0C112DT9H4D188 Bickmore bick 4 leather-based conditioner 16 ounces – nice given that 1882 – cleaner & conditioner – restore polish & guard all smooth finished leathers

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  • top class leather conditioner given that 1882: bickmore bick 4 leather-based conditioner cleans, polishes, and protects all sort of leather surfaces such as shoes, boots, equestrian gadget, furnishings, exotics, and lots of different leather products. Our time examined formulation is demonstrated to extend the existence of all your precious leather-based products.
  • simple one step software technique: our distinctive formulation is simple to use and situations with no trouble. Our wax-unfastened bick four is your one prevent save, whole leather-based care product. Will leave no trace of sticky or gummy residue.
  • cleans, conditions, polishes, restores, and protects: leather-based apparel, furniture, amazing leather products, purses, purses, and much extra. This product is powerful on all smooth and completed leathers.
  • restores and replenishes your leather-based to its original nation: not like most leather-based conditioners bick four will now not darken your leather. Its ideal for restoring old, worn leathers to their unique shine. Best for keeping leather smooth without compromising breath potential.
  • made inside the united states: bickmore is proud to supply all bickmore bick four inside the u. S. A. Of the united states.

product description


first, make certain your leather is smooth. We endorse the use of bickmore saddle soap for fashionable cleansing or bick 1 for tougher stains. Constantly test cleaners on a small, hidden location before use.

as soon as easy, apply bick four leather conditioner without delay along with your fingers or with a soft fabric. Lightly paintings the conditioner into the leather-based. Do not use on suede, roughout, distressed, or napped leathers.

permit bick 4 leather conditioner to take in into leather and wait until dry.

buff leather-based with a bickmore shine material. Repeat as vital to gain preferred finish.

due to the fact 1882, bickmore has been the united states’s most trusted call in pleasant leather care. We’re a small, circle of relatives owned enterprise primarily based simply out of doors of detroit, michigan. Our complete line of leather-based care merchandise provide uncompromising first-rate and are made right right here inside the u. S. A. Of the us!

product use:

bickmore bick 4 leather-based conditioner is mainly formulated to circumstance, clean, polish, and preserve all smooth completed leather-based. Bick four is ideal for reconditioning antique or dry leather, in addition to retaining softness, breathability and shine of new leather. Our formula will not darken completed leathers or leave unwanted residue behind on any leather merchandise. Strive bick four on:

  • leather-based boots
  • footwear
  • jackets
  • purses
  • handbags
  • furnishings & upholstery
  • vehicle interiors
  • motorbike seats, and greater
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    bick 4 leather-based conditioner is international well-known for bringing new lifestyles to dry and worn leather. Our system replenishes the natural oils discovered in high-quality leather-based, whilst simultaneously protective its end. Make sure to tag your healing #bick4

    made within the u. S. A.:

    bickmore is proud to produce all bickmore bick 4 leather-based conditioner inside the u. S. Of the united states.


    2 oz, 8 oz, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

    6 reviews for 0C112DT9H4D188 Bickmore bick 4 leather-based conditioner 16 ounces – nice given that 1882 – cleaner & conditioner – restore polish & guard all smooth finished leathers

    1. Elizabeth B.

      Best leather conditioner/cleaner out there. It’s the consistency of hair conditioner so it’s easy to apply to any type of leather you are looking to treat, i.e. saddles, boots, leather purses, leather car seats, etc. I love this product because it soaks in right away and doesn’t leave your leather feeling sticky. Also, mink oils and waxes tend to rot stitching out of boots/saddles over time, where Bick 4 will never rot stitching no matter how much you use it. Mink oils and wax based products also attract dirt because they never really soak in fully and they leave the product with residue on it. A lot of times they will end up darkening your leather too. Bick 4 will never darken leather.Just a tip: when applying Bick 4 do not use a rag to apply it. You will just end up wasting a lot and will end up with a well conditioned rag! Pour a pearl size amount in your hand and rub it in to the product. A little bit goes a long way so a bottle will last a long time. This product not only conditions but it cleans and protects as well. As an added perk, this product is MICHIGAN MADE!Read more

