0C11A5HPAEB520 Yaktrax walk traction cleats for on foot on snow and ice (1 pair)

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  • by way of coming into your version range.
  • light-weight and affordable slip-on traction cleats to reduce the chance of falls while walking on snow or ice to paintings, faculty, or even to the mailbox
  • made of erosion-resistant 1. 2 mm metallic coils with zinc coating to prevent rust; secured to shoes with long lasting polyelastomer outer band
  • offers 360 degrees of traction on cold surfaces for all-direction stability
  • rather elastic outer band with heel tab slips without problems slips on and stale of footwear; best for pedestrians, specialists and the aged
  • available in four sizes: x-small (w2. Five-6/m1-4. Five); small (w6. Five-10, m5-8. 5); medium (w10. 5-12. Five, m9-eleven); large (w13-15, m11. 5-thirteen. 5)
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Large (Shoe Size: W 13-15/M 11.5-13.5), Medium (Shoe Size: W 10.5-12.5/M 9-11), Small (Shoe Size: W 6.5-10/M 5-8.5), X-small (Shoe Size: W 2.5-6/M 1-4.5)

8 reviews for 0C11A5HPAEB520 Yaktrax walk traction cleats for on foot on snow and ice (1 pair)

  1. Virgil

    I was really ecstatic to get a pair of these, the reviews were/are stellar. Then after maybe 12 hours of moderate use in the snow and ice they fell apart.I ordered a pair of Icetrekkers to replace them. When the postal carrier came this morning she was wearing Yaktrax. I asked her about her experience and it was similar to mine. Apparently they received a large box of these thing so they could walk their postal routes. She’s gone through several pairs in three weeks and other postal carriers at her station are having the same issues with them. Granted that’s on the high end of usage for these things.How did they get these positive reviews? Not sure, maybe a bad production run? Fake reviews? Not sure, but whatever they are sending does not hold up well.Read more

  2. Ryan

    These broke the first day. The rubber tore and they just fell apart. I wasn’t going to carry them for the rest of my backpacking trip so I picked the pieces off of the trail and threw them out. Now I can’t even return them. They might work for walking to the mailbox but if they brush up against a rock or 2 it is all overRead more

  3. Kyle

    Totally mislead by all the positive reviews. We ordered 3 pairs and went on a moderate 8 mile hike. All pairs broke during this first hike. DO NOT BUY. Spend a bit more money and get the microspikes instead.Read more

  4. JayR101

    If you’re considering at these you SHOULD buy them! I have had these for about a week and have put 10 or so miles on in quite icy conditions. I walk my dogs on trails that get very icy and have to skip many days due to ice. Today I trialled them on the hills of our trails which are steep and I have to normally go off the trail so I can stay upright. Today walked down center of trail and did not slip even once nor did I ever feel insecure. Last week we had a freezing drizzle which coated a parking lot and I trialled them on it and had the same results. They stay secure and so far I feel the best purchase I have made on Amazon.Read more

  5. J. R. Mountford

    One cleat broke within 30 mins on first day clearing icy driveway. Very disappointed.Read more

  6. David in Boston

    The cleats work as advertised on packed snow. They offer security. On ice, less so. (See below re indoors…)But the YouTube videos I saw ignored the process of putting them on your shoes. It is a difficult process. Putting them on while wearing the shoes is nearly impossible and requires much struggle. It is easier before your put the shoes on, but this requires that you find a place to sit — easy enough at home but much more awkward at the entrance to a grocery store on a snowy day. Count on getting wet pants.REMOVE THEM BEFORE WALKING INDOORS! This is a matter of safety. On a polished, hard floor, using these things is like walking on the worst of slick ice. I learned this the hard way. This also means you can’t use them very well for errands, because you need to remove them mid-way and then put them back on.Removing them is easy. They just flip off with a tug. However, one of them removed itself when I stepped onto an uneven surface clumsily.It would help if the manufacturer devised a little plastic hook one could use to pull the cleats on. Of necessity the rubber edges are really tough and resist being pulled on. A little hook gizmo would help.Truthfully, I would not buy them again. Balancing usability vs. safety, I think I will just rely on my carbon walking sticks.Read more

  7. Mjsielerjr

    I used these bad boys after it snowed a whopping 2 inches in Portland, Oregon the other day. I was running around Portland like Usain Bolt. I didn’t slip a bit. Best < $20 purchase ever. Even if they break after one season, I'll get another pair.Read more

  8. MJF

    Just received my Yaktrax and returned from walking my dog. Am in love with them! We are having a brutal winter in ND with so much snow, ice, etc. I now feel safe when I head out for a walk and don’t feel like I am taking a chance on falling. The Yaktrax stretch on easily and quickly, fitting all my different pairs of boots, and grip the ice and snow so nicely. I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe and ordered the medium. So happy with this purchase!Read more

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