”. Most importantly…my feet don’t get sweaty in these and they breathe like a heavy sock. Wish I’d found these earlier in life :)I would definitely order these again!Read more

  2. Rae

    I have been wearing Minnetonka Moccasin shoes for almost 30 years because the last a long time and they it is like I am barefoot which I absolutely love. I bought these even though I read some of the reviews saying that they were way too narrow. Let me tell you…They are way too narrow. I am not sure if maybe they are trying to get more shoes out of the hide but for some reason the pattern has changed and they truly are way too narrow. I kept them because it is easier than dealing with the return and I am thinking maybe they will form to my feet and become less narrow. If I was you I would go try them on in a store first or be prepared to send them back. I will not ever buy Minnetonka shoes without trying them on in the store first which will be hard because I am not sure where they are located. Good luck.Read more

  3. DJC

    Not quite what I was hoping for in a Minnetonka, I will use them until I find better. They are narrow but should stretch fit. But the heel portion is sloppy not good fit at all, heels colapse under foot not comfortableRead more

  4. tim

    I have bought a pair of these from Minnetonka or a distributor since 1983 and they have remained the same since then. Each pair lasts me a summer (I wear them constantly)and look great until a hole wears in the sole around September (on the left foot- must be they way I walk- remember, these are SOFT SOLES but that’s what makes them so comfortable). I always get them one size smaller than my tennis shoe size and the real, quality leather will just barely stretch out perfectly; otherwise my “regular” size will get a crease at the heel back bottom. They’re SO comfortable and girls say they love them on me (cool). I usually get the dark brown and a black pair but for some reason they’ve stop making the black for men- I just buy the women’s in a size and a half larger than the men’s- they are identical in style to the men’s so I may start buying my brown ones in women’s also since they’re $5 cheaper- I don’t understand that at all. The only thing I wish is that they would still be only $19.99 like they were in ’83!Read more

  5. Tyler Kaplan

    I wear a size 8 across the board in all shoe sizes but I got pulled into the comments saying to go a size bigger. My size 9’s came and I was swimming in the things they were so big. I exchanged them for 8’s and they have a little bit of room without socks and they are PERFECT with a pair of socks. I’m already wearing them everywhere I go and have become a Moccasin advocate.UPDATE: I had to knock down a few stars because the lace broke the second day. too soft and weakRead more

  6. Jon Ignatenko

    The side walls are not really attached to the toebox/tongue. Came with padding but no leather insole covering the padding. I might cut some leather and sew it to the bottom. As it comes it seems like an 80% shoe you finish yourself, acceptable if it was $25.00 less.Read more

  7. Kevin Bosse

    I had a couple of pairs of these in the 70’s. Luv’ em. They go great if you’re a guy with boot cut jeans. I used to have to chase my room-mates down to get my moc’s back to go out at night. (just a footnote) Minnetonka seems to have reduced their inventory and manufacturing capabilities to restricted sizing. I asked them to make me a pair of one of their other Moc. Boots in my size, I am willing to pay the price for a custom order, but they will not do it. I think that is a shame!!! And I’m disappointed with them! To any one wanting to order from Minnetonka’s home page– you might have to get your size from “other suppliers” on Amazon.Read more

  8. JMC

    I am a 5’4” male with size 6 feet and high arches. Due to my unique feature I am very particular about what I put on my feet. When I order any pair of shoes I’m always skeptical. I even open boxes slowly and pray for something that looks good, gives arch support, and won’t make my feet appear tiny. I LOVE these. I love how you can untie the strings and the sides flap down so you can pull and retire the string. So comfortable. Great quality. These shoes are a true size 6 like Nike and New Balance make. Love this I so recommend! If you have super high arches you can probably just put in an insole.Read more

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