    2. Larry in Lafayette

      I like leather products, and I like to take care of my stuff, so the right leather care product is critical. I’ve used a great many over the years and have settled on two as being clearly superior: Bick 4 and Leather Honey (Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the Best Leather Conditioner 8oz Bottle ). They are quite different from each other.Bick 4: I’m pretty sure this stuff is what North Beach Leather used to sell under their own name. It is a lanolin/oil lotion that really works. I use it bare handed, and my skin feels soft and good afterwards. It doesn’t darken leather, and it cleans as it works if I wipe it up before it is all soaked in. I’ve used it on my wife’s old Chanel purse, an Armani jacket, and some Coach gloves. In every case, it did exactly what I wanted, making the leather softer, more suppler, and feel great. It is easy to wipe Bick 4 off of areas it is unwanted, like plastic or metal.Leather Honey: Leather Honey has a unique effect, making leather somehow feel denser and more hydrated. It is hard to explain, but it is very different than the effect of more lotion-like products, and I’ve tried a lot of them. On my favorite ten-year-old leather jacket from North Beach Leather, Leather Honey soaked in quickly in certain spots, and I added some more. After two hours, there was nothing to wipe away. The already heavy jacket feels heavier, better, and the results have proven to hold up and add more rain resistance. A new black leather feels more supple. A pair of black Ferragamos appear less abraded at the toe. Brown Sebago deck shoes certainly got more supple and soaked in a lot. The color darkened.That brings me to the three small caveats: 1) Leather Honey is not a cleaner. Since it isn’t water-based like lotion products, dirt stays. For example, on the Sebagos, an area that was a bit dirty was just the same, but the leather under it was clearly treated. 2) Leather Honey doesn’t evaporate on plastics and rubbers, nor does it wipe off that easily. A day after treating the Sebagos, the soles still had Leather Honey on them, now somewhat sticky. Obviously I should have done a better job of wiping. 3) Leather honey can and will darken some light leathers.Which one should you use?I use Bick 4 for thinner leathers, or ones for which darkening would be a problem, or if I’m trying to clean and condition in one step. If the words that come to mind with the leather you’re treating are “soft,” “buttery,” or “thin,” then use Bick 4. Its effect won’t last as long as Leather Honey’s, but it works, and it works beautifully, doing just what you want a leather conditioner to do.I use Leather Honey for thick leathers that I want to feel more like high quality leather. Think cow hide over lamb skin. I make sure the leather is clean, and use Leather Honey if water resistance is important. I use Leather Honey if the leather is really bad, because it does more than the Bick 4. I use it when some darkening wouldn’t be a problem. Leather Honey makes all leather more, er, leathery, and I mean that in a good way.Read more

    3. madsmom

      I’ve been using the leather cleaner/ conditioner you can buy at the grocery store for a while but all of a sudden my couches just started to look dry and crappy, so I started looking for something else. These were several for sale that had good reviews both on Amazon and in general in the web, so I thought I’d try this one. My couches look wonderful, and a week later through both people and dog use, they still look wonderful. I’m very happy with this product and I’m very sorry I used the grocery store brand for as long as I did when there’s something so much better I could have been using all along. It’s easy to apply and I think it’ll last pretty good; I have two couches and three recliners and we didn’t use all that much out of the bottle so far.Read more

    4. Michael E. Shake

      My wife told me to order a leather cleaner/polisher for our eight month old couch and two recliners because I’m sweaty. So I picked this one. It came and I handed it to her and she handed it back and said get to work. So I read the instructions and applied it liberally, let it dry and buffed it up. Looks exactly the same to me but I guess it’s clean now… It made me sweaty so I laid back down on the couch.It doesn’t smell but she says I can’t smell anything so take that with a grain of salt.It’s beige colored and none of the dye came off on the white rags I used in my extensive and deep cleaning/polishing.Happy wife happy life!Read more

    5. scn

      Used the product on the six seats and miscellaneous other leather features in my vehicle. I used approx. 1/3 of the 16 oz. bottle. It was easy to apply, less buffing was required than expected, left no residue, no appreciable color change other than the worn areas where I expected it to change the color, and a very mild pleasant aroma which did not linger. The seats were not very soiled so only minimum was on the cloth; however, in the armrests where more soil is expected it did indeed visibly remove more soil (my car interior is brown leather so I am judging by residue left on the cloth). The interior visibly looks better with the worn front seats matching the less used rearmost seats. This product will eventually get a real test when I use it on my husband’s 2007 light grey leather truck seats! I have high hopes.Read more

    6. Casie D

      Works incredibly well on everything I’ve tried. I’ve used this on vintage Dooney and Coach and newer Frye handbags, on designer belts, shoes & boots and even on a 40+ year old leather doll with consistent results. Never did it change the color of the leather or stitching, just enrichened it and made it soft and supple. The doll had been stored in a closet for 3 decades and had substantial drying. It now looks and feels the way it did the day I got it. Wow. I’ve tried many conditioners. My search is over.Read more

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