0C1141CH2IN442 Greenworks 10 amp 14-inch corded dethatcher, 27022

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  • robust 10 amp motor, ergonomic, padded grip and adjustable handle for user consolation
  • 14 inch dethatching path gets your paintings executed faster
  • three-role tine intensity adjustment provides greater control with the aid of eliminating matted layers to promote garden health
  • stainless steel tines live sharp longer for dependable overall performance

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product description

product description

the greenworks products which you buy have a 0 carbon footprint. We will say that again – our whole product line will by no means launch an ouncesof carbon emission into the air. Four 12 months warranty – double the industry preferred. When seeking out lawn gear, we understand you are thinking about high-quality. You’re looking for some thing with a purpose to get the process completed and get you again in your weekend. It really is why greenworks backs each tool with a complete four-12 months warranty – we recognise our merchandise will perform at the best stage and continually be reliable. Greenworks high great products are synthetic to final. This is why we again each product with a warranty this is two times the industry standard. We will provide all of the energy you need with out polluting the air or forcing you to preserve hauling your gasoline can to the closest station (in particular in the center of a mow). No greater track-u. S. A. Or upkeep. No extra emissions. 54 million individuals mow their lawns each weekend, according to the epa, the use of 800 million gallons of gas each 12 months. Alongside the way, homeowners spill more than 17 million gallons of fuel at the same time as refueling. It’s equivalent to the 1989 exxon valdez catastrophe. It is time to transport past clumsy, dangerous gasoline-powered mowers. It is time for greenworks to be your lawn equipment for existence.

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the greenworks products that you purchase have a 0 carbon footprint. We will say that once more – our complete product line will never launch an ounce of carbon emission into the air. Four 12 months warranty – double the industry trendy. While looking for lawn tools, we recognise you’re considering quality. You are searching out some thing on the way to get the job done and get you again for your weekend. That is why greenworks backs every device with a full 4-yr warranty – we recognize our merchandise will carry out at the highest level and always be dependable. Greenworks high high-quality merchandise are synthetic to last. This is why we returned every product with a warranty this is two times the industry fashionable. We’ll provide all of the electricity you need with out polluting the air or forcing you to maintain hauling your gas can to the closest station (particularly inside the middle of a mow). No extra music-americaor upkeep. No more emissions. Fifty-four million people mow their lawns every weekend, in line with the epa, the use of 800 million gallons of gasoline every 12 months. Alongside the manner, owners spill greater than 17 million gallons of gasoline at the same time as refueling. That’s equal to the 1989 exxon valdez disaster. It’s time to move past clumsy, harmful gasoline-powered mowers. It’s time for greenworks to be your lawn tools for life.


10 Amp, 40V


Dethatcher, Dethatcher + Extension Cord, Dethatcher + Scarifier Tines


Corded, Battery and Charger Included, Tool Only

4 reviews for 0C1141CH2IN442 Greenworks 10 amp 14-inch corded dethatcher, 27022

  1. InTartifletteWeTrust

    An excellent Dethatcher, surprisingly effective for its size.I was at first a bit skeptical but then the Amzn reviews encouraged me to give it a try, I don’t regret it a bit!Renting a dethatcher from HD will cost you $75, you have to pick it up, transport it and return it. I also had some unpleasant surprises with tool rentals: broken or not properly working = second trip.Secondly, I am lucky enough to have a smart neighbor: We share tools and bought this one together, hence the cost was a no brainer.Does it work?ABSO-LU-TELY!!!It does a great job, does not damage or chop the grass like some others, it’s easy to push and the tines seems to resist use fairly well.- Update: after about 40,000 sqf of dethatching, the tines are in a much better shape that I would have imagined, see picture below.DO’S and DON’T* Don’t pull back, only go forward* Remove rocks and branches* Don’t use a tiny weeny extension cord, proper gauge is required. If you use 2 extension cord, place the smaller gauge (bigger cord) first. i.e. 12 on the outlet then 14 to the machine.* Cut and bag the clippings before dethaching: Overgrown grass doesn’t help.* if you have the energy, will and time, use a 90 deg. criss-cross pattern: you’ll be surprised how effective it is.* Don’t apply a pre-emergent crabgrass control fertilizer before you dethach, *after* only.CHANGING THE TINESIn order to change the tines, you’ll need- 8mm socket,- Phillips Screwdriver (Cordless Drill recommended ;-)- Flat head screwdriver- Small mallet or hammer*be careful, the screws are not of the highest quality* if you need to change some of them, they are M5 X 22 or M5 X 2522 being the length under the head.1) Remove the screw(s)2) Tap gently with a mallet to crack open the tine cartridge3) With a flathead screwdriver, pry open until you can see the pin, **don’t remove the tine cartridge out of the housing**4) push out the pin and remove the tine5) put a new tine in place6) put the tine cartridge back in place, tap gently with a malletRead more

