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5 reviews for 0C119GW6S3D628 Snow joe sj623e electric unmarried degree headlights

  1. elburn paul

    This little guy works like a charm. Used it for the first time this morning. We got about 4-5 inches of snow last night and this thing really works. Went right through it. Although, at the end of the driveway where the plow truck piles it up and it’s laden with road salt, the SnowJoe did bog down a little. But that’s to be expected. For the driveway and sidewalk, it rolled right through it. Shooting the snow about 20 feet. Very impressed with the quality and performance. The only downside is having to deal with a power cord. I knew this going in and it’s not SnowJoe’s fault. But do yourself a favor and get a good cord, rated for the amperage (15A @ xxx feet) and with insulation that is rated for cold weather. I have a decent cord, but I will be getting one that is rated for outside cold weather. Actually the cord wasn’t too bad during use, but rolling it back up at 8 degrees F was no fun. For the performance, quality and certainly for the price (~$100.00), you can’t go wrong. Get one.02/11/2018 added a short video. Still works like a champ. I can’t understand the bad reviews.Read more

  2. D.R.U.

    Update: This machine works well in dry snow, much easier compared to wet snow. The light does make a difference for me, I am usually stuck clearing snow after work when it is dark. 6 inches is probably the deepest I would say it can handle. Used it in 5″ deep snow and it was probably close to it’s maximum. I would give it 4 stars if it didn’t occasionally give off that burning smell (disconcerting) and if the connector for the cord was better. Make sure you have an all weather 12/3 cord (flexible to -40°C), they are not cheap, I use a neon pink one so it is easy to see in the dark, you don’t want to run it over.This is the review I wish I had read before I bought this snow blower. I have never used one until tonight and I was disappointed. The machine is easy enough to setup, 10 minutes to unpack and read the instructions.1st irritation – the connection for the extension cord will not fit the head on my industrial 12 ga. extension cord.2nd irritation – if you have any joints in the concrete you are clearing, the blower will jar on them because the wheels are so small. This can be painful and very frustrating.3rd irritation – a few times I noticed a burning smell coming from the machine, not a good sign.4th and the biggest killer of all is the snow blower does not blow any snow unless you move it with a lot of force and speed. At first I was pushing the blower at about the same pace you would push a lawn mower and it was clogging non stop. The snow was only 1″ (2 cm) deep at most, but quite wet. The snow would not even shoot out 3 feet, and after pushing the blower less than 6 feet the spout would clog. I was so frustrated that I pushed the machine as hard as I could and voila, the snow started spraying 15 to 18 feet. I bought the machine to reduce the physical stress of clearing snow, but it was actually harder physically for me to push the machine with enough pace to clear the snow than shoveling. It was definitely much faster than shoveling but definitely not easier.I hope this helps out anyone who is considering an electric snow blower.Read more

  3. Jeff G.

    This Snow Joe was an epic fail across the board. Bad experience overall. Looked great out of the box, I bought a special extension cord that was heavy gauge and all weather. Arrived at our mountain cabin at night, so the light was going to really help as I cleared a path on the driveway of the 6-8″ snow. Plugged it it, made four passes about 30′ long on light, dry powder snow with the light blazing. Snow blew far, directional nozzle was easy to use and it seemed great. Put everything away indoors to clear the rest in the morning in the light. Five minutes into the next mornings use it began to run rough and smelled like electrical melting wires, so we stopped immediately. Checked everything, let it stay in a warm room and tried again next day, same extreme burning smell, rough running weakly and the safety switch was cheap plastic mechanism that would not engage half the time. Snow Joe died after only two 15 minutes uses maybe making 10 total passes in light snow for a total running time of 30 minutes.Read more

  4. Tom

    HI – I just wanted to update this comment.I contacted Snow Joe and they were very responsive in sending me out replacement parts. Turns out the drive pulley was stripped. A retention screw sheared off when I tried to remove it so I could not complete the repair. A new unit was on my door step in a few days! I can honestly say that their customer service was fantastic to work with! IBased on this alone I would seriously consider Snow Joe for future purchases. Thank you Snow Joe!———-I ordered the snow blower in October of 2016 and have used it 2 times since then. after a recent snow storm I took it out to clear the driveway and got about 4 or 5 rows cleared and it stopped working. Not sure what the issue is and am currently trying to get warranty support. I would have rated this higher as I like the unit (when it works). I hope I get support from them to fix the issue.Read more

  5. Celene

    So far so good used a few times last 2 snows were heavy and overall im happy. Chk out pics. Jus make sure you go very slow when taking on a foot or higher. And let rest after 20 minutes or so of constant heavy use.Read more

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