0C11AU3AYEB171 Fortunate bums youngsters and adult snowshoes

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  • genuinely indestructible- built to last with light-weight aluminum frame and adjustable child pleasant bindings
  • better traction and guide- the decking offers durable durability whilst the metallic toe crampon presents regular stable traction within the packed snow
  • convey bag blanketed – convenient convey bag with shoulder strap for smooth storage and delivery
  • for all ages- rated up to sixty five pounds for the 14-inch, up to ninety kilos for the 19-inch, up to one hundred twenty kilos for the 22-inch, and as much as 175 pounds for the 26-inch
  • delight assure – if you aren’t 100% happy along with your buy, allow us to know. We’re right here for our clients and could respond promptly and professionally to be able to fix any problems the product may additionally have. Defective gadgets are replaced right away.
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14Inch, 19Inch


Blue, Green, Pink

8 reviews for 0C11AU3AYEB171 Fortunate bums youngsters and adult snowshoes

  1. PLG

    I have a complaint/warning on these, but firsts… Great for the price. They actually kept me up on the snow more so then another brand set I got at the same time. So here is the one big complaint/warning I have about them: They have a design flaw that ended up partly ruining my first trip out with them. On both shoes right at the buckle there is a thin sharp wire that sticks out of a hole in the buckle. I sliced my finger open very badly when I put the first shoe on. After I finally got the bleeding stopped and my poor finger bandaged, we were able to continue with the trip, but I had to deal with the sore finger the whole time. You have to be very careful handling these. Both shoes had the wire sticking out so I think it is how they are made. To bad because other wise they are pretty good. Maybe a little wide, but manageable.Read more

  2. barbieswan

    The snowshoes that I received are not the snow shoes that were pictured. I ordered the pink ones and I got pink ones but there is 2 sides traps and no tow strap on the front of it I did use them and they were OK. But a purposely wanted one with only 1 strap on it because I had foot surgery years ago. Please take actual photos of the item you’re selling instead of a stock photo and then sending whatever you haveRead more

  3. Iain W.

    I got these for my 3 year old (45 lbs) who really wanted to stomp around in the deep snow with dad. The two buckle design seems to work quite well, providing a good snug fit, even on shoes that are probably a little on the small side in our case (Kids size 11). The buckles were easy enough to handle in gloves. 🙂 You can also leave one buckle in place and only open and close the other, making the on/off process easy. Ratcheting action makes it easy to get them nice and snug. I bought the 19″ ones hoping she would grow into them and I’m happy that I did. I noticed other reviewers commented that the 14″ ones were small on size 12-13, so if you’re looking for that size shoe/boot, 19″ may be the way to go.The design also provides a little spring to the binding of the shoe, pulling the tail up towards the heel when the foot is lifted. I think that this helps maneuverability a bit. Walking backwards and turning around can be tough to learn and this design seemed to help in that respect. Durability seems very good, I’m extremely impressed considering the price. I feel like they’ll take a good amount of abuse. Cleats are quite substantial and have a good grip.Highly recommend. Great build quality for the price. Can’t wait to take my little one on more trips with these great shoes!Read more

  4. Sarah J. Walsh-everett

    These are a little tricky to fit on, but once you get the hang of it they’re a piece of cake! And they work great! Both my 85-lb thirteen year old and my 135-lb self were able to use them just fine.Read more

  5. P. Bruce Gietzen

    If you have little ones, you need not leave them home. 7 to 11 year olds can run with these and they are REAL snow shoes, not plastic over priced junk. Well made. Get the 14 inchers for the 3 to 6 year olds and you got the bases covered. Then go home for hot chocolate, life is good !!Read more

  6. Rhonda A. Johnson

    This was a gift for my 6 year old Grandson. He loves them! So easy to put on and they worked great in the deep snow. I bought these for the whole family to enjoy the Minnesota winters!Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I was a cabin bound 63yr old with no snowshoeing experience when I ordered these. My yard was buried in over 2ft of snowy powder. I strapped on my old high top boots and had a blast! For this beginner, they are great. And I loved the color and the price.Read more

  8. Lenny Grekko

    I bought these for a small child, and they do an amazing job! The large bindings are easy to adjust and do a great job holding onto winter boots. They keep you elevated on the snow and for the price are a great deal considering they are made of higher grade materials and aluminum frame.Read more

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