0C113XO3TZ5418 Clc custom leathercraft rain put on r23008 over the sock black p. C guys’s rain boot, size eight

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  • p. C polyblend injection molded creation is seamless and one hundred% water resistant however flexible for extra consolation; proof against degradation from agricultural chemical compounds, fertilizers and animal waste
  • ct (consolation era) offers a completely unique scalloped pinnacle-line for easy flexing; guide along shaft lets in for customized height; reinforced at important stress factors for longer wear
  • lightweight foot form contour cushion insole affords arch and heel guide, and is removable, washer-friendly and replaceable
  • deep angle cleated outsole prevents slips and falls on slippery surfaces; contoured heel cup reduces heel slippage; electric chance rated outsole; astm f2413-eleven eh
  • encouraged use: food processing, custodial, farm, wellknown reason
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from the manufacturer

clc over the sock black men’s rain boots

those widespread black p. C rain boots have a long lasting cleated sole for advanced traction and are sized to be worn with your thick socks.

‘over the sock’ guys’s sizing.

product description

product description

cost-priced with out compromising on comfort, these servus consolation generation 14″ p. C soft toe guys’s work boots have a flexible top and scalloped top aspect that bends along with your moves. This reduces rubbing and helps prevent skin infection. These injection-molded p. C boots are seamless and one hundred% water-resistant, keeping your feet dry and protected from harsh chemical substances and fertilizers determined on the job. A cushioned contoured insole gives additional taking walks comfort, whilst the long lasting production is reinforced at critical stress points for longer lasting wear. Deep perspective cleats on the outsole of these men’s paintings boots provide solid traction on slippery surfaces, and a contoured heel cup reduces heel slippage

from the producer

clc has been the industry wellknown for over 30 years via an unequalled determination to innovation, craftmanship, and pleasant.


7, 8, 10, 11, 13

7 reviews for 0C113XO3TZ5418 Clc custom leathercraft rain put on r23008 over the sock black p. C guys’s rain boot, size eight

  1. Debra Dillon

    I am trying to buy American whenever possible, I researched these and was confident that they are made in the USA, but when I got them, they were stamped Made in China, VERY DECEPTIVE MARKETING, I of course sent them right back, the order was for CLC Custom Leathercraft R23010 Over The Sock Black PVC Men’s Rain Boot, Size 10Sold by: Services LLC,Read more

  2. DocDenis

    As per the item heading and description, I ordered the Servus Comfort Technology 14″ PVC Soft Toe Men’s Work Boot, Black (18822) in size 8. My photos show what I received, definitely NOT the Servus brand boots. These were made in China (molded into the sole), not the USA. I admit they are thick PVC and look to be durable and waterproof, but I specifically wanted the Servus boots. There is a mild chemical or rubber-like odor to these, but if it does not fade away, I will keep them in the garage between uses. These do not have any fabric-type lining and do not have removable inner soles as advertised, but are easy for me to don and doff as they are at least one, maybe two, sizes oversized. I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe and ordered the size 8 boot. My feet slid around forwards and backwards inside and the boots were so loose, each step felt like the boot would fall off if I wasn’t careful. In order to make these fit reasonably well, I added TWO layers of inner sole pads. That being done, they are now quite comfortable and do not feel like they will fall off. When I went back to the advertisement photos, these are the ones in the photo for size 8, but are not the Servus boots advertised. For some sizes, the photos appear to be Servus brand with the scalloped back of the boot, others sizes show these which have a flat-cut top. For the price ($21.59, including tax) and my intermittent short term usage needs (e.g. hosing down equipment, cleaning floors, gardening), I will keep them, but I am disappointed I did not receive what I ordered and what was advertised. I gave these an overall 3 stars as I think they will adequately serve my needs.Read more

  3. Foo Foo

    Wow, not what was pictured at all. These boots have a button decoration on the wrong sides of the boots, there is no cotton lining, just plain rubber. the shaft is to small to allow pants to be tucked in. Everything about this boot is just wrong. Highly disappointed to have been so mislead by the description of this product. Junk !!Read more

  4. GL

    I accidentally purchased the size 14 boots, which were well made, had an insole, and were odorless. Since they were the wrong size, I returned them for the size 10 boots. These unfortunately were categorically the opposite. I do not know if these are counterfeit or what, but the quality is FAR different and they feel paper thin. Also, there is no insole, just a completely flat rubber feel. Lastly, the size 10 boots smell like a chemical factory! I cannot believe how different these boots are just by buying a different size. I suggest paying a few extra bucks and trying your luck elsewhere.Read more

  5. EW

    First I would like to clarify a few things I’ve found while reading through the comments. These are boots made by Servus. They look slightly different than what is pictured. The gold logo does not exist on the upper boot. Instead it’s a black imprinted logo on the lower heel of the boot. Hardly noticeable.The boot size is imprinted on the direct front of the toe, again not very noticeable unless you’re looking for it.I’ve seen some reviews say these are made in China. If you turn the boot upside-down it says “Made in the USA”. Mine did at least.As for size:I wear a size 12 shoe. I ordered these in a size 11 and 12, because I was getting mixed reviews on how they fit. For me and my purposes the size 11 fit me better (Wearing athletic socks). So they run small in my opinion. I did like the room I had in the 12 but I was concerned if I stepped in some mud and the boot got stuck, my foot was going to come right out. The 12’s might fit better if I were to wear them in the winter with thick socks, but I bought a nice pair of insulated boots for that purpose.For my purpose, I’m using these for wearing around in the yard when it’s muddy or raining. For the price, and build, these boots fit the bill. Even if they only last a season or two.Update 3.26.14I think I’m going to keep the 12’s. After wearing the 11’s around the house for a while, I felt like my toes were a bit scrunched in my right foot (one foot is slightly larger than the other) If these boots were wide, I would keep the 11’s, but seeing as I want to be comfortable, I’m going to go with the slightly bigger size to allow for some wiggle room in my one foot.Read more

  6. Russell

    I am really disappointed with these boots. I bought a pair of these in 2-11-2018 and they were great boots made in the U.S.A. for $19.08, they stand up on there own and fit well. These new boots made in China are cheap and fall over and are two sizes to big, yet I ordered the same size. These cost $24.14. I do not understand why when you reorder the same product you get something entirely different.Read more

  7. Bradley

    I listed these with one star because smart shoppers check the one star reviews first as it is obvious that Amazon reviews are compromised. So far these boots seem to be excellent, especially for the price. I am reviewing the CLC boots here. I only mention this because it seems some people have received other brands when ordering. I know there are some complaints about smell and the fact that the boots do not stand up too well, the tops tend to flop over a bit. Let me address these complaints. As far as smell who gives a crud, you cant smell them when you are wearing them so unless you are three feet tall it’s irrelevant. The reason the boots do not stand up on there own very well is they are made of a much more flexible rubber which leads me to believe they will not rip or tear as easily as MOST of these less expensive rubber rain boots tend to do. I have owned several pair and they never last more than a year before they get a rip making the boots useless in the rain. Overall they seem to be comfortable, and I have wide feet. I will keep this review updated, good or bad, but so far so good. Hope this helps.Read more

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