0C117AV6TD1254 Neos 15″ navigator slip resistant overshoes with stabilicers outsole (n5p3s)

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using coming into your version variety.
  • windproof and water resistant 840 woven polyester higher protects towards water, snow, sleet, rain and wind gusts; light-weight layout facilitates prevent foot and leg fatigue
  • 2. Five mm polyurethane internal bootie and four mm polyurethane foam insulation ensure warmth in extreme temperatures; non-obligatory 10 mm detachable eva insole provides comfort (bought one after the other)
  • expandable gator will increase boot peak to 20 inches for brought safety in opposition to snow and rain; compact for convenient garage; adjustable hook-and-loop strap device for relaxed suit
  • stabilicers outsole with 32 replaceable cleats in line with pair embedded in sole affords outstanding traction on ice and snow (cleat wrench blanketed)
  • endorsed use: production, transportation, application, mining, oil and fuel, farming and equestrian, outside popular purpose

from the manufacturer

functions include:

  • 15-inch peak
  • expandable five-inch gaiter
  • comfort rating of -20 °f (-29 °c)
  • 32-cleat stabilicers outsoles
  • 840 woven polyester higher
  • hook and loop strap gadget
  • light-weight
  • optionally available 10 mm detachable eva insole (bought one at a time)
  • version: n5p3s
  • navigator slip resistant overshoes with stabilicers outsole

    deep snow and ice-included puddles are two common perils of wintry weather weather. These neos 15 inch navigator 5 slip resistant overshoes with stabilicers outsole offer introduced safety through an expandable gaiter that can amplify your coverage from 15 to 20 inches. An inner bootie, 4 mm pu foam insulation and 840 woven polyester higher ensure warm temperature and dryness in the course of the day.

    whether or not you’re braving the factors on the task or on a desert trek, the stabilicers outsoles with 32 replaceable metallic cleats (per pair) offer exceptional traction on slippery surfaces. Stow the included cleat wrench on your overshoes’ inner pocket for clean cleat adjustments at the fly.


    integrated expandable gaiter will increase insurance from 15 to 20 inches for additonal protection in deep snow conditions.

    four mm pu foam insulation and 2. Five millimeter pu internal bootie supply a comfort score of -20 °f (-29 °c) for max warmth in intense iciness conditions.

    stabilicers outsoles with 32 replaceable cleats offer maximum traction on ice and snow. Cleat wrench stows thoroughly in an internal pocket for reachable on-the-task adjustments.

    rugged 840 woven polyester top is water and windproof to defend your footwear from the elements.

    hook and loop strap machine integrate with inner bootie for a comfy, cozy in shape. 10 millimeter eva insole adds extra cushioning (bought one by one).

    light weight facilitates to prevent foot and leg fatigue, with no bulky fabric to sluggish you down.

    ideal for the hardest moist and winter climate conditions:

    construction / mining / oil and fuel.

    best for the toughest wet and wintry weather climate conditions:

    transportation / software.

    perfect for the toughest wet and iciness weather conditions:

    farming and equestrian.

    perfect for the toughest wet and winter climate conditions:

    outside wellknown purpose.

    constr / mining / oil and gasoline


    farming and equestrian

    outdoor fashionable purpose


    X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, 3X-Large

    5 reviews for 0C117AV6TD1254 Neos 15″ navigator slip resistant overshoes with stabilicers outsole (n5p3s)

    1. Chris N.

      To preface this, I work as a letter carrier in Colorado. The areas I work typically involve about nine miles of walking per day.I purchased these to help with safety on the snow and ice encountered. The fit was tight at first. I wear a size 11.5 shoe, and the XL was the recommended size. After the first use and breaking them in a bit the fit for my shoes is a lot better. Initially they were VERY tight and troublesome to get my shoes in to.The boots have adequate insulation and kept my feet warm in single digit temperatures (I was also wearing merino wool socks.)Now here is my concern. The durability of the cleats. After just two shifts of walking on snow, ice, and some very small patches of exposed pavement the cleats wore down to an unusable, and almost un-removeable level. I have attached a picture of a removed (2-shift worn) cleat shown next to a new replacement cleat. It seems that the manufacturer should be using a harder metal to construct the cleats, or at least including a replacement set or two in the box for the hefty price of this item.I like the boots, but the cost of constantly replacing the cleats may lead to me ditching these boots.Read more

    2. Dick Danger

      I wear size 13 boots so went with the xxxl size. The boots they were supposed to go over were the insulated Timberland Boondock. That combo was a no go. The Neos weren’t big enough. After finding boots that would fit, no easy feat mid season on the North Slope, they worked mostly OK. They get a 3 star rating because they do not just slip over your boots, at least not mine. I have to cover my inner boot with a plastic bag to get it to slip into the Neos. That is a major pain. The other negative is the traction device. They use little bolt looking things that screw into the sole. A handy wrench is included with the boots, there’s even a little pocket to keep it in, sewn inside one of the boots. The problem is once you get some wear on the screw thingies the wrench won’t do anything but strip off the rest of the corners of the bolt head. Expect to need a needle nose vise grips and a vise if you wait too long to replace them. Otherwise they aren’t bad. I dislike pack style boots, they don’t have the support I need. These over insulated leather boots kept me warm in -40s this past winter. I wasn’t outside all day long though. If I were going to be outside for 10-12 hours I’d probably still go with a pack style boot.Read more

    3. Tree Farmer Russ

      As a fan of Stabilicers sold by Amazon [made in Maine] I thought these would be a convenience. Wrong. I purchased a pair of these XXL NEOS overboots to wear with my 13 M LLBean comfort mocs. It was a struggle to get them inside of the size XXL NEOS, which are supposedly for size 13.5 to 15 footwear. … and so they went back.Note: Winters here in Maine have gotten much icier in recent years and I own 4 types of ice walking overboot traction systems ranging from Yaktrax to crampons. Ice at 25 degrees is much softer [but not when you fall] to ice below zero which is very hard and different technologies afford different advantages.I found it much quicker to take off my shoes and slip into a pair of boots with the appropriate traction aid than messing with this product.Read more

    4. D. B. Indermuehle

      I just received these yesterday, so at the moment I can not say much about the performance or durability of these overshoes. This is just a very quick review (PSA), to let others know, that are thinking about these, as to how they fit. Also what to do after receiving them.I am a “Sanitation Engineer” or “Waste Management Professional”. You like that? A little more elegant than saying, “Garbage man.” Tired of my feet getting wet and cold everyday trudging through the snow. But, I digress.I wear a size 12 wide work boot (steal toe, puncture resistant). These 3XL overshoes just fit them. I have to place my boot in them just right for it to slide in. Once on, they are quite comfy.I wore them for about 30 min. at home using snowblower and lost 2 of the studs in the left heal, next to each other. I removed all the studs, most of them weren’t very snug, and put blue thread locker on each. We’ll see how that holds them on.I was really looking forward to trying them out at work today. But the Northern Midwest weather has us down for 2 days, sub-zero temps. I will update in a month how they hold up. For right now giving them 4 stars for loosing 2 studs right off the bat.Read more

    5. silversmith

      I have an external pair from the same company that Velcro a sole to my boots. Had them for years and are great for trudging on ice. The metal screws were worn and needed to be replaced. Thought I would try the overshoe. They did not work for me for two reasons. One hard to put on and take off over regular shoes. Secondly, shoes get dirty and now you transfer into dirt into an overshoe. The quality was good just not practical. Will stick with my Velcro cleated soles for now and look for replacement cleats.Read more

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