0C1141J4Z59593 Kahtoola microspikes footwear traction

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  • award-winning traction digs in and grabs icy terrain
  • outstanding for iciness trail running, hiking, and ice fishing
  • 12 stainless steel spikes (three/eight inch length) in step with foot on all sizes
  • weight in line with pair: small 11 ounces., medium 12 ounces., huge thirteen oz.., more huge 14 oz..
  • please seek advice from kahtoola sizing chart protected in product pix. 2 year assurance. Footwear no longer included.

product description

the kahtoola traction device became advanced by hand in a small family workspace referred to as “the shop” in 1999 and set the direction of our corporation to develop out of doors products that remember. The kts became the result of founder and proprietor danny giovale wanting to improve protection for snowy alpine tactics primarily based on his private experience climbing, and desire to create a product that could get people in which they want to move and upload a brand new level of protection and overall performance to lightweight flexible footwear.

kahtoola microspikes

lighter and more difficult, the new microspikes deliver unmatched traction on icy wintry weather trails. With stainless steel spikes and welded chains tough enough to handle any journey, they’re now designed with an incorporated toe bale and bolstered eyelets, taking into account a 50% lower profile elastomer harness.

  • durable design: each spike is crafted from heat-dealt with stainless-steel making them long lasting and corrosion resistant.
  • added protection: integrated toe bail made from tpu material affords delivered safety and forestalls the toe from pushing through the front of the elastomer harness.
  • greater traction: chain and hyperlink additives are designed to move independently and save you snow buildup, at the same time as ensuring reliable overall performance and extra traction.
  • smooth elimination: raised heel tab permits for easy pull-again and elimination.
  • product functions

    each of the 12 spikes are made from a durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

    welded chrome steel chains make sure reliable overall performance, sturdiness, and offer extra traction.

    patented eyelet layout prevents tearing at each connection point, allowing the elastomer band to be lighter and more potent.

    elastomer bands have a low profile and are ergonomically fashioned for a at ease healthy that stays stretchy in cold temperatures, all the way down to -22°f (-30°c).

    our dedication

    from the start, we made a dedication to social and environmental responsibility, assuring any success we experience is shared via our communities both near and some distance. This brings us strength and makes the journey a lot more fun. One mission that we are proud of is kahtoola for the people. This program offers 1% of kahtoola’s annual income to assist indigenous cultures and fund initiatives that improve groups, healthcare, training and the surroundings. Three times a 12 months we award grants ranging from 250 up to ten,000 dollars.


    Small, Medium, Extra Large, Large


    Black, Red

    8 reviews for 0C1141J4Z59593 Kahtoola microspikes footwear traction

    1. R. Masek

      I bought these to replace a pair of Kahtoola Microspikes that I love and used for five years. I ordered the same size but the new ones are way too large and made of an inferior material. I researched and found out the product manufacturor was changed from a South Korean manufacture to one in Thailand with a redesign that is flimsy and ill fitting. I found out there is a new company that sells a version of the original microspikes made by the original South Korean company that are even better than the originals. The company is Snowline and the product is called “ChainsenPro”. Cheaper also!Read more

    2. Paul Mossman

      I’ve bought maybe a dozen of these spikes and use to recommend them. They tried to fix the issue of the crampon chain tearing out of the lug by reinforcing the islet. Now instead of a fix-able lug rip (carry zip ties to reattach to the harness, The Whole Harness Rips In Half! Makes the whole system useless.Tried getting them to live up to their warranty by sending for an RME and following up with phone calls but no response after 2+ month of trying.A defective product with no customer serviceRead more

    3. Michael J. Dowling

      I’m updating this review because I did another 10 miles this Saturday. It was very icy and I dealt with these migrating quite a bit on foot, and they fell off my boot several times. I ordered a medium and wear a men’s 9.5 so the sizing should be right. After inspecting my gear when I got home, I noticed that one of the links failed. If I only got a season out of them I could deal with that, but they have to hold up better than 20 miles before failing on me.Read more

    4. rarewire

      Very disappointed. Picture attached.Read more

    5. Timmers

      I like the idea of the spikes. They have great traction on the hardpack. Unfortunately, putting them on for the 4th time I noticed that the rubber on one of them had split 3/4 of the way through. I am returning these ASAP.Read more

    6. J. Wong

      I bought these for my husband the same day that I wore mine while walking in the woods with my husband and dog. I had walked the day before and my legs and back were sore from the tension created while trying to maintain my balance on icy trails. So I decided to buy some yaktrak but instead bought these (even though they are much more expensive) because all the local walkers wear them and swear by them. My husband decided not to buy them. HA! He fell and broke his water bottle and then had to hold on to me twice to keep from falling. So I checked out Amazon and the price was less expensive then the local store so I ordered them for him. I didn’t want to get hurt from him holding on to me. :-)Pros:1. the minute i walked in them… no it was my first step…. i felt more stable. you couldn’t slip if you wanted to. (i tried on lumpy ice and thick smooth ice) i am 62 years old and when i fall i feel it all the way up into my brain…. it rattles me… and what if i break a hip!2. no leg or backaches from tension3. could walk uphill and downhill easily.4. easy to put on. there is a tab that you can pull on. and the rubber doesn’t slip. i lost a yaktrak in the snow once. these are not going to come off my feet.5. spikes are positioned so when i bend my foot there is still traction in the front6. the bag they provide is great… not sure how long it is going to last though.Cons:the only one i can think of is the price but really… my health and well being is worth it.My husband wore his yesterday. He loves them.Read more

    7. neemz

      Very effective on wet and muddy terrain. Helps you to gain traction where no other shoes or boots can. Good design and seems well made. Have not used them on ice yet, though I have no doubt they do very well, I’ve used lesser spikes walking on glaciers.However, my friend somehow managed to snap the rubber in two places the first day on the trail! Crazy, right? Mine have held up fine, and I’ve never heard of it happening to anyone else so soon, so it must have been a defect.Comfort-wise I found them to be too constricting over the toes and it became painful to wear for a prolonged period of time. I was wearing Solomon trail runners. Also after a while, you really start to feel the metal on the soles of your feet. Green feet insoles should help with that.The HUGE problem with these is they are being sold to use for hiking and they absolutely tear up trails. Popular Hawaii trails are being seriously impacted. I wish people would use them more sparingly and responsibly. For that reason I’ve decided to stop using mine altogether.The product still deserves 4/5 for quality, functionality, and effectiveness. But I challenge you to hike as much and as far as you can, without them.Read more

    8. Matt

      I fully expect these to fail at some point. I owned a pair of the older models, and they were solid. These were lost to me, so I needed to replace them. I’ve seen several of the newer microspikes fall apart on both the Appalachian and the Pacific Crest Trails. I was hoping to buy the older ones, but the newer, cheaply made model arrived. It even says on the box that they won the Backpacker magazines Editors choice award for 2018 — the sticker on the bottom of the box claims that are the 2015/2016 model. The chains on the newer microspikes are cheaply made, and after any serious use, they break. The rubber that wraps around your shoe is thinner and will snap if scrapped against a rock. Seriously Kahtoola, get your act together. This used to be the go-to product for a serious outdoor enthusiast. Now because they’ve made a name for themselves, the product quality has dropped immensely. I’ll be looking for alternatives in the future.Read more

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