0C114FNBCU7553 Mink oil for conditioning and waterproofing leather-based

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  • mink oil for waterproofing, conditioning, and retaining leather-based goods
  • best for leather-based boots, shoes, purses, jackets, hats, baseball gloves, saddles and harnesses
  • the oil creates a water-resistant barrier towards the elements and enables to protect leather-based by way of stopping water, salt, and perspiration stains
  • easy to use and dries within minutes; may additionally darken some leathers, take a look at first in an inconspicuous place
  • resealable tin contains three. 5 oz of mink oil; tin measures three. 5 x 3. Five x 1 inches and weighs zero. 34 kilos

from the manufacturer

sof sole mink oil for conditioning and waterproofing leather

sof sole mink oil is formulated to water-proof, circumstance, hold, and protect leather items, consisting of boots, shoes, handbags, belts, jackets, hats, baseball gloves, saddles, and harnesses. The oil creates a waterproof barrier towards the factors and enables to shield leather-based by means of stopping water, salt, and perspiration stains. Easy to use, mink oil have to be carried out with a clean fabric and labored into the leather-based; after allowing a few minutes for absorption, any extra can be wiped away, and the product is prepared to apply. Mink oil may additionally darken a few leathers and need to be examined first in an not noticeable region earlier than software. Sof sole mink oil for conditioning and waterproofing leather-based is available in a three. Five-ounce resealable tin, measuring 3. Five x 3. 5 x 1 inches, and weighing 0. 34 kilos.

sole of perfromance

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sof sole offers a big choice of insoles made for quite a number activities and wishes. Our shoe care products are in particular designed to clean, defend, care, and deodorize all your shoes and different gear. And our add-ons help customize your equipment to make it ideal for your lifestyle.

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product description

sof sole mink oil is formulated to water resistant, situation, keep, and defend leather goods, together with boots, footwear, handbags, belts, jackets, hats, baseball gloves, saddles, and harnesses. The oil creates a waterproof barrier in opposition to the factors and facilitates to protect leather-based by using preventing water, salt, and perspiration stains. Clean to apply, mink oil need to be carried out with a clean cloth and labored into the leather-based; after allowing a couple of minutes for absorption, any excess may be wiped away, and the product is ready to use. Mink oil can also darken some leathers, and should be examined first in an not easily seen vicinity before utility. Sof sole mink oil for conditioning and waterproofing leather comes in a three. 5-ounce resealable tin, measuring three. Five x three. 5 x 1 inches, and weighing zero. 34 pounds.


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8 reviews for 0C114FNBCU7553 Mink oil for conditioning and waterproofing leather-based

  1. Lula Kelly

    I’ve had these Doc martins for 23 years. Yes. 23 years. I got them as a birthday gift for my 13th birthday. And if anyone knows anything about the 90s paying $95 for a pair of shoes was huge. My mother practically threaten my life, that if anything happened to these shoes I wouldn’t live to the next year. So of course I kept them I kept them through moves through colleges through adulthood. In January I wore them on a girls trip to Scotland and realized how beat up they were. About two weeks ago I saw a BuzzFeed article about this product so I thought why not and I used it. The shoes look like they did on the day that I got them. This product has restored 23-year-old doc Martins to look like new.Read more

  2. Jeremy H.

    For those of us in the workforce who wear leather boots in all weather, and have done so for years, we know how nice, and important it is to 1, take care of our boots, and 2, keep your feet dry.To those just entering that workforce, first, welcome! Second, now that you have your boots, the secret to keeping them for years, nice, supple, and looking good, is oil and clean them.This will take care of your oiling needs, and help with break in time. Your feet will thank you.To keep them dry, sure, you can try other sealers, or preservers, but they won’t last long. This stuff is a true blue water proofer for leather, and the only one I buy, or recommend.As a bonus, boot stink? Ha! Not for me! My misses doesn’t complain one bit with this good stuff!To each their own though, and good luck!Read more

