0C115PXVOM7122 Guys’s american heritage 6″ moc toe, maxwear wedge non-safety toe boot

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  • tobacco oil-tanned 814-4200, trail crazyhorse 814-4203, black walnut 814-4216, black walnut – black sole 814-4266, black 814-6201, black-black sole (nighttime collection) 814-6206, complete-grain leather-based
  • made in united states of america
  • polyurethane maxwear wedge sole
  • polyurethane maxwear wedge sole
  • removable remaining shock absorption footbed on poron consolation cushion insole
  • composite shank
  • maxwear wedge slip resistant outsole
  • goodyear typhoon welt construction
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product description

thorogood has relentlessly targeted on craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury, at the same time as recognizing the importance of shoes in your livelihood and getting the task executed. We make task-geared up boots for the electrician, wood worker, ironworker, boilermaker, sheetmetal worker, application lineman, millwright, assembler or fabricator, to name some. You carry out a specialised job, so that you want a specialized boot. To in addition accommodate your needs, we offer extended sizes, metatarsal guards, and patterns starting from lace-to-toe, facet zip, and wellington footwear.

maxwear wedge

real to our process-fitted historical past, thorogood collaborated with ironworkers, boilermakers, electricians, and protection directors to create an outsole for every jobsite. Over the direction of years we labored to expand our distinct maxwear outsole that outlasts the opposition by way of 30%. We commenced with the maxwear wedge, and thru its proven overall performance inside the discipline and call for from protection directors for a heeled sole we created the maxwear 90. Both the maxwear wedge and maxwear 90 offer advanced comfort and sturdiness at the task in comparison to the competition. Sense the comfort in each trusted step with our maxwear wedge and positioned your accept as true with within the maxwear ninety whilst hiking ladders or choppy terrain. Thorogood maxwear outsoles have you blanketed.

weinbrenner shoe organisation manufactures our manufactured in u. S. Shoes at its two union factories in wisconsin. Our made in u. S. A. Footwear is either berry compliant (a hundred% made inside the u. S. A. With america additives) or made within the united states with domestic and globally sourced components. Our built in america shoes makes use of all american hides and is assembled at our union factories in wisconsin

thorogood men’s american historical past 8″ moc toe, maxwear wedge protection toe boot

like the person that wears them, these boots are as much as the undertaking and built to ultimate. They appearance exact off the clock, too. And the stylish, tobacco oil-tanned leather-based permits your feet to breathe. Those iconic boots are made inside the united states via union people who realize a factor or two approximately what it’s want to be on your footwear.

  • constructed or synthetic with electric surprise-resisting soles and heels capable of withstanding an utility of 18,000 volts (root suggest square (rms) fee) at 60 hz for 1 minute and not using a contemporary go with the flow or leakage cutting-edge in extra of one. Zero milliamperes beneath dry conditions
  • magnificence i/75 shoes retains a . 500 inch (half inch) for guys’s and . 468 inch (15/32 inch) for women’s or more clearance after a nominal effect of seventy five foot-pounds (one zero one. 7j), a 50 pound weight dropped, attaining 117. Nine ± 2. 4 inches according to 2d velocity at impact. Compression: class c/seventy five footwear keeps a . 500 inch (half of inch) after compression of 2500 lbs. (11,121 n) or more
  • detachable final surprise absorption footbed on poron consolation cushion insole
  • single-density polyurethane maxwear wedge – maxwear wedge slip resistant outsole
  • size_name

    5, 5.5, 6, 6 Wide, 6.5, 6.5 Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Narrow, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Narrow, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Narrow, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide, 13, 13 Wide, 14, 14 Wide, 15, 15 Wide


    Tobacco, Black, Trail Crazyhorse, Black Walnut – Black Sole, Black, black

    6 reviews for 0C115PXVOM7122 Guys’s american heritage 6″ moc toe, maxwear wedge non-safety toe boot

