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our lenses take away glare, are water-proof and scratch resistant, and enhance shade, readability, and detail.

blocks harmful uv rays, protective your eyes from damage and long-term fitness dangers.

reduces excessive-strength seen radiation with out getting rid of visible blue colours.

earned the pores and skin most cancers basis seal of advice* as an powerful uv clear out.

*offered march of 2019.

product description

infant seashore, placed at the north shore of maui, is a great seashore for keiki and adults alike to experience an afternoon filled with sun and amusing. Like their namesake, these frames from maui jim are presented in a amusing collection of bright colorations nestled in a sturdy however light-weight body it is best for any type of hobby.


56 Millimeters


Gold/Hcl Bronze Polarized, Rose Gold/Maui Sunrise Polarized, Silver/Blue Hawaii Polarized, Silver/Neutral Grey Polarized

8 reviews for 0C115T3RSJL626 Maui jim toddler seaside aviator sunglasses

  1. JTobs

    These are fakes. They didn’t come with the box. They came in a cheap black case which is NOT one of the TWO cases Maui Jim offers. They also came with a fake small cleaning cloth that was in cheap plastic wrap.REAL Maui Jim’s come with a sport case or a hard tan case. They come with a quality cleaning cloth AND a draw string soft pouch case.I’ll be returning them and ordering straight from Maui Jim.Read more

  2. Temptation

    FAKE !!! DO NOT BUY. They are knockoffs. Just opened the package and they are not even the same shape. The name is not the same on the lenses. This would have been our 4th pair of Maui jims, and second pair of baby beach sunglasses, so we know what true maui jims look like. This is like a 3 dollar pair of glasses.Read more

  3. Becky Yonckheere

    I seriously can’t believe I purchased these, as expensive as they are, without trying them on first. I really lucked out. I have a petite face and always look ridiculous in adult sunglasses. These fit my face beautifully. And the quality is great. I’ve been practically living in them.Read more

  4. Hermina

    I love these sunglasses! There are no other sunglasses like Maui Jims for blocking out all the glare from the sun completely if you have very sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses! Maui Jims are the only brand of sunglasses I will wear and I highly recommend these sunglasses to everyone! Plus, I love the aviator style! Usually you can’t get the aviator style sunglasses that fit well if you have a small face but these sunglasses are made for a small face and they fit my face perfectly well and are extremely comfortable everywhere! They do not slide down to the tip of my nose like most sunglasses do! Thank You so much for making “The Baby Beach” Maui Jim and I hope you will make more styles for people who have small faces like myself! Buy them and you will not be dissapointed! HerminaRead more


    I was driving home, heading in to the sun. And i was squinting so bad. That i started looking for my old pair of Maui jims, in the counsel. To see if they would help.And to my complete surprise. The new Maui jims were considerably lighter. When held up to the sun. Side by side. Too light in my judgement. Since maui jims are known for being the best in the bright sun. These were supposed to be the dark gray lenses. Not so much when compared to my old pair. Just odd???? I have been wearing maui jims for so long. Because they are the best. These are my first pair of maui jims that I ever returned.Read more

  6. M.S.

    I have a smaller face, so a lot of popular styles don’t fit me very well. I’ve also become accustomed to Maui Jim polarized lenses, and other brands really don’t compare. This time around I tried Randolph Engineering and Ray Ban again before coming back to the realization I needed to find Maui Jims I liked. These fit my face well, and get me my lenses. Wish Maui made a more standard aviator in this size, but oh well.Read more

  7. Rane H.

    I bought these for my wife. They fit perfectly and are very well made. I own the Wiki Wiki’s from Maui Jim and my wife wanted a pair similar to mine, but smaller so they would fit her face better. They did not disappoint.Read more

  8. Kristen

    These sunglasses hold up wonderfully! They have been dropped and squished by my small children and fit just as well as they did the day that I got them. You can get an aviator look without having the glasses take up your whole face. They are great with filtering out the sunlight and are very fashionable. I definitely recommend these to anyone who needs a durable, yet stylish, pair of glasses!Read more

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