0C116P35KYJ787 Kirkman labs folinic acid 800 mcg a hundred and eighty tablets

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    8 reviews for 0C116P35KYJ787 Kirkman labs folinic acid 800 mcg a hundred and eighty tablets

    1. dlovestojeep

      Let my family go down as yet more anecdotal evidence that folinic acid works for anxiety. My husband and my son both suffer from extreme anxiety and I certainly have my anxious days as well. When I saw an article on the possible use of folinic acid for anxiety, I thought we had nothing to lose by giving it a try. We noticed a huge difference almost right away. My husband feels like it is better than the very expensive prescription medication he has been on in the past. We have also given it to our son with Asperger’s. When school got out, I got kind of lax about giving it to him every day. Before long, I noticed that his temper and tendency to melt down were quite a bit more pronounced. I immediately started making sure he got one of these supplements every day and there has definitely been a difference.We have recommended it to friends and family, and it seems to affect everyone differently. I’m sure that’s due to whether you have the mtrfr gene mutation or not. We’ve never been tested, but the way this supplement works for us, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or Autism, it’s not expensive to try.FYI, this brand increased significantly in price after we started using it, so we changed brands and haven’t noticed a difference.Read more

    2. Paco

      We used this on my 4 yr old son who is on the spectrum. Followed Dr Jill James protocol from her 2004 study with Neubrander. 800mg folinic and 1000 mg TMG twice a day. After 3 months, add MB12 64.5mcg/kg, once every 3 days. My son is now talking, riding a bike and doing puzzles.Read more

    3. Kat

      excellent for those who can not tolerate methylated folateRead more

    4. Michele

      Purchased because I read it my help my son with autism but did not work after finishing 2 bottles. Will not buy again.Read more

    5. Jennifer Collins Watson

      No frills packaging, high quality product…my must-have nutritional support. Helps with brain fog!Read more

    6. David Tronson

      Delivery was handled as hoped for. This product is recommended for our child on the autism spectrum by a naturopathic physician.Read more

    7. Beverly Kay Carroll

      One of the better Folinic Acids my husband has taken so far for his Sojgrens disease.Easy enough for him to swallow and works well enough to show up in his blood work that it’s working!I paid full price for this product and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.Read more

    8. EugeSchu

      we have used a long-time for our sonRead more

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