0C118T4SB2Z335 Run traction cleats for running on snow and ice (1 pair)

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  • make sure this fits
  • by way of getting into your version quantity.
  • traction cleats designed through runners specifically to match over running shoes allowing customers to maintain education in iciness
  • product of mixture of replaceable, 3mm carbide-metal spikes and 1. 4mm stainless steel coils to provide unbeatable traction
  • gives 360 ranges of traction on bloodless surfaces for all-direction stability
  • rubber foot body with formed-toe and over-foot straps secures the runner’s foot within the device; reflective heel and aspect straps for safety
  • tested safe from breakage in temperatures as little as -forty one ranges f; to be had in s, m, l, and xl sizes to fit most shoes

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Large (Shoe Size: W 13-15/M 11.5-13.5), Medium (Shoe Size: W 10.5-12.5/M 9-11), Small (Shoe Size: W 6.5-10/M 5-8.5), X-large (Shoe Size: W 15.5+/M 14+)

7 reviews for 0C118T4SB2Z335 Run traction cleats for running on snow and ice (1 pair)

  1. Fabulous Finn

    I’ve been wearing yaktrax for years for jogging in winter conditions, especially icy roads/trails, and they don’t fail me–until they do. The product only lasts about one season (I jog about 1 or 2 days a week, and hike with boot chains otherwise) because of the rubber on the bottom. The wires start to uncoil, the rubber wears, and they’re basically done. Still, I keep ordering a new pair each season because they are the best I’ve used for jogging and offer flexibility plus traction.Read more

  2. Sarah

    I am an avid runner from Michigan and realized I was going to need something to help me stay upright if I wanted to continue my training outdoors this winter. I saw a woman at winter race wearing these and decided to look online. The first run out in them was like instant confidence! I ran through ice, snow, and everything in between and while it was definitely more challenging for my legs with the drag of the snow, I felt entirely capable with my Yaktrax on my feet!They were super easy to fit and fit true to size. They are rubbery and just stretch right around your shoes and then simply velcro on top. I never once had an issue where they slipped off and I went on some long runs in them. Additionally, I was able to run on areas that were just/largely concrete without feeling unstable or off. I don’t know if this will make them break down quicker, but it’s Michigan and there are going to be areas that were salted mixed in with areas that were not, so this has to work.I am super pleased with my Yaktrax and highly recommend them for outdoor running and other activities in the winter!Read more

  3. James E. Runnels

    I waited a few months before posting my review so I could get more experience wearing these. We’ve had a mild winter so far, but I’ve needed to wear my YakTrax probably 7 or 8 times on 5 mile lightly hilly trail runs this winter. I was a bit skeptical about getting traction from a metal coil – that’s why I went with the “Run” model that has spikes in the front. And the YakTrax Run seems to have better reviews than their other models. I have been pleasantly surprised at the traction I’ve been getting, even with coils in the rear half. I have not had one serious slip so far. And I’ve never had one come off. TRUST THE SIZE CHART. I’ve read that some people are buying the next size up. I think that would be a mistake. I wear a men’s size 10, thick soled running shoe and wear medium YakTrax. I have to pull on them to stretch them around my shoes, but they are comfortable and stay put. There are adjustable straps to assist with fit. My biggest concern is durability. From an early run, I noticed wear on the orange plastic pieces that hold the spikes. They are getting numerous tiny chips in them and a couple of the little pegs on the top (against the sole of the shoe) have broken off. Some of the trails I run have gravel mixed in the dirt, so I suspect that where the snow is sparse, the gravel is hard on the plastic. I don’t see these lasting more than one winter. Amazon sells replacement “spike plates”. I suspect I’ll be buying a set for next winter. Cheaper than buying another pair of YakTrax. Five stars for fit and traction, but I ding them one star for durability.Read more

  4. Lauren Hepplewhite

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I dont run in them but I use them to walk on snowy and icy conditions.Read more

  5. YamaLink

    Pictures don’t do this justice. Very tiny! Thought just one was in box. Wear 10.5 trail runner and ordered the medium, and it’s a nice tight secure fit. If I get just a year of use (20 to 30 miles snow running per month) I’ll be happy. Much much better than the Saucony Peregrine 6 Ice+ with vibram arctic grip tread! That shoe was an expensive mistake, but the Yaktrax gives new life to my old backup shoes that weren’t being used for non-snow use. I’m thinking of ordering a larger pair for my Bugaboots. While I don’t run in those snowboots the yaktrak offer a great deal of insurance for such a small amount of cost. A+ all the way!Read more

  6. logansrun

    The pins at the front of the product broke off or pulled out of the rubber. There is already a picture posted by another reviewer that shows exactly how my traction cleats now look, but I decided to included another pic. I don’t want anyone to think the other reviewer’s problem was just a one-off. I bought two pair. One for me and one for my son. Both pair will have to be thrown away since I missed the return window. Too bad!Read more

  7. KBD

    Disappointed in how long they held up. I used them for about 3 months on wooded trails where there was a lot of snow and ice. They were great…while they lasted. after about 1.5 months, the cleats on the front of the pieces essentially wore down to a nub and the rubber casing had worn down significantly. I ordered replacement cleats (which aren’t cheap!) which extended the life of the things …for a bit. Now they are basically disintegrating. The wire coils are breaking and pulling away from the rubber and the rubber is ripping everywhere.Once the spring weather is here for good I’ll be tossing the. I have a feeling the much less expensive traditional Yak Trax, or similar versions will be a smarter purchase for next winters hiking.I used them for hiking… with my dogs, not running. I have feeling if I ran with these they might have broken down even faster.Read more

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