0C11CNC2SVJ581 Chinook 80006 trekker snowshoes, 30

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  • mild weight and strong aluminum frame functions an ergonomic layout to make sure relaxed and easy walks
  • uv resistant polyethylene decking, smooth-to-use dual ratchet bindings and heel straps with brief launch buckles
  • heavy obligation aluminum crampons, rotate freely to chunk into snow; heel crampons offer traction for heading down mild slopes
  • consists of carry bag with back % straps, facet handles, mesh air flow and velcro pole companies
  • recommended load: 180-250 kilos (82-114 kg); measures 30 x 8. 6 inch (seventy six x 22 cm); weighs four. Ninety five pounds (2. 25 kg)

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chinook trekker snowshoes

trekker collection snowshoes offer awesome traction and comfort on packed snow and moderate terrains. Excellent for playing lengthy iciness months trekking through trails and forest.

  • heel straps with quick launch buckles that keep foot hold at ease
  • uv resistant polyethylene decking and bindings are flexible up to – 40°f (- forty°c)
  • light weight and sturdy aluminum body features an ergonomic design to make certain comfy and smooth walks
  • clean-to-use twin freeze-resistant ratchet bindings that are smooth to adjust and supply a comfy healthy despite gloves on
  • heavy responsibility aluminum crampons, rotate freely to bite into snow and let the tails drop to shed snow ; heel crampons offer traction for heading down slight slopes
  • consists of carry bag
  • product description

    trekker series snowshoes provide awesome traction and comfort on packed snow and mild terrains which are brilliant for playing lengthy winter months hiking via trails and forest. They may be product of light weight and sturdy aluminum frame ergonomically designed to make sure at ease and smooth walks. They feature uv resistant polyethylene decking and bindings which are flexible up to -40f (- 40c), smooth-to-use twin freeze-resistant ratchet bindings which might be smooth to modify and supply a comfy healthy inspite of gloves on, heel straps with short launch buckles that preserve foot preserve secure. The heavy obligation aluminum crampons rotate freely to chew into snow and permit the tails drop to shed snow and the heel crampons provide traction for heading down slight slopes. They encompass a deliver bag with adjustable again percent straps, side handles, mesh ventilation window and velcro pole carriers. Those durable snowshoes carry a restricted lifetime warranty.

    8 reviews for 0C11CNC2SVJ581 Chinook 80006 trekker snowshoes, 30

    1. Ashley Greene

      Ordered these 30″ Chinook snowshoes out in early January 2017. Took em out for the first time today. Did right around 4.5 miles. I was initially worried because the straps, across the foot, are similar to the old rollerblade ratchets and I didn’t feel like I could pull em tight enough. However, halfway through my hike I discovered that what I had thought was a release switch was actually a tightening ratchet.All in all I really liked these. Comfortable, lightweight, durable. I will update if things change in the next few hikes.Read more

    2. mnfishbro

      So these shoes worked well. They actually made it on a 2 1/2 hour hike in -16f fine. They broke on the way back the following day when it was -20f. I had been hiking for 2 hours.The plastic became super brittle in these temps. And while they did break it was not a catastrophic failure that prevented me from using them. Part of the plate on the bottom that the boot straps into cracked and fell off.Honestly I do not know when I will hike in temps like that again. I did get them replaced and have used the new ones for a total of 6 hours so far in much milder temps and they have worked fine.I was hiking 40 degree inclines pulling 50lbs of gear. These shoes dug right in and I never slipped. Really happy with them.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I used the Chinook Trekker snow shoes 30 from a snow shoe hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park on December 27 – 28, 2016. They worked as advertised. The first hike was 8 miles on snowy trails compacted by other hikers and snow showers and kept the traction when on slippery ice and snow. The second hike was 5 miles on deep fresh snow powder and they kept me nice and stable while hiking up and down the Rocky Mountains. I think I actually preferred using them on the deep fresh snow powder. The binding system was simple and effective. I highly recommend these and look forwards to my next snow shoe adventure on them.Read more

    4. Steve

      Took these on a snowshoe hike in Yosemite’s high country. They were awesome. I watched others in my group that rented their snowshoes hassle with the straps. I loved the snowboard style straps and latches.I recommend these to anyone. Great deal for the price. Good quality.Read more

    5. Glenn

      I bought these on Jan 9 2018 and have never used them until I decided to try them out today 2/4/21. I put them on , on my back deck this morning and realized the broken components to the strap system would not allow me to use these. The pictures show the problem . the plastic feels cheaply made and I’m glad I decided to try them on , on the back deck before heading to the woods.since its way beyond the return window I’ll now try to contact the company for replacement straps.Read more

    6. edward sewall

      Hopefully this can be helpful for other people, tow strap was too short to fit any of my wife’s and son’s shoes or boots, did a lot of Internet hunting and found large replacement straps from Bigfoot snow shoe out of Canada. Straps are sold in pairs (10$) and a heafty frght change. Bought some ss Phillips head machine screws, washers and nuts at the local hardware store and drilled the rivet out. Considering how inexpensive thease snow shoes are I still believe it’s worth the small investment in the straps to make snow shoes usable. Now they can place the ball of their feet on the pivot strap and ratchet them to not only thier hiking boots but also thier larger winter boots!!! As for quality of snowshoes I can’t speak for that yet havent gotten enough snow pack yet.Read more

    7. darrell j murray

      I’m 6′, weigh 210, and these are great. Great easy in/out bindings, and the crampons made schlepping up the steeps easy….Not made for steep downhill descents, but none of them are. Steep down descents require side steps.Liked them so much that I ordered a 25″ set for anybody less than 180 that wants to go with me.Read more

    8. Fiona

      These things are great. I had another pair that were just impossible to fasten, so unuseable so I put them away & never thought about it again. Then we had a stretch of weeks with multiple snowstorms so just getting around our one + acre yard was tough. Our poor mini aussie shepherd was having a very hard time. Got these snow shoes & I could make trails all over for her.Read more

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