  3. Ryan Harvey

    Worked great on my leather boots. See the before/after picture I have posted.I did not notice any smell, good or bad.Be careful not to put too much on your leather; a little bit goes a long way. You have to wipe off the excess after you apply it, so if you apply too much, it’s just more to wipe off later.Read more

  4. Lubbock

    After extensive experimenting and caring for 7 pairs of Red Wing boots, I have found that you should only use this on leather that gets a lot of use. The oil goes rancid and smells and ends up rotting the stitching, if you do not wear through it regularly. I use it on my several pairs work boots, but would never use on my casual boots again. For non-work wear, just get a leather conditioner not made from animal by-products. I’d also recommend only using leather conditioner on already waterproof boots, as thats all Mink Oil does that leather conditioner doesnt.Other than that, the 3.5oz can has finally reached its last little bit after 16 months of conditioning many pairs of boots on an as-needed basis(monthly for some, every 3 months for others).I attached a before and an after picture of my Red Wing Postman Oxfords. They darkened a bit, but have already started getting lighter after (2) 8-hour shifts of non-stop standing, walking, and throwing 80lb concrete bags onto a cart until it is at 1600lbs for me to push.It will also buff out most of the damage from funning into my shoes with the wheels.Read more

  5. Carrie

    At first I freaked because this made my boots so much darker than I was used to. Then I realized “oh this is what they used to look like before the California sun sucked the life out of them”. Freaking amazing. I took my time and applied like I would if I waxed my car to avoid streaks or stains. My boots are refreshed and new looking! Very happy!Read more

  6. elf

    Product is as advertised and works very well both restoring and waterproofing smooth leather. I used 1/3 tbsp of it emulsified with hot water in a spray bottle for 8 yr old stiff suede ugg tazmons and it worked the same majic even restored black color was greying. Msds shows 5-15% mink oil content with the major balance being tallow. Its the real deal don’t be fooled by others claiming mink but selling neatsfoot. Always check the Msds. Want pure 100% mink oil check out THINK MINK (not on Amazon).Read more

  7. Cris

    I’m glad I bought this product. It gave life to my boots from Rockport again. I was using my pair of boots constantly for more than half a year, and I hadn’t given them the correct care. Some parts of them had already gotten scuffed up and the color faded. I had heard from a Youtube video that “mink oil” can protect boots , and I went straight to Amazon to get it.I haven’t tried enough other brands in order to make a fair comparison, however this product has done a good job. I took a picture before and after applying it, and the differences are very evident. They did get a bit darker, but it’s nothing too different from the real color they had before. I saw that my boots were faded in some parts more than others, and therefore I didn’t think that the colors would be equal after I applied it. However, I was wrong, the color is now uniform over the leather, and the scuff marks were covered up. They look like the first time I took them out of the box.Obviously this product doesn’t do miracles, so if you’re a person like me who wears his boots almost everyday then you’ve got to apply this mink oil to yours more often.I’ve also got to mention that, I did notice a slight smell that reminds me of fallen dry leaves when they get wet on a rainy day. In spite of that, the scent does go away after the oil is applied on the boots.Overall, good product and I’m pleased with the results.Read more

  8. R

    Great stuff, it definitely restores a lot of scuffs and damage, and conditions the leather. I would definitely recommend if you want to restore/waterproof worn work boots, or *LIGHT BROWN/TAN* worn and scuffed casual boots or shoes. I cannot stress that enough. This definitely will darken your boots or shoes. My boots went from brown/tan, to more of a Chestnut brownish color. However, I think that looks awesome. They look fantastic. For my dark brown Chelsea boots, it turned them almost black. Which actually, looks pretty cool too. I also can’t stress enough that if you’re unsure about how dark it shall be, try applying it on the heel before anywhere else. I let mine dry, and then used a horsehair brush to buff off any excess residue. If you find that you’re not too happy with the color, it shall fade overtime, or provided, the mink oil is dry – you can always use pigmented shoe polish to restore/dye the leather back to its original color.Read more

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