0C11A5HP7IP615 Seasoned traction cleats for on foot, jogging, or hiking on snow and ice

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  • traction cleats that healthy over footwear for adequately taking walks, trekking, or strolling on packed snow or ice
  • made from excessive-power, abrasion-resistant 1. Four mm stainless steel coils and heavy-responsibility rubber; secured to footwear with long lasting rubber straps
  • presents 360 levels of traction on cold surfaces for all-route balance
  • long lasting rubber foot body with removable over-foot strap ensures an wonderful in shape
  • examined secure from breakage in temperatures as little as -41 levels f; available in s, m, l, and xl sizes to suit maximum shoes

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product description

yaktrax pro traction cleats immediately provide higher traction, confidence and safety for on foot, running, or hiking on packed snow or ice. Seasoned traction cleats healthy over footwear and are secured with a long lasting rubber strap that ensures an wonderful suit. Traction is furnished with the aid of a shaped-edge coil layout that gives unequaled balance on ice and snow, letting customers flow about certainly with the equal solid grip as on dry surfaces. Yaktrax pro traction cleats are made of high-electricity, abrasion and rust-resistant 1. 4 mm metallic coils and heavy-responsibility herbal rubber to help the cleats easily agree to the form of any boot or shoe. Multiple coil angles offer 360 ranges of traction on cold surfaces for balance in all guidelines. Because yaktrax pro traction cleats were examined in temperatures as low as -forty one tiers fahrenheit, they may be worn in a diffusion of environments, from icy wisconsin streets to packed-snow trails in wintery woods. Yaktrax seasoned traction cleats are to be had in small, medium, big, and additional-massive sizes to suit maximum shoes: small (suits shoe size w6. 5-10, m5-8. Five); medium (suits shoe length w10. Five-12. Five, m9-11); massive (suits shoe length w13-15, m11. 5-thirteen. Five); x-large (suits shoe size w15. 5+, m 14+). For oversized footwear or boots, yaktrax recommends shopping one size larger than your regular shoe size.


Large (Shoe Size: W 13-15/M 11.5-13.5), Medium (Shoe Size: W 10.5-12.5/M 9-11), Small (Shoe Size: W 6.5-10/M 5-8.5), X-Large (Shoe Size: W 15.5+/M 14+)

7 reviews for 0C11A5HP7IP615 Seasoned traction cleats for on foot, jogging, or hiking on snow and ice

  1. celticwife

    I think this could be a very good product, but for the fact that the sizing is ALL Wrong. The Women’s’ small is listed to fit shoe size 6.5 – 10. No Way! I tried to get them onto my Size 8 SHOE – not a heavy boot – and pulling as hard as I could, the product was easily 2-3 inches too short. I really hate the hassle of having to return something, but these are certainly not a keeper. Too bad, I had high hopes for these after reading the reviews. They will be returned ASAP.Read more

  2. Love Nature

    I’ve had yaktrax for years and they’ve always held up at least one possibly two Winters. However I bought these Pros for my husband and after one wearing the rubber has snapped underneath of the springs. The black rubber on these ones seems very weak compared to the rubber on the clear ones I had purchased years ago. Since I bought these two years ago and this is the first time my husband has wore them I’m out the $21 that I paid for them and he’s only wore them once I will never purchase them again I’m not sure why they changed them but they need to get back to their quality productRead more

  3. luciamia

    I had a pair of the Yaktrax Pros for ten years during the thousands of hours I worked as a Paramedic in the northeastern US. Ten years! They were an essential part of my winter gear and served me well for nearly a decade. When they finally gave out this early winter I order the new and improved version. What a mistake. These are a waste of money.I wore these for the first time the first week of January, 2018, and you can see from the picture below that one of them has come apart. Plus the strap that is supposed to stabilize the unit would cause the Yaktrax to shift and roll. You just can’t stop multiple times to fix the strap. And, yes, I work with a lot of straps on equipment so I know how much is the right amount of tension.And you can see in the photograph the thin cord holding the rolled wire snapped off the large central button. The old style did not have this huge button with the extruded arms with wire wrapped around a flimsy connector.Winter is still here and these were needed. I will never ever order these again. My safety depends on my having sure footing and these are poorly designed junk compared to what they used to be before they were “improved.”Read more

  4. BWenn001

    The Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats (Small) fit fairly well on my size 8 Saloman Quest 4D 2 GTX hiking boots. My first use for them was to shovel and salt my driveway, which was on an incline, after a snowfall. They functioned as I had imagined and I did not slip while shoveling. At some point, the left cleat had broke and I was disappointed. I’m sure I placed it on my boots properly, according to the instructions, but couldn’t figure out how or when it broke.Is there a refund or replacement policy? I would absolutely like to use them again.Read more

  5. Roocious Maximums

    There are many uses for these, but this is for someone looking to use these for hiking.These absolutely do their job, however with much maintenance and caution:First off: don’t get these if you’re planning to rely on them for hiking.Why? The worst issue is that there is no cross elastic brace on that top diamond to prevent the coils from wrapping up on the sides of the boot when taking a step (especially stepping in snow where someone else has already made a footprint and your foot doesn’t land exactly flat). I found that I was reaching down to adjust them every 3 to 5 minutes.The next annoying issue: as you can see from other hikers who have reviewed, they break very easily. Why? Common sense: if you walk on anything but snow and ice that has any form of possible abrasion to the elastic, well you’ll break down the elastic and SNAP. This didn’t happen to me, because I was very careful to walk slowly and not push off when stepping on gravel or anything possibly short. But this is kind of a silly situation since they help you speed up in the snow, but really slow down (or have to take them off) when you’re in conditions that you should be going fastest.The only pro: they weigh nothing and fit in your pack easily. I can see the only use for them is a really cheap backup in your pack if you’re hiking somewhere with light snow / ice, and you’re worried about crossing a thin trail on a cliff where there is compact snow/ice. But, for only twice the price (not 4-5 times the price for mountaineering crampons) you could get some all metal chain mini spike crampons that might weigh a bit more, but won’t slow you down, or break and leave you having to risk slipping.Read more

  6. JR

    The concept is good, unfortunately they use cheaply made rubber straps that hold spring wire are too thin and break easily, same with wire traction spring wire which uncoils from rubber and snags on everything. I have had 3 pairs and they don’t last more than 2 months with out breaking. Need to use heavy duty rubber straps and spring coils that do not uncoil. I have switched to heavy duty chain type traction and have not had any problems.Read more

  7. Gnome DePlume

    First, let me say I have no financial interest in these. I just went for my first run in the Yaktrax. It was slushy and there was about 1 inch of snow on the sidewalks with some icy patches. The Yaktrax are rubber and metal contraptions you put over the soles of the shoe and are fastened with velcro. They function the way chains would on tires. I found that my grip was immensely improved. There was no slippage either going up snowy hills or down. I found that one of the hardest things about running in the snow had been the feeling of running in sand where not all your momentum propelled you forwards. Not a problem with these bad boys. I intentionally ran downhill and jumped to a stop to see if I would skid on the snow and it was like jumping into velcro. I was so surprised that I almost lost my balance. I was expecting to skid forward at least a bit. I have not yet tried them on areas I would consider to be hard ice yet. I had worried that it would be uncomfortable running on Yaktrax because it would feel like I was running on a thick wire the whole time but this was not the case at all. Friends, it’s going to be a long cold snowy slushy winter followed by an equally cold snowy slushy spring. I would encourage you to consider these.Read more

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