    1. Bill

      i never review products. not my thing. but these boots are so good i felt like someone out there might benefit from this. bought my pair 3 months ago. heres my review:i have weird feet. wide up front..narrow in the heel. its a pain in the A to find comfortable boots. i wear my work boots usually 10 to 16 hours a day and beat the hell out of them. drop stuff on them. accidentally kick uneven raised areas regularly. ya, maybe a little careless but i buy tough boots for a reason. basically torture test them daily. ive worn everything from lightweight “service” boots to red wings.but these thorogoods are hands down the best boots ive spent hard earned money on.they werent cheap but theyre worth every dime. the fit was as advertised and the leather didnt need weeks of bs break in. laced them up and wore them immediately. 3 hard months later and they still feel better than most sneakers ive bought. i was on the fence with this wedge sole. looks kinda like theyd push your foot forward or something but thats not the case. just stable as hell inside. i wear them on a mix of wet/dry/slippery/hot/cold surfaces and theres no difference in footing. they take it all with no noticable change.i like these so much im going to piss my wife off and buy a second pair to wear on weekends. worth the feedback ill get!i highly recommend these boots. feel free to fire off any questions. ill do what i can to reply.Read more

    2. Jeffrey F Brady

      I love these boots and quite honestly have developed a very real brand loyalty. Even bought a pain for my daughter’s boyfriend. However after 2 months of wear with use around the house and yard the sole Glue seam has failed and is starting to fall off. I am very sad about this as after researching all the other options and reading the myriad of positive reviews I chose Thorogood even over red wing. I bought these through Amazon and because they were American made only to find that my return window closed a month later. I take care of my belongings and found this while applying Obenaufs conditioner to the leather, also from Amazon (love that stuff) Very dissapointed that i ended up with what is probably a 1 off failure and the return window closed. I now have to glue my $180+, 1.5 month old boots with adhesive from Amazon so they don’t totally delaminate.Read more

    3. brett

      I have personally never cared much for white soled work boots. Old timers wore them and swore by them, but I always preferred the look and reliability of black vibram soles.After watching some reviews on YouTube, I decided to give them a shot for puttering around. And I am so glad I did.They do fit somewhat loose if you buy your standard size- I’m a 9.5 wide and these fit ever so slightly large on me. Nothing that thicker than normal socks can’t fix.Nevertheless, their build is impressive for this price point. They are comfortable immediately out of the box, and have an old school appearance that fits right in with my personal workflow.I have treated them with Obenaufs LP and this darkened them slightly, but I feel that it protected my investment that much better.The leather is thick and supple and the stitching is even and complete. Heck, even the laces are high quality.I recommend them highly and know which brand I’ll turn to when I need a new pair.If you’re on the fence, I’d say to go for it!Read more

    4. CAC

      I have never owned a pair of Thorogood boots until recently. Straight out of the box they are beautifully crafted. Made with high quality leather & stitching. The only thing I changed was the shoe laces because I like the leather look, and wrapping them around the back twice. The first week I thought I made a mistake because I ordered the regular width (D) and thought I might have needed to order the wide width. My pinky toes were killing me for about 7 days but right when I was going to complain they broke in and are literally the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. Happy customer. Everyday people compliment these boots. “Are those Red Wings?” NO THEY’RE USA MADE THOROGOODS! GET HIP!Read more

    5. Luis M. Gomez

      These boots look and feel like a good quality pair of boots. As a commercial electrician I spend a lot of time on my feet and these boots feel great all day long. I use an extra 3/4 length plantar fasciitis insole in them though. The fit is awesome! I’ve been wearing them for almost two months now and the sole has split in three places on one boot. Hasn’t affected comfort yet but I feel like it’s a little premature for a $150 American made boot.Update:After writing this review I decided to email Amazon about the issue with the boots and they overnighted a new pair! They were at my doorstep the next day. Awesome service!Read more

    6. Kevin Cossner (no relation)

      These are the sexiest boots I’ve ever worn. You just feel like a B.A.M.F. every time you put them on. But there are a couple of nit picks.1st, I hate the eyelet at the top of the boot above the hooks. What’s the point? I don’t use it.2nd the white sole, albeit gorgeous, is a dirt magnet.3rd the laces are just ….meh.THATS IT!!! That’s all I can find wrong with this boot. If you’re on the fence about throwing down $200 plus for a pair of kicks, just remember that these boots are guaranteed to get you the job you want, their girl (or guy) you desire, and are the boots personally worn by the Fonz (probably)Seriously though. Buy these and join the happy feet club.Read more

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