  2. JS in Seattle

    After receiving a professional landscaping estimate to repair my lawn for $8,000, I decided to become my own landscaper. I purchased the Green Works 27022 Corded De-thatcher after reading Amazon reviews. (One reviewer mentioned using the recommended heavy duty extension cord, so I purchased that too). I used the Green Works De-thatcher on the entire yard – a total of 4 times (yard is about 100’x110′). I filled 2-96 gallon yard waste containers and 12 Kraft bags (about 32 gallons each) with the debris. Then, my husband and I filled all the old mole holes and tunnel dips with 4 cubic yards of top soil. Next, we spread grass seed on the bare spots, and spread 5 cubic yards of compost over the entire yard. Finally the lawn was well watered. Photos show the results. It isn’t the $8,000 professional lawn, but it has been significantly improved for $500 and a lot of hard work.Read more

  3. Michael C. Bomgren

    This dethatcher did a great job with pulling up the thatch without any issues. Functionally, it’s great. The instructions set you up for failure. 1. Instead of having you install the cord holder first like it should, it tells mentions this after you’ve assembled the whole this. Now I have to disassemble, install cord holder, and reassemble. 2. It tells you that in order to travel with the dethacher you should set the wheels to level “I”. This is the lowest level and will cause the splines to make full contact and bend your splines. Level “III” is the setting that it needs to be on in order for the wheels to give the dethacher a lift and minimize spline contact with the floor. So the instructions were backwards with this stuff and I couldn’t believe it really. I looked at it back and forth several times just to make sure.Read more

  4. Mark

    A decent product from a horrible company.With one major exception, this is a great little machine. It arrived yesterday afternoon, and I assembled it this morning. It only took a few minutes to assemble although the instructions are incomplete in one instance and completely wrong in another (more on this later). Luckily I had read other reviews that pointed out the problems so I was aware of them and worked around them before they became issues. The company is aware of the problem and has made no attempt to correct it.I used the machine for the first time today and was able to dethatch a 3500 square foot yard in about an hour. I was moving at a leisurely pace and probably could have done it in less time if I had wanted to. Raking up the thatch that was kicked up took another hour or so and was actually a lot more work than using the dethatcher. I tried to use my lawnmower to bag the thatch but it was too dry and light so half went into the mower bag and half just blew out from under the mower. The bag was also filling up after less than 2 passes so I decided to just grab a rake and some large lawn bags. I raked the thatch into 15 piles and then bagged each pile. My dog “helped” by tearing apart each little thatch pile until she got tired and then went to sleep in one.Others have reported that the machine overheats, but I had no problem. I used a 100’ foot, heavy duty extension cord. I stopped the machine briefly after each length of my yard (about 70’) to flip the cord to the other side so maybe that helped keep it cool. I suspect the extension cord used and the amount of time the machine runs continuously are two factors that cause overheating. Another reviewer reported that the extension cord kept coming unplugged from the machine. I used the cord clip that comes in the box and the cords remained securely connected the entire time I used the machine.My lawn is a weird mix of PGA-quality grass and total crap. I quickly learned to adjust my walking speed as I went over the lawn so that I wasn’t tearing up the good stuff but was clearing the “thatchy” stuff. The machine is also light enough that I could pick it up and move it around the yard as needed. It did bog down occasionally when I was going through heavy thatch. On a couple of occasions I released the handle to stop the machine, picked it up, and gave it a shake to clear the the thatch that had built up underneath the housing. I only had to do that a couple of times and given this was the first time my yard had been detached in years, I was impressed it did as well as it did.Compared to the cost and hassle of renting and transporting a gas-powered dethacher, this thing will be a steal if I get 5 or 6 uses out of it. I suspect it’ll last a while and I’m glad I bought it given the price.There is one thing about this machine (company?) that really pisses me off. The instructions are wrong and the company has been knowingly sending out incorrect instructions for OVER 3.5 YEARS!!! The manual has the height settings reversed. It also instructs you to assemble things without ever mentioning you need TO FIRST install the cord lock on the lower handle. If you use the recommended height settings you risk bending the tines or trashing your lawn. If you follow the assembly instructions as written, you’ll need to disassemble things and start over. The manual has a revision date of January of 2015, meaning Greenworks has had 3.5 years to make things right. But they haven’t. They reply to lots of customer reviews on Amazon but ignore comments that call out the issue with the documentation. A simple sticker on the machine or on the front of the manual would fix this but Greenworks doesn’t seem to give a damn. Poor form on their part and I would never buy a product from them that costs a substantial amount of money given the way they’ve handled the documentation problem.I’m happy with the product but any company that ships incorrect instructions for more than three years doesn’t get any more of my money. Get it together, Greenworks.As always, your mileage may vary.Photos show the job halfway complete, completed, and my helper relaxing in a pile of thatch.Read more

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