0C119EVPGKH877 Msr conventional snowshoe strap package

(8 customer reviews)

$25.85 $17.87

  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of getting into your version quantity.
  • delivering delivered reach for big footwear like snowboard and big plastic boots
  • works with all modern-day msr posilock bindings
  • works with all pre-2010 snowshoe bindings
  • colour: darkish blue
  • length: 18 inches

18-Inch Pair

8 reviews for 0C119EVPGKH877 Msr conventional snowshoe strap package

  1. Allison

    The back heel strap broke on my Atlas snowshoes and they don’t sell parts, only option was to ship across the county to pay them to fix it. I riveted one of these straps on and it works greatRead more

  2. Plotthound

    I love my MSR Denali’s, but these straps are awful as well as overpriced. I’ve got 2 pairs of shoes that needed replacements. I think these are old, just like the ones I replaced, which were rubbery when younger, and are way stiffer and less elastic now. in fact, I’ve been using them a month, and they’re still folded like when they came out of the package. They don’t work very well. Next time I”ll make my own from rubber roofing or a tractor inner tube.Read more

  3. Fllcrcl

    Sthese straps are alright. Lasted as long as the originals. For a better replacement use Hoover Vacuum #170 replacements belts and a hole puncher. Works perfect.Read more

  4. E. Claxton Jr.

    I’ve had my MSR snowshoes so long (decades) that the rubber started to deteriorate and I broke a strap. I opted to replace all of the straps. The process was easy and I’ll be happily back on the snowshoes whenever the snow returns.Read more

  5. Lynna M Lippmann

    Excellent straps. Enabled me to keep my old snowshoes. In a throw away society it’s nice to see someone helping us to not toss perfectly good things away.Read more

  6. Jon S

    Very firm rubber makes it difficult to pull tight. Also if ordering be sure to measure. The heel strap needs to be longer for men’s bootsRead more

  7. L.A.S.

    I Can’t believe that after just a couple uses, the straps are already getting cracks –not quite as bad as the ancient straps I was replacing, but enough to make me worried about them breaking while out on the snowy trail.Read more

  8. John T. Turner

    Replaced my straps this year for my 20 year old MSR snowshoes. They’re just like the originals.Be sure to buy the ones for your specific MSR snowshoes. Go to their website to see which straps you need.Read more

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