0C11AE4IU7J155 Ladies’s air max torch

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a jogging shoe doesn’t get any extra smooth and sophisticated than the nike torch.


5.5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5


Black/Metallic Silver/Pink, White? Black-volt-laser Crimson, Midnight Navy, White

8 reviews for 0C11AE4IU7J155 Ladies’s air max torch

  1. Crystal

    I currently own this same shoe in black and pink. After a few years they are falling apart. I didn’t want to mess around with trying on a bunch of different shoes so I decided to order the same shoe here on Amazon but in black and rose gold. The right shoe was horribly uncomfortable when I tried it on. I looked inside and the insole is all scrunched up in a large bump inside the shoe. I was hoping maybe I could smooth it out by hand. I gently felt around and it seems like the insole is glued in place that way. I’m not messing with trying to fix or replace insoles on a $90 pair of shoes. I shouldn’t have to. The last few pairs of Nike shoes I’ve bought haven’t lasted as long as they used to. A lot of the new designs seem to have less toe room. And now they can’t even get the insole placed correctly? That’s so sloppy. I’m disappointed. Nike quality seems to be sliding downhill. I’ve been brand loyal for most of my life but I think I’m finally irritated enough to switch brands.Read more

  2. Laura M.

    These fit a little tight but ultimately good. Love how they look. Wear them for my 12 hour shifts.Read more

  3. RJE

    Let me preface by saying that I almost never give a bad review because I am not a fussy person with unrealistic expectations. So I bought these shoes for normal street wear and did not intend to wear them to workout. I have to try on workout shoes because I broke my foot years ago and it will cause me pain with the wrong shoes. BUT I am usually ok to walk around in basic tennis shoes without pain. Unfortunately these shoes are not comfortable for just basic walking! I wore them to a flea market and walked around for about 4 hours, on grass, and my feet were killing me. They have no real cushion or support and feel like flat rubber soles with a tiny cushion pad over the rubber. I am really disappointed that I had to wear them to find out how uncomfortable they are and now I am stuck with them. I own $35 walking “no name” tennis shoes with way more cushion and support than these Nikes. I would not recommend them and hopefully I can sell them for a few bucks on a buy, sell, trade website! The only reason I gave them even 2 stars is because they fit as expected and look like the picture.Read more

  4. MISSY Q

    My last Nike’s were discontinued:( I was searching for a replacement and lo and behold! The Nike Women’s Air Max Torch fit the bill! Perfect fit, perfect color and they are COMFORTABLE!! YAY!!. My Dental Assistant wanted to know where I got my cute shoes! She said they looked liked Dolphin colors, (Her team I assume) I was flattered and gave her the link to purchase. I said to her, “You have good taste!” Hopefully, these don’t get discontinued.Read more

  5. Searching for a Shower cap that works!

    I am so disappointed in these shoes. I have been buying Nike’s for 32 years . I think I accidentally bought a counterfeit pair at a discount shoe store at a mall once. Ran for 23 years and would buy several pairs a year. I tried these on right away and they remind me of the pair I thought was counterfeit. Can’t say for sure but I am not happy. Box was chewed up. No receipt or packing slip. The shoe tag says 2019 . The inside tongue is not even sewn flat so it did not fell good on my toe the minute I put on. Now without even a packing slip, I don’t know if I will be able to return? I paid $189.00 for these and when I started looking for info they are selling for $85.00 in this years model. Not happy with this transaction.Read more

  6. Melissa Rubeo

    I love these shoes!! I tried them kind of out of the blue, I haven’t worn Nike in years simply because another brand/style caught my eye but I love these! I have been wearing 7.5 in Puma’s and the 8 in these fit me comfortably. They feel great wearing all day, haven’t worn them to the gym yet but walking stores and more during the holiday season I was still comfortable and they haven’t torn or worn out yet.Read more

  7. Jeff P Smith Sr

    Bought these on a hope they would fit with a bunion and the fir just right.Read more

  8. Pippen

    I love these sneakers. They look awesome and are very light weight. The arch support is just right for me. I bought these to replace a worn out pair of Asiacs that I really liked and didn’t think I’d find anything as good- I’m on my feet a lot and Nike doesn’t disappoint. At first I thought they were over priced at $90 but no regrets- you get what you pay for, as they say.Read more

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