0C117XC8UGV283 Kold kutter seasoned series snowmobile music and atv tire traction screws 1″ length zero. 190″ head height kk-10250-10

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  • minimal weight increase for optimum traction advantage
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minimum weight increase for optimum traction advantage. Length #10


Kold, Kutter


Kold, Kutter

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1.9, pounds

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2.5, x, 8.4, x, 2.3, inches

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3.8, out, of, 5, stars, 7, ratings, 3.8, out, of, 5, stars

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July, 31, 2007

2 reviews for 0C117XC8UGV283 Kold kutter seasoned series snowmobile music and atv tire traction screws 1″ length zero. 190″ head height kk-10250-10

  1. Outdoor Nut

    I bought these to put on my new tracks I just got for my 4wheeler that I use to plow my driveway. My driveway is very steep and gets very icy in the winter months. I have gone for a ride down it more times then I would like in my truck and do not want a repeat on my 4wheeler. I have also slid down it on my behind which is why I now wear microspikes on my shoes when working or walking in the driveway. My driveway is really going to put the kold cutters to the test. I have spikes on my snowmobile that work great on ice which was my first choice to put on my tracks. However, after looking at the tracks I realized I could not use them. This is because the back plate for the spikes would come in direct contact with and wear out the drive gear which is plastic on my tracks. I have put the kold kutters on the tracks but needed more so I had to buy another bag. I really thought 250 would be enough. Guess I should have counted lol. The threaded part goes one inch into and 1/4 inch shy from going completely through the tracks. If a stud comes out, which I doubt, I have extras to replace them with. I put the studs on the widest part of the tread. See pictures. I really hope these studs will give me the traction I am looking for when plowing my driveway. I will update this review and add more pictures when the snow starts to fall which should be soon. I have also added a picture of the small utility trailer that I haul with my 4wheeler. I plan to store sand in it for the winter and will back down my driveway spreading sand as I go. As a bonus, I think the studs will also protect my tracks from wear when driving across or traveling a short distance on paved roads when trail riding. I will be staying off pavement as much as possible because this would quickly wear down the studs. The only exception is my driveway which is paved. I have already noticed some wear on the tracks without the studs. I will only be using the tracks in the winter so the studs will hopefully last me a few seasons before they wear down to the point they need to be replaced. I am only giving this a 4 star “over all” and, a 4 star “value for money” rating for now. My plan is to update this review when I have tested these bad boys out. I also hope they will last more then one season. Until then my 4wheeler is parked waitting for that first snow storm ☺. More to come.12/29/19 – UpdateI have plowed for 2 snow storms now and the 3rd is on it’s way tonight. I have added some pictures with my ATV in the driveway about half way down. Since trees grow straight up I tried to use that to give you an idea of the angle of my driveway. I also added a picture of a level on the same tree with my ATV in the background. Hope that helps. I have had some ice in the driveway but have had no issues at all sliding with these studs on my tracks. I plow from the top down on my driveway. The last two storms gave me about 5 to 7 inches of snow each. This storm is expected to drop 6 to 9 inches with sleet and possible rain mixed in over the next two days so it will be harder to push. I have notice a great deal of wear on these studs and do not think I will get more then one season out of them. But I also have put about 100 miles on my machine trail riding since I installed them. I have attached a picture showing the amount of wear. It is very noticeable if you look at the before and after pictures. I will be putting new studs in my tracks for next year but I feel $60 for two bags of 250 is worth it compared to the price I paid for my tracks. I have not notice any wear on the tracks themselves since putting in the studs so it is worth it to me to protect my investment. I may have an issue removing the old studs at the end of the snowy season because the heads may be completely gone on the studs by then but we will see. Does anyone know if Kold Kutter makes studs out of harder metal?I have changed my overall ranking to 5 stars because I feel it is a small price to pay to protect my tracks from wearing out. The traction I get with these studs are awesome. I will buy them again!!!Update 1/1/20 – We ended up getting 14 inches of snow instead of the 6 to 9 inches that were expected. It was a little heavy because of some sleet and rain mixed in. I had no issues with losing traction with these studs even on flat ground. My only issue was where to put the snow lol.Read more

  2. Colby McLean

    I bought with the intent of receiving 1000 screws because that’s whats stated in the question and answer tab. However, I guess this is only for the 250 pack so if you want to stud atv tires you’ll need 4 packs which is $120+ which is just dumb.Read more

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