0C119ZG0MAJ512 Baseball socks & belt blend set (all sizes & colorations to be had)

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  • joe’s america – baseball socks & belt combo set
  • 1 pair recreation socks and 1 sport belt
  • premium quaility
  • adjustable baseball belt to healthy all sizes
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product description

joe’s america baseball socks & baseball belt mixtures are available in crimson, grey, darkish inexperienced, black, gold, scarlet, navy, teal, orange, maroon, white, royal blue, and kelly green. Pink, lime green. Revealed with joe’s u. S. A. ™ emblem


7-9, 9-11, 11-13


Black, Brown, Columbia Blue, Gold, Graphite, Light Blue, Neon Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Dark Green, Kelly Green, Navy, Orange, Royal, Teal, Gray, Maroon, Neon Yellow, Pink, Scarlet, Vegas Gold

8 reviews for 0C119ZG0MAJ512 Baseball socks & belt blend set (all sizes & colorations to be had)

  1. Kristi

    I’m so disappointed and upset about my order. I paid extra $23 for shipping to have the socks and belts here by Thursday for our team to wear in a tournament this weekend. I received 4 youth socks instead of 5. I received 3 youth belts instead of 5. I received all the intermediate socks but received 7 intermediate belts. The quality of the youth socks is crap. They don’t even match the color of the intermediate socks or quality of them. I’m super super upset. We now have no socks or belts for this weekends tournament and will have to stop and spend more $$. I will change my rating if company as soon as i hear from them.Read more

  2. Kindle Customer

    We’ve ordered Joe’s baseball socks in the past and loved them. This season, I purchased navy blue baseball socks and was confused when my son brought them to me after his first game with runs and pulls in them. They looked like someone had run the rough size of a strip of velcro against them. I checked his cleats. Nothing was rubbing against them. I’m not sure what might have caused this, but it was definitely a surprise for us. We did not experience this the last time we purchased.Read more

  3. Esme Duffy

    HUGE!!! I got a youth small and the socks go up to my child’s thigh. The belt wasn’t even close to fitting so I made a new hole to use it. The color was great though and matched the lime green uniform. Also the socks are very thick which I can’t imagine is comfortable in the heat of the summer.Read more

  4. Charity

    They arrived on time, they are well made. I purchased a intermediate size 9-11 for my 10 yr old son who is 5’0” Size 8.5 men’s shoe and 28” waist. Socks fit him perfectly and belt fits too. Belt is adjustable and easily adjusted to fit him. The quality and durability are good.Read more

  5. Heath S.

    These both fit well and are just right if you need a new pair every year. I seems like we need a different color each year because we never know what team we will be on. For this price, you don’t mind buying these each season.Read more

  6. Mrs.Cortes09

    Wow is all I can say!! I spent nearly $13 on this and its clearly a used and damaged item!! I wasn’t expecting high quality but I was expecting the belt to be new and undamaged. I’m very disappointed and will be seeking a refund.Read more

  7. Megs

    It’s the first year of T-Ball for us and coach asked us to get red socks and a red belt. We got the Youth Size (ages 7-9) for our 6 year old who is on the tall side. The belt is adjustable and stretchy, and will fit a huge range of waists. The socks were a little long.The socks (acrylic, nylon, spandex) are tube socks so there’s no heel, and they fit fine at the foot, but were a little, nay, very long. They were like thigh high stockings on my kid. Granted he is 6, and they recommend ages 7-9, but he is the tallest boy in his Kindergarten class. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll still be using these, they’re just long!The belt is elastic, reminds me of a suspender. The ends are a soft, crudely cut leather stamped with “made in China”. It’s adjustable and will fit practically anyone.Instead of driving all over the place and hoping they have the right color/size/price I opted for this combo set – $8 plus shipping and handling. The belt is on the cheaply made side, but hey, $8 for a belt and socks is cheap. I’d still recommend this combo.Read more

  8. Jerry

    This is a great set. My daughter needed a Vegas gold set of socks and belt for her softball. We looked all around and found these that worked out perfectly. The socks were a good fit for her actual foot size and the belt will accommodate a wide range of sizes. The price was great and the shipping was very fast!! Thank you.Read more

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